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Official English version website of the All-China Women's Federation.

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  • Passengers Push Subway Train to Save Trapped Woman in S China 2017-6-28 01:19

    If my memory serves me well, the similar incident occurred somewhere in West Europe, and people also pushed in unison to tilt the train to rescue the person trapped. Thumbs-up to those Samaritans.
    Things like this won't happen in seneca's country, which can barely afford to build any subway. And his country folks don't push and shove, they just rape, and that's why his homeland is dubbed the World Capital of Rape.
    And you never expect a delirious bummer to make any clear-minded observation.

  • TV Series 'Ode to Joy 2' to Hit Screen in May 2017-6-27 03:07

    huangchangjiang: Which girl is very hot? the fisrt one or the second one?
    I didn't notice the second one. Both. The second one looks hotter actually.

    Is this an all Asian people look the same thing? I noticed first girl from blog page highlight and commented. Not all Asians look the same. A lot of them are not hot at all. And sometimes a person can look very different depending on the photo/day.

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