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My Grandpa’s House

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My Grandpa’s House



Fisher  East



My brothers and I

Bigger and smaller, all

Live in the craftsmen house

My grandpa built years ago


We were born here in

We grew up here around

To the expectation of my grandpa and my father


We have this craftsmen house

Of massive clay-brick walls

With only one chink-like window

Divided by heavy wood bars


My bigger brothers and their friends

Top craftsmen of today and tomorrow

Have party games every week

Games, of chess, of majong, and of various peculiar instruments

They play and talk, and eat, drink and smoke

And blow ends, nuts and fragments onto the ground

And emit pitches and particles into the air


The smaller brothers and I

From between the heavy wood bars

Or from the holes below the windows

Cast our eyes to the craftworks in the yard

And upon the strip-like parts of a sky

With our ears drowned in noisy shouts

And our noses stuffed with smelly emissions

Noisy shouts and smelly emissions cram the house


The smaller brothers

Prefer children’s plays to craftsmen’s games

But the bigger brothers say they are meaningless

To become big craftsmen, we should learn big games

We are taught big games we do not understand


Yonder,on the open field

Stands my grandpa’s brother’s pastoral house

Against the azure sky


That  is a wuthering house

A wuthering house is often haunted

A haunted house is often depressing

A depressing house makes often a miserable home

My cousins are miserable, living there in that house

The craftsmen house is a prosperous house

A prosperous house in often vital

A vital house is often inspiring

An inspiring house makes often a happy home

We are happy, living here in this craftsmen house

The bigger brothers say these

Everyday and everywhere


To help make that house a happy home

The bigger brothers have to pay frequent visits

And send their sons and daughters there

To serve as miserable happiness promoters


When the bigger brothers are too tired

We are given the chance to visit that house


We see a house, massive and spacious

With many huge windows of no bars

With a full view of the world around

The vast green grass, and the vast azure sky



Author Note


Fisher East, pseudonym of Shaoxiong Zhang, or Shao-xiong Zhang (in Chinese).




(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report SEARU 2015-3-21 21:00
Your avatar is beautiful!
Reply Report zhangshaoxiong 2015-3-21 23:06
Thank you, Searu.

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