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EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse?

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Which of the two is a greater danger to life in general and humans in particular?

I have often pondered this question. I tried to figure this out using an approach of determining for myself which has caused more suffering and loss - Evil or Stupidity? It seems impossible to come to a definite conclusion. Just as I think there is evidence of conclusive evidence, I am surprised or reminded by a counter evidence. It would certainly be useful in determining which of the two is worse.

 While I cannot honestly confess to evil intentions, I can certainly admit to a few acts of foolishness or stupidity.

It seems in the minds of people who I can see as evil, there somehow seems to be the notion that humans view stupidity as the lesser crime. It seems to be so common, prevalent and something that all of us can honestly relate to, that it seems more forgivable.

It is a routine that never surprises me anymore - whenever a crook or terrible criminal, particularly politicians (who live off an understanding of human nature) gets caught for a truly evil or heinous crime (these are not just the ones with direct violence), they all unfailingly, at the end of their argument in court, in face of irrefutable evidence to their guilt, almost always, plead 'Stupidity' as a defense!

"I was 'silly', My Lord!"

"I was not thinking straight, your honour. I was being naive and stupid, Judge!"

So, their perception is that 'stupidity' being the lesser crime, they will get a lighter sentence. But, what if stupidity or the failure to address one's own stupidity is considered a greater or as bad a crime as being evil? Would not their pleas change? Would not society itself change?
Of course, one needs to make allowances for the very young and very old (if their mental condition has deteriorated). We already do so for these classes of humans in the way we judge or sentence them. But I hate to see crooks in their prime suddenly plead 'foolishness' or stupidity while also asking for consideration for serious medical conditions which always develop as the case nears conviction. Other than crooks, it is also the rest of us in society - we probably do more damage by failing to address our stupidity than by obvious evil intentions.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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Reply Report KIyer 2018-4-15 09:00
Archer_1: Claiming to be stupid won't be an extenuating excuse in any court of law. Clinically verified mental impairment is.
While I agree that it may not be so technically, it is still done.. either to plead for a lighter sentence or for public image or even when corrupt judiciary itself takes such pleas into account without acknowledging it formally... We see this in human nature all around the world. One can see examples from Vietnam, to Iraq to South Africa or wherever.. Known evil characters are never even prosecuted often. continues to this day.

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    Swifty55: Nice to share this. Hope people read and learn.
    thanks for your comment! Much appreciated

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