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Village Teacher Strives to Preserve Precious Indigenous Culture

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Village Teacher Strives to Preserve Precious Indigenous Culture

Teachers exchange views on Yao language teaching materials. [ Yi]


A studious teacher from China's Yao ethnic minority has been editing local language materials in order to protect the group's rich indigenous culture for the past 27 years.

Pan Qiongyu, the first female Yao graduate to have come from a Yao ethnic group town in Guiyang County, central China's Hunan Province, returned to her hometown in 1990 after resigning from her post as a senior manager in the southern city of Shenzhen.

Following her father's career path, Pan first started teaching at a local primary school, where she fostered youngsters with the belief that knowledge can change their destinies.

Meanwhile, Pan began collecting materials relevant to her own ethnic culture.

Initially, she recalled, she could hardly find any written materials about the regional language.

"After I had many talks with local elderly people, I went to some language training sessions in Guangxi and Yunnan where they have rich ethnic language resources," Pan said.

With the help of another two senior Yao teachers, Pan completed her teaching materials and later got them approved by the bureau of education.

Her language book features sections on phonetics, vocabulary, texts and local songs, all designed to attract the attention of young learners.

Meanwhile, the conscientious teacher is also devoted to collecting local ethnic ballads. So far, her musical collection has surpassed 1,000 pieces of music.

"Few people below 50 can sing an ethnic Yao song completely. Therefore, I want to speed up my collection in case the culture vanishes," Pan said.

In honor of local cultural preservation work, moreover, one of the schools that uses Pan's book has been listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage, a headmaster added.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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Brazil has 240 ethnicities that would need to have this beautiful cultural rescue.

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