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Young Entrepreneur Shares Her Secrets to Success

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Young Entrepreneur Shares Her Secrets to Success

Zhang Meng speaks at the forum. [Tencent]


Zhang Meng, founder and CEO of Hypervic Coffee, recently shared the secret of her success with attendees at a forum on business startups.

Zhang, 31, founded China's first "hi-tech" cafe chain in 2015 and has given keynote speeches during the APEC, Davos and Boao forums. 

How did she accomplish all this? She said one important reason is her regular lifestyle – she has stuck to a habit of getting up at 5 a.m. for 18 years.

Her another tip is to keep good time management.

Life Battery Theory

During the forum, she said that the type of lifestyle a person starts at the age of 20 decides his or her life 10 years later.

"All things have cause and effect. We reap what we sow," she said.

"So we should reflect on how to live each day at 20 and how to manage our time to live life effectively.

"These questions occupied my mind most at that age."

Zhang also compared people's life to a battery.

"The overall charge held by different people is the same," she continued.

"As the generation born in the 80s are becoming the mainstay of society, only half of their life battery is left.

"Some of the generation born in the 1990s have not yet entered society, but two fifths of their life battery has already been used."

Her theory showed imaginatively the urgency of time management.

Law of 10,000 Hours

Zhang recalled that she was a "willful straight-A student" when she was 20.

In 2005, she was admitted to Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, which is one of China's most selective institutions.

However, to become a volunteer at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, she quit school and took part in the country's national college entrance exams again.

This time, she was enrolled in the Foreign Language Department of Beijing Normal University, which made it possible for her to fulfill her dream of becoming an Olympic torch bearer.

Becoming a diplomat was Zhang's childhood dream.

When learning that only the student who ranks first or second in her grade has the possibility to realize this dream, she set her mind to spend three years getting first place among the fellow students majoring in English at her university.

In management, there is a famous theory called the Law of 10,000 Hours, which suggests that to be proficient in a skill people need to practice it for 10,000 hours.

In addition to class hours, she needed to practice three to five extra hours every day 1,000 days in a row to finish 10,000 hours' study.

She then found a place for practicing oral English – a small forest on campus – and began her 1,000 day plan.

Regardless of weather, she got up at 5 a.m. Occasionally, she wanted to give up. But as she came first in final exams, she was more resolute.

Later, she began to ponder on what had played the most critical role – getting up early.

"Being early to rise enables you to engross yourself in work and study without the interruption of phones and emails, and live a half day more brilliant life than others," Zhang said.

"Early risers' facial appearances are different. They look more confident and cherish time more."

Zhang's Persistence

Zhang also shared other things she persisted in doing over recent two decades.

For instance, she got herself to master a useful skill every three to five years over the past 25 years; she kept a diary to reflect on her behaviors 23 years in a row; and, used self-made efficiency manuals to arrange her time.

Furthermore, she urged herself to publish a book each year for the past five years; learn from 50 inspirational persons annually three years in a row; and, give at least 100 speeches in the past four years.

Being busy and beautiful; this is the spirit that Zhang strongly advocates.

"Even if I feel tired after a whole day's work, I would still show up gracefully at the podium and have a dialogue with my audience, to prove with my smile that I'm not a beautiful vase but an independent woman," she concluded.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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Just do it and keep on doing, time will feed back to your effort.

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