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Share Amended Chinese Marriage Law Offers Protection from Illicit Debt
2017-3-1 09:38
Amended Chinese Marriage Law Offers Protection from Illicit Debt
This young woman finds herself in debt after a divorce. China's Supreme Court has made a pair of additions to Article 24 of the country's Marriage Law, reports China Daily, changing the way debt disputes are handled following a divorce. According to the new rules, 'fake debt' or debt involving illegal activities such as gambling or drugs are not to be burdened on one spouse following divorce if the debt was incurred by the other. "Fake debt" refers to a situation where a person colludes ...
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Share Ju Wenjun: A Rising Chess Star
2017-2-28 08:56
Ju Wenjun: A Rising Chess Star
Ju Wenjun, 26, a well-known chess player from east China's Shanghai Municipality, has gained great momentum in her performance on the international stage since she began learning chess aged 7. Under the shadow of her compatriot Hou Yifan, who won four women's world championships before she was 22, and other renowned teammates for years, Ju has never beeen jealous of them and instead concentrated her full attention upon the game. Right now, she is the second-highest rated female chess p ...
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Share Image Has Great Value!
2017-2-27 13:53
Image Has Great Value!
Wang Yang Wang Yang established Hera Moment, a jewelry brand, in 2011. At first, Wang only offered custom-made jewelry. Now, Hera Moment is renowned within fashion circles for its high-quality jewelry with Chinese elements. Wang Yang, formerly an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, resigned her job, in 2007, and moved to Botswana (a country in Africa) with her husband. Botswana has an abundance of diamonds. "Every woman in Botswana likes gemsto ...
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Share Female Grad Student Triumphs at World Kung Fu Contest in S China
2017-2-23 09:39
Female Grad Student Triumphs at World Kung Fu Contest in S China
Chen Minghui shows her medal. A uni graduate from south China's Guangdong Province recently claimed the championship of the women's 60kg category during the 3rd World Competition of Wing Chun held in the province. Chen Minghui started learning the ancient, traditional martial art whilst at high school, and later in 2016 graduated from the College of Economics and Management, South China Agricultural University. "In the very beginning, I just learned some easy movements from a senior ...
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Share Woman Helps People Share Love, Stories Through Customized Photography Service
2017-2-22 09:45
Woman Helps People Share Love, Stories Through Customized Photography Service
Yue Hua, founder of Extop Photography Club The Chinese Dream belongs to each Chinese person. Women of China (WOC) has been interviewing Chinese women, from various sectors, and sharing their stories of pursuing their dreams. In this edition, WOC interviews Yue Hua, founder of Extop Photography Club. Yue Hua began showing an interest in business at an early age, as her parents were both business people. After she graduated from a business school, in her hometown, Mudanjiang, a city in N ...
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Share Still in Fashion
2017-2-21 09:15
Still in Fashion
At Li Fangyuan and Bai Yunze's shop In this fast-changing era, many people think most of the traditional crafts , which were commonly used in life, are out of date. As a result, some crafts are on the verge of being lost. Some young Chinese, however, have been showing a deep and sincere love for traditional crafts. Some of those young people have even inherited the crafts, and they have done their part to develop and promote the crafts in creative, fashionable ways ...
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Share New Measures to Protect Minors Online
2017-2-20 16:52
New Measures to Protect Minors Online
China recently released a draft of its Regulations on the Protection of Minors Online — the first such proposal of its kind — which is now available for public comment. One rule, which is focused on "prohibiting minors from online gaming services between 12–8 a.m." has already sparked heated debate among commentators and netizens. Want to know what other details the draft regulation contains? Take a look at the infographic below. ( Women ...
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Share Why Chinese Couples Are Called “两口子” (liǎng kǒu zi)
2017-2-20 09:56
Why Chinese Couples Are Called “两口子” (liǎng kǒu zi)
The term 两口子, pronounced "liǎng kǒu zi", means couples, husband and wife. The term "两口子", pronounced "liǎng kǒu zi", means couples , husband and wife, according to "The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary". How did use of the word originate? According to research by Chinese folklorists, records of the word could be traced to an ancient note named "Yanjing Zalu" from the late Qing Dynasty (1664-1912 AD). It is said that there were two men working in th ...
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Share Grateful Wife Shares Praise of Helpful Mother-in-Law via WeChat
2017-2-18 12:20
A cartoon shows a man in a dilemma over a quarrel between his wife and mother. An innovative Chinese wife has taken a unique approach to promoting family harmony by regularly posting her heartwarming daily interactions with her mother-in-law onto WeChat, China's major instant messaging app. Wang Naiqin, 30, married in 2015 and later settled down in the city of Suzhou , east China's Jiangsu Province. She started uploading short messages online ...
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Share Ma Chaohong: Guardian of Birds on the Yellow River
2017-2-17 09:29
Ma Chaohong: Guardian of Birds on the Yellow River
A 48-year-old park warden from Mengjin County in central China's Henan Province has dedicated herself to protecting wild birds at a local nature reserve over the past 18 years. Ma Chaohong is a member of staff at the city's Mengjin Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve. Through her hard work, the local ecology has experienced many improvements, and is attracting more and more birds to the area. Persistence On a typical cold winter day, Ma watches numerous flocks flying over the river ...
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  • New Measures to Protect Minors Online 2017-2-24 05:56

    "Drive minors to be weary of studying... self-abased, scared and depressed or any other unhealthy emotions"

    How likely is that that information on the internet would cause children to feel such emotions who were not feeling them already?  It seems that, in effect, this would prevent minors from *expressing* such feelings, to hold them inside.  Are the minors allowed to express such feelings?  Adults can feel scared and depressed and so on as well. If an adult expresses their feelings of depression, and a minor replied, "I feel that way too,"  would the adult be accused of encouraging such feelings in the minor?  Hiding one's feelings does not make them go away.

  • Female Grad Student Triumphs at World Kung Fu Contest in S China 2017-2-23 11:31

    thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.

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