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Share Set Out For The Day Packing A Smile, A Blessing and A Gun
2018-4-21 20:53
From the combined stereotypical wisdom that I have acquired from the cultures I have lived in - (Indian spiritual and American practical), here is a suggested solution to reducing the problem of stressful modern life that seems to set off some individuals beyond their breaking point and explode in an act of violence against random or a targeted mass of people. This seems to be the result of a lifestyle that is associated with 'advanced' and 'developed' countries and societies today and has spre ...
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Share EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse?
2018-4-7 11:26
Which of the two is a greater danger to life in general and humans in particular? I have often pondered this question. I tried to figure this out using an approach of determining for myself which has caused more suffering and loss - Evil or Stupidity? It seems impossible to come to a definite conclusion. Just as I think there is evidence of conclusive evidence, I am surprised or reminded by a counter evidence. It would certainly be useful in determining which of the two is worse. Whi ...
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Share Lucky Oldies, no social media growing up. Now is the time to have it.
2018-4-5 07:17
In some ways I am quite thankful we did not have social media in my youth. Saved me from embarrassing myself in public when I would have also been more affected by how others viewed me. Probably true for many others of my generation. These technologies have come at the right time now for us. Even if we embarrass ourselves now we don't need to care too much about how others feel about our views and opinions. Youngsters, you have it tough! Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 Al ...
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Share From AI to AIO to AiYo to AiYaYo
2018-3-25 08:17
Definitions : AI - Artificial Intelligence AIO (pronounced I-O) - Artificially Intelligent Object AiYo (pronounced Iyy-O) - A typical sound of exclamation that is original and native to Tamil speakers in India that expresses disappointment and frustration. It is a sound of my native place. AiYaYo (pronounced Iyy-Ya-Yoh!) - A typical sound of exclamation that is original and native to Tamil speakers in India that expresses extreme disappointment or frustrationt that is beyond b ...
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2018-3-19 11:52
Imagine designing an attractive, cool theme park like Disneyland to attract millions of eager, excited tourists or laying out a dreamland of candy stalls for children, all set in a minefield. I am sure we would all agree it would be a cruel thing to do. You see something attractive and head towards it and suddenly without your realizing it, BOOM!! you have stepped upon a mine and have been blown up. I recently upgraded to a personal computer running Microsoft Windows 10. ...
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Share An ID for Everything on the Internet-of-Things
2018-3-18 16:26
The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is coming. Everything on the Internet will have an ID. It will be called Id-IoT.. Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 All rights reserved
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Share Without labels - Trump and Castro
2018-3-11 10:47
Firstly, lets us take away the labels that we give ourselves or those that others give us - 'capitalists', 'democrat', 'communist', 'socialist', 'liberal', 'nationalist', 'leftist' or 'rightist' etc. Instead let us look at what we aspire for, or practice in simple language, _without using those labels_. Now things often appear in a different, surprising and revealing light. It is rather strange today in the USA that the supposed 'Left, socialist leaning' side is encouraging and is supporte ...
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Share My Two Genres of Poetry - 'Cheez' and 'Cheesy'
2018-3-11 10:40
As a 'Shaayar' (poet) I often suffer from creative impulses. There is a gushing from within that needs to come out and 'spill on to paper' even if it is all in digital form these days. Broadly, there are two categories or genres of creations that come to fruition that I present to the world. I classify them according to the kind of spontaneous response they evoke from the readers. One makes them go "Waah! Waah! Kya Cheez Hai!!" (WOW! WOW! What a lovely thing it is!" and the other makes ...
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Share A History of Positive Gun Culture in the USA
2018-2-23 07:50
There is a culture of responsible and positive ownership and use of guns in the USA that preceeded the recent culture of glorifying wanton random senseless violence and killing for petty vendetta or raging against society while mentally disturbed. That original gun culture is valued by many - it is just like the sword or bow-and arrow culture of other people around the world - the 'kukri' or 'kirpan' or 'samurai sword' etc - responsible positive use of weapons. The positive gun culture contrib ...
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Share Total Super Moon Eclipse - The Moon Blushed or Flushed?
2018-2-1 10:34
Super Moon Total Eclipse! The word was on everyone's lips Millions of upturned faces 'Round the world, of all races It was truly a marvelous sight So many looked up with awe The moon turned red last night Because of the things _it_ saw A pause for some from petty fights They'll get back to it soon For just a moment in their sights Will be that blood red moon For others who stealthily love Its one witness from above Just watching, nothing said Its face blushing red For those who fought In a ...
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  • EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse? 2018-4-15 09:00

    Archer_1: Claiming to be stupid won't be an extenuating excuse in any court of law. Clinically verified mental impairment is.
    While I agree that it may not be so technically, it is still done.. either to plead for a lighter sentence or for public image or even when corrupt judiciary itself takes such pleas into account without acknowledging it formally... We see this in human nature all around the world. One can see examples from Vietnam, to Iraq to South Africa or wherever.. Known evil characters are never even prosecuted often. continues to this day.

  • EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse? 2018-4-14 23:50

    Claiming to be stupid won't be an extenuating excuse in any court of law. Clinically verified mental impairment is.

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