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Dad's Life's Not a Bad Life!

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NOTE: The following poem is written as a double-ended rhyme. When any two lines rhyme, they will rhyme at both ends - at the beginning and the end.

Seven days of work a week
Heaven, a place of rest I seek
My kids will keep me on my toes
Eyelids will droop, when? no one knows


Cooking up maybe five meals a day
Say Dad! there is too much salt
Looking up all the bills to pay
Pray, when ever will these halt?


Dry laundry and mostly on time
Try to get it mostly free of grime
Drive them all around the town
Strive to never let them down


Had a bad stroke of luck?
Dad will fix it if you're stuck
Ask Dad, surely he will know
Bask Dad, in their admiring glow


Sick days off? Not really, no!
Pick up myself and gotta go
Firing on all cylinders for many years
Tiring, not stopping even for any tears


Not a bad life, this one I've got
Got great kids, such is my lot
Bust my back, and I try with a smile
Just wish I had a break, just for a while


Many years, have flown by in a blink
Any fears or worries? No time to think
They will grow up and go away one day
May be it will seem just another Sunday


Yet on that dreaded Monday morning
Heaven? Nothing to do for the week
Let you all know, fair warning
Seven days of work I will seek


Copyright (c) Kannan Narayanamurthy 2017
All rights reserved

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  • The Strong Too Need Help Sometimes 2017-10-20 14:16

    That‘s the original look the world is, everyone needs others, everyone could not leave others

  • The Quiet Walk 2017-10-20 13:17

    the painter is a real artist,he never change his own emotion with the surroundings,As we say in our ancient parlance“不以物喜,不以己悲”

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