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Without labels - Trump and Castro

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Firstly, lets us take away the labels that we give ourselves or those that others give us - 'capitalists', 'democrat', 'communist', 'socialist', 'liberal', 'nationalist', 'leftist' or 'rightist' etc. Instead let us look at what we aspire for, or practice in simple language, _without using those labels_. Now things often appear in a different, surprising and revealing light.

It is rather strange today in the USA that the supposed 'Left, socialist leaning' side is encouraging and is supported those who favour - unrestrained, greed-driven, free, global capitalism driven by maximizing profit anyway, while those that are supposed 'Rightist' voted for Trump favouring a system of trading not dictated by pure unrestrained greed. They too favour trading, but keeping in mind local interests with a human social conscience and profit with some social restraint on it, so that a large section of the population is not left behind. Trump and his supporters, rightly in my opinion, fought against making deals with foreign interests that benefitted a small number of USAnians. They have had a tough going, within the 'democratic' system that is supposedly perfected over 200 years in the USA.

One can look at the argument that Castro might have made many years ago while leading his socialist revolution - against a local government that made deals with foreign interests benefitting a small number of Cubans, while disadvantaging a large number of Cubans.  Castro was perhaps looked  upon as a 'Cuban Trump' many decades ago. Strong local democracy such as even in the USA did not exist in Cuba.

I see Trump and Castro as basically the same type of leaders for their own people, with similar minded people following them. Of course, the scale and details of the countries are different, but the basic principles they are fighting appear similar to me.

It is obvious that no country is purely capitalist or socialist or communist, ideal democracy or whatever. People have always traded and will always trade - it is not something 'communists' dont do. They can, and very well too, as China has shown. No society is viable or can sustain or thrive as a 'pure' capitalist or socialist or 'pure' ANYTHING... It needs elements of capitalism, socialism, democracy, autocracy and true leadership (that is a rare, random thing, not something that can be 'cultivated' in a system).  The glaring difference in 'leadership' qualities between Trump and Clinton is the perfect example here.

We should hope that there is a proper balance between different elements and it is up to the locals everywhere to decide what is the best balance of social principles (looking after each other) and commercial and capitalist principles (trading for profit).

The mainstream media always uses labels and tries to fire up an emotional response within each of us - this prevents clear thinking, promotes a reflex reaction of either hate or a blind happy sense of bonding. Once one lets go of the labels and tries to see things in their real light, we will see who the real villains are and who the real heroes are, who the good guys or bad guys are in a particular issue or situation. One hopes the people of the USA see things in a real light and stop this mess of mutual hatred and bitterness between fellow citizens. As an observer I can only say - Come together as one united nation. Most of you, the vast majority are more alike and interested in the same things than you can see for yourself. Don't let the corrupt media play you like it has in the past.

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Reply Report Whale_Shark 2018-3-11 22:16
The sitting POTUS's approach to election is a glaring departure from his party's deep-rooted doctrine that historically favors businesses at the expense of the middle-class and blue-collar workers. He certainly would risks losing the traditional fan base of The Republican by turning his back on corporate America, on which he thrives himself. So he would change tack, possibly in his second term if he wins it.

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