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【光阴的故事】2016年 英语专业八级 汉译英 Attachments ... 1 2 Translation Tips 翻译点津 11 7619 heroodle 2017-5-30 10:19:17
  Story about Vanishingly Time While I was a young boy I used to enjoying of beautiful flowers in th ...
Looks like Vietnam economy can collapse if China continue to apply pressure ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 53 Chinese Economy 364 33386 Newtown 2014-5-27 11:41:48
  Chinese has a wisdom, "consider its neighbor as a stranger"(YI LING WEI HO). Different people has va ...
The Fortune of Gaokao Image attachment ... 1 2 3 4 5 China Watch 29 5400 DianneO(∩_∩)O 2013-6-7 19:00:16
  Nanjing students were waiting for the college entrance test (CET).
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  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2018-7-24 19:02

    Most people listen and read western propaganda, Kim is this bad and he's this mad. Oh yes, I forgot Kim was the mad president who invade countries across the world and kill thousands of woman, children and old people. Who are the mad murderers, a few months ago a TV presenter ask a senator on MSNBC if America will get rid of their nuclear arsenal, the answer was NO America must defend themselves.
    Now the million dollar question is, why can't Kim be allowed to defend NK.

  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2018-4-2 20:59

    The question of title is ludicrous.

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