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Report MechaelFeX 2016-6-9 13:51
Обнал карт
Report Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:15
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
Report loshorrizon 2015-3-20 16:41
I agree to the idea that women uphold half of the world. Their contribution to our country is as much as the male. But as we all know, China's society is dominated by the male. They have a higher social status. so I adovocate that attention should be paid to the women's status and living condition. women need not to be subject to the male. COME ON!
Report teamkrejados 2014-9-17 13:36
I am so grateful that you report on women's issues. From personal experience I know many women who would simply accept how things are and men who believe they should have more advantages than women. Thank you so much. Please keep getting the message out that women and men should have equal rights, professional challenges and social benefits.

Official English version website of the All-China Women's Federation.

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  • New Measures to Protect Minors Online 2017-2-24 05:56

    "Drive minors to be weary of studying... self-abased, scared and depressed or any other unhealthy emotions"

    How likely is that that information on the internet would cause children to feel such emotions who were not feeling them already?  It seems that, in effect, this would prevent minors from *expressing* such feelings, to hold them inside.  Are the minors allowed to express such feelings?  Adults can feel scared and depressed and so on as well. If an adult expresses their feelings of depression, and a minor replied, "I feel that way too,"  would the adult be accused of encouraging such feelings in the minor?  Hiding one's feelings does not make them go away.

  • Female Grad Student Triumphs at World Kung Fu Contest in S China 2017-2-23 11:31

    thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.

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