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Point Of No Reason

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The point in a discussion or debate when you realize reason and logic in addressing the topic is now futile. The exchange has drifted off to other issues or going around in circles, emotions have taken over and the atmosphere gets worse the longer you continue.

Time to shutdown or call for a break.

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Reply Report SEARU 2017-12-15 20:50
You may take the CD Forum as flea-market where salesmen and customers could search for treasures from ordinary things for pleasure! -----In fact my this conclusion is also fit for Interneting on other websites.  
I think we blogger should be strict with ourselves on writing and posting and do our best to make the forum more attractive to reader-friends!
Cheer up! Do what we can and contribute more for meaningful discussion as you expected!
Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-12-16 15:59
Sadly, CD forum is not a place for serious debates and discussions, all because a bunch of bigots and paid trolls, however small they are in number, have largely poisoned the platform beyond cure by attempting to spin any topic into their anti-China narratives, and the moderators basically just sit on their hands and do nothing to regulate.
Reply Report KIyer 2017-12-18 10:07
Thanks for your comments SEARU and Liononthehunt! Good points.
Reply Report emanreus 2017-12-21 14:24
Nowadays, everything is a flea market...
I'm rather old me self, but them youngsters of mine make up for face book, fiber and twitter.
That's what I love them 4, and the comprehend my talk as well...  
We chat is sort of behind-in their opinion; but I do detect subtle changes within the last year or so.

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  • EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse? 2018-4-15 09:00

    Archer_1: Claiming to be stupid won't be an extenuating excuse in any court of law. Clinically verified mental impairment is.
    While I agree that it may not be so technically, it is still done.. either to plead for a lighter sentence or for public image or even when corrupt judiciary itself takes such pleas into account without acknowledging it formally... We see this in human nature all around the world. One can see examples from Vietnam, to Iraq to South Africa or wherever.. Known evil characters are never even prosecuted often. continues to this day.

  • EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse? 2018-4-14 23:50

    Claiming to be stupid won't be an extenuating excuse in any court of law. Clinically verified mental impairment is.

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