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Kunqu Opera Performer Committed to Inheriting Traditional Culture

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Kunqu Opera Performer Committed to Inheriting Traditional Culture
Shan Wen []


Chinese Kunqu Opera performer Shan Wen recently gave an interview to Yangtse Evening Post to share her experiences throughout and feelings towards her career.

Shan has practiced in this field for 12 years. In 2006, Shan, who just graduated from college, was selected as the lead actress in a performance of Peach Blossom Fan 1699, produced by Jiangsu Performing Arts Group (JPAG) in east China's Jiangsu Province.

After that, she was involved in many plays, and portrayed the lead character Princess Yaofang in Nankemeng (A Dream under the Southern Bough), which was jointly produced by JPAG and Chien Kuo Foundation For Arts And Culture of Taiwan. Her outstanding performance brought her various awards.

Shan was grateful for being selected for Peach Blossom Fan 1699. "Young graduates don't usually get the opportunity to perform in such big shows, and the opera show was a very good starting point for me," she said.

Shan has refused several opportunities to perform in TV series, because she remains clear about her original aspiration. "Performing traditional opera requires continuous accumulation of stage experience and a mature understanding of the characters. I have been working very hard to accomplish my goals and achieve progress. The audience has also witnessed my growth," she said.

With years of stage experience, Shan's interpretation of the characters has shifted from imitation to creation. As for the newly composed Kunqu Opera Thorn Apple, in which she will present an Asian Juliet image, Shan said that, "Creating a new character is a leap for me."

Referring to her personal planning in the future, Shan expressed that she would work harder to fully improve herself and would inherit the performances of her mentors' masterpiece.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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