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Old Man And GenZ

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I'm over the hill, but tough as old leather
Right now I'm feeling, a bit under the weather
Usually, from within, I am 'centered' with age
Yet I am now, beside myself with rage
I was on my daily jaunt
When I heard that silly taunt
And saw the young man flaunt
A flashy move that I just can't
"Be careful, old man," the young buck said
Almost knocked me over, on a skateboard he sped
"Old??! Old man?!! Oh, how could he tell?"
It was from anger that I shook and fell
No manners, no patience and always in a hurry
This is the new generation! For the world I start to worry
I slowly got up, with a few groans and creaks
Cussed out loudly, these annoying freaks
"You watch where you're going.
And be careful silly punk!"
I furiously shook my fist,
At that now vanishing skunk
He weaved in-and-out of the milling crowd
Showing off his skill
There was no doubt that he was proud
Until that awful spill
Gliding down some handrails,
He went on to crash land
He landed on his head first
And also broke his hand
"Serves you right!", I may have said aloud
Even as there quickly, gathered a crowd
I too went to gawk, and Yes, I was old
And there lay the punk, knocked out cold
He was bleeding a little from his head
And looked quite like he was dead
Body twisted in an awkward pose
There seemed no breath from even up close
Someone tried CPR to give him a chance
A lady nearby started loudly to pray
While someone else called up the ambulance
That soon came and took him away
A few months later, in my usual cranky mood
I was on my daily jaunt in the same neighborhood
"Excuse me, Sir! Can I please have way?"
I heared a soft and patient voice say
Such polite manners I was glad to have found
Starting to smile, I turned around
Saw this young man, with pink and purple hair
Sitting up calmly, in his shiny wheelchair
"Sure! Young man, after you!"
I politely said, no surprise showing
"Good day Sir and thank you!"
He replied to me a-bowing
He pushed himself, along the path ahead
And at a gentle pace
I followed him, as he led
And there was no race
We come up to the handrails and step
He moves on to the side ramp
I follow him as myself  I schlep
And lest my legs should cramp
A blur of color, sound and speed
Zips by us like a lightning flash
A boy in a scooter who pays no heed
To our yelps of surprise in his dash
He misses the handrails by a hair
And speeds along on without a care
Grabbing the handrails in shock, I see
A pensive punk-face next to me
We both shake our heads, in disbelief
And let out a sigh of great relief
"The young ones for you! There's that"
Says the punk and we start to chat
I ask him what kind of work he did
but not about his hand still in cast
He asks me in my younger day what I did
I say "I was a champion gymnast."

Copyright (c) KIyer 2017
All rights reserved

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Reply Report SEARU 2017-10-5 20:40
You have come back the forum of CD, welcome!

If in Chinese people are strict with the author of poem since it has standard structure form that might limit your expression affection!
We had better speak out our mind in simple way with plain words!
Reply Report Ted180 2017-10-5 22:05
I welcome you back too. We need your subtle wisdom!
Reply Report KIyer 2017-10-6 09:03
Ted180: I welcome you back too. We need your subtle wisdom!
thanks Ted!
Reply Report KIyer 2017-10-6 09:07
SEARU: You have come back the forum of CD, welcome!

If in Chinese people are strict with the author of poem since it has standard structure form that might  ...
thanks Bro!
Reply Report Chengking 2017-10-7 14:02
Welcome back!
Reply Report KIyer 2017-10-8 10:12
Chengking: Welcome back!

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  • The Sick Old Man 2018-6-21 11:05

    Swifty55: Nice to share this. Hope people read and learn.
    thanks for your comment! Much appreciated

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