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Official English version website of the All-China Women's Federation.

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  • 'Proud of China' Campaign Kicks Off after Controversial Speech 2017-5-29 21:36

    What a pathetic exercise in futility! Why aren't Chinese allowed to have an opinion of their own independent of that which the Party deems to be correct"? Isn't this paternalistic? Doesn't this show that the Party is arrogant?

    And please, spare us references to your "long history"! Other countries have a much longer one but none brags about the  length of their history, least of all when your history is full of man-made disasters!

  • 'Proud of China' Campaign Kicks Off after Controversial Speech 2017-5-29 12:28

    > The quotation states that the students' only goal for their pursuits in the West was to help their motherland prosper independently.

    True for Qing Dynasty. Sadly it is not true for China today. Pursuits in the west today is only seen as an opportunity to get out of China for good.

    After the vicious and unreasonable attack on Yang, do you really think she is going to go back? I don't think so. Of course she might prove me wrong, but if I were her, I would look for a new home. You should have ignored her.

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