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Boy Helps Mom Nap on Subway, Touching Netizens

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Boy Helps Mom Nap on Subway, Touching Netizens
A boy stands beside a handrail as his mother takes a nap with her head supported by his hand. [Chongqing Morning Post]

Images of a boy who used his hand to support the head of his sleeping mother on a subway train has gone viral on social media, Chongqing Morning News reported.

On Subway Line 2 in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province, a boy was pictured standing beside a handrail as his mother took a nap with her head supported by his hand. The boy was also carrying her bag.

An eyewitness said the boy offered his seat to a woman who carried a baby and chose to stand aside.

The pictures received over 70,000 likes in half a day.

One Weibo user said, "I really wish my daughter could marry a man like him." Another praised the boy, saying he behaved so well he must have very good parents.


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Reply Report Kevinfly 2017-6-12 10:33
So sweet. What a nice little boy.

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