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    What is happiness?  Various people have different opinions, since one hundred readers have one hundred Hamlets.

    some of us may relate happiness to money, holding that I would be happy if I had a large sum of money, but when they make a fortune, It proves that happiness isn't expected to come, and then more money would be regarded as the assurance to be happy, therefore happiness , for those people, is always on the way, yet to come, and never will it appeah.

    It is abvious, in our society of highly advancement, that people like these are everywhere in sight. Driven up great materials, it is happiness that is not in the presence of their life, but it is they themselves that neglect the existence of happiness. 

    Just like the say goes, happiness consist in contentment. so happiness is not manifested in all externals, but depends on your mind and soul. Actually, there are another kind of people around us, who didn't own lots of fortunes or possessions, but they feel delighted more than anyone does, so do I.

   When I am a little girl, I have had a wonderful and fantastic childhood with great joy, though we didn't have enough money to buy elegant clothes and to enjoy a gorgous dinner, but now when these that seems to luxuries is  alomst common to every individual,

    why there are more vioces of unpleasure among us, mostly because of the motivation and temptation of benefits, no longe are people satisfied with everything they have, and always cast covetous eyes at what they haven't.

    Therefore, the gaps between reality and ideal are the key reasons to generate all kinds of negative emotions, including desperation, distress, sadness, diappiontment and so on, while these do make up of the sources of unhappiness.

    I always think I am a happy  girl, because It is easy for me to find satisfaction in everything, as well as to discover the beauty of my life, which is ,I suppose, the secret of my happiness.

     More importantly, there are lots of things that can make me joyful, such as a beautiful selfie, a delicious snack, a self-discovery, a trip, and so on. Somethings may be so simple and insipid in others' eyes, but can arouse my great excitement.

     Always, I am grateful that I am endowed with a pair of eyes to appreciate beauty, together with an indebted heart to thank for everything I have, so that the feeling of contentment is so deeply rooted in my heart, and seeps into my blood.


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Reply Report voice_cd 2013-7-30 10:42
This has been recommended to the front page. Thanks for writing.
Reply Report ╰☆Terabithia 2013-7-30 22:11
   You have the most marvellous happiness ,dear.
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-7-31 00:44
╰☆Terabithia:    You have the most marvellous happiness ,dear.
the most happiness for me is to see my dream approching to me little by little , is to chrish everymoment and take full advantage to fullfil my life and my goal
Reply Report Calmwater 2013-7-31 08:28
Sincere Wish You Happiness
Reply Report KIyer 2013-8-4 07:53
Well said! Its your attitude that will bring you happiness in every situation around you.
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-8-5 00:53
Calmwater: Sincere Wish You Happiness
   best wishes to you
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-8-5 00:55
KIyer: Well said! Its your attitude that will bring you happiness in every situation around you.
   thank you , and wish  you enormous happiness
Reply Report Passby_S_MyTH_L 2013-8-5 10:15
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-8-5 19:01
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-8-8 12:43
Passby_S_MyTH_L: HI
Reply Report Alisa_pg 2013-8-26 15:46
I like your article.

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  • happiness 2013-8-26 15:46

    I like your article.

  • happiness 2013-8-8 12:43

    Passby_S_MyTH_L: HI

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