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Senior Woman Makes over 200 Paintings in 3 Yrs

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An 89-year-old woman from southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has made more than 200 lifelikepaintings since she started to learn three years ago.

Recently, several of Wen Shufang's works were displayed at an exhibition in Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, which captured the imagination of visitors.

Her daughter Xiong Wenyun narrated her mother's learning experience in a recent interview. "My mother was fond of painting when she was young. Due to various reasons, she did not have an opportunity to access art."

Xiong said her parent formally learned painting when her family suffered a change in circumstances. "Several years ago, my father passed away, which made my mother lose hope for life. She always feels that she has not so many remaining days."

To make her mom happy, Xiong developed a special method based on her many years' work experience in art and teaching. At the beginning, her mother was unwilling to draw as she thought that she lacked proficiency.

Facing this, Xiong stated she gave all of her praise and encouragement to her mother in order to motivate her to continue. Finally, she pushed forward and spent nearly five hours a day to make a work with all her attention, regardless of her swelling legs.

Her mother drew old pictures of herself at first. Later, Xiong encouraged her to draw something different. "When my mother and I go outside, we take some interesting pictures and print them."

Since her mother developed an interest in drawing, she has seen many changes in her life, Xiong maintained. "When she makes a drawing well, she will send it to me through WeChat, a popular messaging app in China. If I do not give her a 'like', she will call me up immediately."

In fact, the elderly woman held an exhibition of her own in 2015.

Speaking of the reason for displaying Wen's works, Zhang Xiaotao, a curator, commented, "From Wen's paintings, we can see the lifestyle of elderly people. The work that can move people must have a connection between art and life."

Wen Shufang shows a painting. [Chongqing Evening News]

One of Wen Shufang's paintings [Chongqing Morning News]

Wen Shufang produces a painting. [Chongqing Evening News]

Wen draws two children. [Chongqing Evening News]

Wen draws two men playing football. [Chongqing Evening News]

(Source: Chongqing Morning News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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