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Share Internet Celeb Earns Fame for Creative Cuisine
2018-9-6 15:04
Internet Celeb Earns Fame for Creative Cuisine
Zhou Xiaohui Zhou Xiaohui, a Chinese online host , has amazed netizens by publishing videos of inventive gourmet cooking techniques using electrical appliances such as irons and water fountains. In one of the videos, she skillfully used an electric iron to cook a beef roll on her seat in office and ate it with sauce silently. The ongoing series of short videos produced under Zhou's Weibo username "Ms Yeah" have earned her 80 million followers online, inclu ...
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Share Digital TV Programs Bring China, Africa Together
2018-9-6 15:02
Digital TV Programs Bring China, Africa Together
Locals in Senegal watch a Chinese film at a public screening. Chinese TV shows broadcast in Africa have helped local viewers learn about the world, enriched their lives and promoted international ties. For example, the Chinese drama A Beautiful Daughter-in-law Era has become a major blockbuster in many African nations. Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech in Tanzania in 2013, saying that A Beautiful Daughter-in-law Era provided an example for Tanzani ...
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Share Hardworking Female Doctor Serves Patients in East Africa
2018-9-6 15:00
Hardworking Female Doctor Serves Patients in East Africa
Members of the Ssixth medical aid team to South Sudan perform an operation. Chinese doctor Zhao Jin has saved many lives and cured diseases for many locals in South Sudan over the past three months with her outstanding medical skills. She currently works in the sixth Chinese medical aid team sent to the African nation. Founded in 2011, South Sudan is the youngest country in the world, with an area of about 610,000 square kilometers. It is also one of the ...
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Share Migrant Children Most in Need of Sex Education, Experts Say
2018-9-5 16:12
Experts have called for great attention and efforts to promote sex education amongst migrant children in cities, warning that they are susceptible to face sexual harassment , unprotected sex and other risks due to their lack ofrelevant knowledge. A taboo subject in China for centuries, sex has been in the spotlight in recent years because of school bullying and child sexual assaults. Figures from the sixthNational Census in 2010 showed that the number of children w ...
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Share Respiratory Expert Dedicates Herself to Curing Diseases, Saving Patients
2018-9-5 16:11
Respiratory Expert Dedicates Herself to Curing Diseases, Saving Patients
Cai Shaoxi Cai Shaoxi, a well-known respiratory specialist at Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, has worked on the front line of teaching and scientific research for more than 30 years. Cai is director and professor of respiratory medicine at the hospital , as well as vice-chairman of the Allergy Branch of Chinese Medical Association, the editor of the national standard teaching textbook Internal Medicine ...
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Share Women Nominated for Inspirational Education Person of the Year in E China's Jian
2018-9-5 16:09
Organizers in Jiangxi Province, East China, recently officially singled out 30 candidates for the election of Jiangxi Educational Person of the Year , collecting many of their touching stories, which created a good social atmosphere of respecting teachers and teaching. Consistent Love Meng Fang is one of the nominees. In September of 2013, Meng officially took over the position of principal of Shangyou County Special Education School in Jiangxi. Believing that children with special ed ...
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Share Swahili Voice-over Artist, TV Fan Promotes China-Africa Relations
2018-9-5 16:06
Swahili Voice-over Artist, TV Fan Promotes China-Africa Relations
Hilder produces a voice-over for a Chinese TV series. Hilder, a Swahili voice-over actress from Tanzania recently spoke to journalists to share her unique experiences of promoting China-Africa cultural communication. In 2016, Hilder won first prize at a dubbing contest organized by the Chinese media company StarTimes, which led her to get many opportunities to work for the group. Hilder grew up in a rural family of Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. When ...
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Share Female Doctor Serves in Village Clinic for 48 Yrs
2018-9-4 17:10
Female Doctor Serves in Village Clinic for 48 Yrs
Wu Qiyi stands at the clinic of Zhangjiafen Village, Changxindian Town, Fengtai District, Beijing. A female doctor has worked for 48 years in the village of Zhangjiafen, Changxindian Town, Fengtai District, Beijing,and still takescare of villagers now. Wu Qiyi, 66, is a doctor at the health center in the village. Wu graduated from Changxindian No. 3 Middle School at 16 and started to serve in the village clinic after enrollingin military medic ...
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Share Report: Women Take More Postgraduate Entrance Exams than Men
2018-9-4 17:09
Official statistics show womenhaveaccounted for roughly 60 percent ofChina'sannual test-takers in the national entrance exams for postgraduate studies over the past few years, according to the latest report. The report, released online byChina Postgraduate Enrollment Information, attempts touncover the latest trends behind the rising number of nationwide applicants for postgraduate studies. The main reasons whycollege students'app ...
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Share Huang Lin: It's Important to Enjoy What You Do
2018-9-4 17:08
Huang Lin: It's Important to Enjoy What You Do
Huang Lin Huang Lin, senior researcher of the 360 Security Innovation Alliance (360 SIA) has led her team to participate in the world-class hacking conference Blackhat and DEFCON with their new topics recently. With the widespread use of GPS, ranging from the civilian smart phone operation and driving, to military application in national security, people have become more and more concerned about the serious consequences if GPS is interfered with or deceived through t ...
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