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Would North Korea's nuclear threat China's Belt & Road Strategy?

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Belt & Road peak conference is holding in Beijing while North Korea test its missile yesterday morning. Some experts claimed that DPRK want to show its  independent from China. Prof. ZHU Feng, the chief of South China Sea Research Center, analysed that DPRK selected the moment when China launching such a international conference to test its missile could be too badly.   However, other experts began worrying that whether DPRK's nuclear threat China's Belt & Road strategy.

Definitely, all of DPRK's activities in recent years has been considered its trick which aims to cause China and USA's concern. President Trump's comment that Jim was a smart guy, which might reveal some politicians had recognized DPRK's true goal to develop nuclear and missile project.  The truth is that DPRK's  nuclear or missile project could not threat USA today or tomorrow at least, and Jim's true goal is to blackmail China, South Korea, USA from political and economic interest.  

However, once DPRK realized could not achieve its illegal political and economic interest from , what might be its next goal?  Would China be the direct object of DPRK's extortion?
It is known to all that China want a peaceful environment to develop its economy and softpower, and Belt & Road also demand for a permeant peace in East Asia and Pacific. DPRK has revealed its action on its own, what could be the guaranty that DPRK keep its respect to China and not to extort China directly in future?

If so, China may need a set of strategy to response DPRK's future extort from now, though there are many experts who still believed DPRK has bloody friendship based on their own best willing.

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  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2017-8-10 21:14

    The problem is: Both (Trump & Kim) play the chicken game.

    Kim "just" wants to become an acept partner (eye-to-eye) with other countries.
    For that he allways "shout": See, I have the a-bomb as well, so ... you have to talk with me.
    He is like a kid, which want to be treated like a grown up.

    His dad and his grandfather have had that behavior as well.
    So the rest of the world knew, how ti handle it.

    But now it can become dangerous, because Trump, dont know what to do.
    In some ways he is similar to Kim: Both think, they can do what they want.

    I am sure, Kim know the reality - Trump dont. He really believe what he say ... more worst: He dont accept reality. He built is own reality, named alternative facts.

    Worst case: Trump realy start military actions.
    At least (in his thinking) its a good way to let the americans stand behind him - and let them forget about the problems he have.

    Therefore Trump and Kim are twins: If you have problems inside of your country, just built an enimy outside and say: See, we are the good once - the others are bad.
    America first ... no matter what it will costs.

  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2017-8-9 14:49

    I agree 100%.Sad to know that the USA may not wait. I was born in the USA and lived there over 50 years.Problem is the USA with Trump may again drop nukes as they did in WW2.USA likes to be the world police and have done a very poor job since WW2.

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