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Share Book Published Lauding Chinese Family Tradition
2018-7-19 15:00
The book Thank You, My Family A book compiled according to a cultural inheritance program Thank You, My Family , launched by CCTV (Central China Television) International Channel, was published in Beijing on June 23. The book consists of 54 stories of families at home and abroad, filled with plain expression and affectionate memories, fully presenting Chinese family traditions, and winning praise from compatriots around the world. Apar ...
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Share Chinese Female Designer Shines at Paris Fashion Week
2018-7-19 14:54
Li Shan's designs appear on the catwalk at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Li Shan, an up-and-comingdesigner from a small city in north China's Shanxi province,recently tookher workto Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week,making herone of thefirst from her countryto have appeared at the event. Li, a native of Changzhi, graduated in 2006 from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. In 2012, shecreated her own brand SHI ...
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Share Uni Students Conduct Volunteer Teaching in SW China's Tibet
2018-7-19 14:52
Wang Zitong practices teaching in her classroom before she goes to Tibet. A student volunteer group at China Agricultural Universityhas arranged annual trips to southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region and carried out social projects consecutively there during the past 14 years. The group has been to many of the region's cities such as Xigaze, Lhasa, Nyingchiand Shannan. This year, they are set to go to Shannan children's welf ...
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Share Couple in Their 90s Take Epic 2,500km Road Trip
2018-7-18 15:32
Liu Hengbing and Han Fangshu A 94-year-old couple and their children took an epic self-driving tour across Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region last month, covering some 2,500 kilometers in total. In mid-June this year, Liu Hengbing and Han Fangshu traveled by train from Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province to Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang, where they went on a self-driving tour along with their 60-year-old daughter and daughter and reac ...
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Share Ge Jianhao: Great Mother of Modern China
2018-7-18 15:31
A sculpture of Ge Jianhao Hunan Daily recently reported on the legendary life of Ge Jianhao , who cultivated four outstanding proletarian revolutionaries during modern Chinese history . Ge, formerly called Ge Lanying, lived from 1865-1943. She was a pioneer of the Chinese women's liberation movement in its early period; as well as being a female education pioneer and revolutionary. Furthermore, she became well-known for studying in France with her daugh ...
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Share Writer Releases Latest Picture Book in Beijing
2018-7-18 15:30
Xu Xiaobin (C) at the event Chinese writer Xu Xiaobin held an introduction meeting for her latest book Haibaihe (Crinoidea) in Beijing, on June 30. Since 1981, Xu has been publishing literary works including Feathered Snake, Lost in Dunhuang, Princess Deling and Pisces . She studied painting from an early age under the guidance of famous painters, and she had once held a solo exhibition at the Central Academy of Fin ...
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Share Fabric Footwear Undergoes Revival in E China
2018-7-18 15:29
Women sew fabric shoes in a workshop in a village of Linyi, east China's Shandong province. Women in the city of Linyi, east China's Shandong province , have been reviving the traditional craft of hand-sewn fabric shoes in recent years to promote local culture and economic development. With the rapid development of the footwear industry in China, hand-made fabric shoes went out of style over the past decades because of their rustic design. They gradually faded fr ...
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Share Haikou Women's Cycling Team Wins 2nd Place in National Championship
2018-7-18 15:27
Li Fei (Left) and members of Haikou Harbour School Women's Cycling Team On June 23-24, the China Youth U-Series Championship and the 2018 National Youth Mountain Biking Championship were held in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City, southwest China's Sichuan Province. Six members from the Haikou Harbor School's women's cycling team, south China's Hainan Province, participated in the competition. After two days of competition, the Haikou Harbor School women's cycling ...
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Share Intergenerational Parenting: 3 Netizens Share Opinions
2018-7-17 11:38
Three netizens — Song Xiaoyu, Tong Xiaoling and Ma Yuying —recently shared their opinions on the topic of seniors who help raise their grandchildren. The conversation has aroused a heated area of discussion among such groups. "I just don't want to babysit my grandson. Am I wrong?", said one commentator. On the other hand, raising children is a "painful but happy" thing for other people. Let's take a look at the letters written by those three highlighted online au ...
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Share Overseas Students from SCO Countries State Opinions on E China City
2018-7-17 11:37
Lina Several overseas students from Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) countries shared their stories and their feelings about China during the 18th SCO summit held in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, from June 9-10. One of the commentators, Oleg, is a Chinese language education student from Russia who is currently at Qingdao University. "I feel proud to serve as a foreign volunteer at the SCO summit. I plan to teach Chinese in ...
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