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Share Female Shoe Entrepreneur Flourishes, Boosts Employment in Rural Area
2018-6-6 12:52
Li Fen Li Fen, from east China's Shandong Province , is the 30-something owner of a successful shoe-making company that integrates design, production and sales and now employs over 400 workers. Li graduated from fashion design at Shandong University of Art and Design, and later returned to set up her own business in her hometown of Anxing town in the city of Heze. Before moving back with her husband, Li lived and worked in Shanghai . In May 2012, Li ...
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Share Women Make Contributions to Innovation, Creative Business Development in SW Chin
2018-6-5 14:51
Duan Lili (R) works in a vegetable greenhouse. As a part of the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, held in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province , the Global Forum on Women's Innovation and Entrepreneurship was held recently. At the conference, Chengdu Women's Federation (CWF) released the Blue Book of Female Entrepreneurs in Chengdu that analyzed those women’s actual status through data and case examples. According to the Blue B ...
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Share China Launches Major Database to Analyze Birth Defect Risks
2018-6-5 14:49
Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (BOGH) together with 33 other medical institutions from 17 provincial-level regions kicked off an initiative in recent days to build China's first database of birth defect risks, and to map out strategies for monitoring and prevention. The initiative is designed to collect samples from 500,000 pregnant women across the nation, analyze risk factors for major birth defects, utilize big data technology to find out factors that may cause them, su ...
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Share Swiss Doctor Serves Patients in NW China for Over a Decade
2018-6-5 14:49
Ju Ruixin A female doctor from Switzerland has earned high praise from the public after serving the patients in northwest China's Qinghai Province for over a decade. Ju Ruixin, together with her husband, came to China through an overseas placement project after obtaining her doctorate at the Medical School of the University of Zurich in 2007. She currently serves as a technical director at the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of Qinghai ...
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Share Female-only Lane in S China's Swimming Pool Ignites Online Debate
2018-6-4 14:45
A sign saying "female-only" in front of a pool lane in the Xijiao swimming pool A swimming pool in Guangzhou , capital city of south China's Guangdong Province, has catered one of its lanes exclusively to female swimmers, a move to accommodate females who are less experienced in the water, according to the manager of the Xijiao pool. The number of female lanes will be given based on the proportion of female swimmers in the pool, the facility said in a ...
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Share Experts Call for Better Regulation of Shared Nurse Services
2018-6-4 14:44
A nurse takes care of the elderly. Experts are calling for the development of regulations governing shared nurse services , as the new model of medical care is rolled out in east China's Shandong and Fujian provinces, reports A growing number of mobile apps allow users to book a nurse to provide home-based care, including postoperative care, and traditional Chinese medicine. According to a staff member working with one of the servic ...
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Share Children's Games in Ancient China
2018-6-4 14:44
The New Year painting from Qing Dynasty depicts people kicking stone balls in the yard. Stone Balls During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), kicking a stone ball around was a popular sport in the northern part of China, and it was often played in the winter to keep warm. Stones were carved into small balls and kicked along with feet. In 1999, the sport was included in the competition item in the 6th National Ethnic Group Traditional Sports Meeting held in Beij ...
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Share Jiang Yiyan: Days in Africa
2018-5-31 13:58
Jiang Yiyan Chinese actress Jiang Yiyan recently shared her travel experiences through a social networking platform to cherish the great time she spent in Africa . Jiang has visited Africa many times before because of her affection towards the unique climate, plants, the hospitality of the local people and the endangered animals . Jiang also deliberately paid tribute to the world's last male northern white rhino, named Sudan, which died recently. &n ...
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Share Volunteer Matchmaker Helps Elderly People Find Love
2018-5-31 13:56
Lu Meichan hosts a dating event for elderly people. Lu Meichan, a retired woman, has helped nearly 100 elderly couples achieve happiness as a volunteer matchmaker for the past 12 years. Lu lives in the Gusu District of Suzhou, a city in east China'sJiangsu Province. She specializes in providing servicesfor localsover 60 who are divorced or widowed. "Their happiness is where my social value lies,"she commented. Lu became singl ...
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Share 4 Chinese Businesswomen Appear on Emergent 25 List of Forbes Asia
2018-5-31 13:54
Hu Weiwei, founder and president of bike-sharing company Mobike. Forbes Asia announced its inaugural Emergent Women 25 List on May 3, honoring star businesswomen who are making their mark in regional enterprises. The list includes four Chinese businesswomen: Mi Wenjuan, founder and CEO of the English language training platform VIPKID; Sun Jie, CEO of an online travel agency Ctrip; Hu Weiwei , founder and president of bike-sharing company Mobike; and, Liang ...
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