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  • Where's my new blog-Dali !!!Damn it。 Reply
  • Chinese always don't have weekends.I hate go to work on Saturday! Reply
  • How to write the Thesis about investigative report~~~o(>﹏<)o ~~~ Reply
  • Having a wonderful time with my classmates these days.(^o^)/ Reply
  • Do not want to take a train again, It's too tired and crowded=_=What's worst, the air is full of  the smell of cigarette.ˋ^ˊ Reply
  • It's miserable to suffer from insomnia. ~~~o(>﹏<)o Reply
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  • Making friends purposeKnow more about outside world,learn the English
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Slow rhythm of life in Yunnan-Dali 2015-09-06
It seems that i am always very very  stubborn and wilful. This time, i had asked for a week‘s leave and go to travel. The destination is DALI, a ...
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Farraginous 2015-06-12
It seems that i have disappeared a long time from Chinadaily Forum.╮(╯▽╰)╭ To be honest, i have no idea what i would write. Maybe i jus ...
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My single travel-Sichuan 2014-11-29
It was the first time for me to travel to another province by myself. To be honest, I felt a little nervous, as I had read many news that there are ...
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thought 2014-03-18
I start to understand that no anybody are happy even you see their smile on face. Sometimes, a talkative person has agony even he or she can mak ...
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Happy Halloween 2013-11-01
Wish you a spooktacular halloween. Have a groovy Halloween!   I had spent an extraordinary Halloween with my classmates last n ...
(2392) readings|(3) comments
My travel to the Phoenix Ancient Town 2013-10-22
It's the first time for me to take a train, so it made me feel excited. But after siting on it for a long time, i felt quite tired. And my bones seem ...
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KIyer 2013-10-5 04:36:48
thanks for the flowers!
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