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In the September 12th, we joined in 1st International Rural Tourism Conference 2015 in Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang province.

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Official English version website of the All-China Women's Federation.

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  • 'Proud of China' Campaign Kicks Off after Controversial Speech 2017-5-29 12:28

    > The quotation states that the students' only goal for their pursuits in the West was to help their motherland prosper independently.

    True for Qing Dynasty. Sadly it is not true for China today. Pursuits in the west today is only seen as an opportunity to get out of China for good.

    After the vicious and unreasonable attack on Yang, do you really think she is going to go back? I don't think so. Of course she might prove me wrong, but if I were her, I would look for a new home. You should have ignored her.

  • 'Proud of China' Campaign Kicks Off after Controversial Speech 2017-5-29 12:24's so sad. Yang's speech is not going to make anyone re-think visiting Kunming. You people give her way too much importance. It just makes people think she hit a really sensitive nerve. Has she? Truth is your best revenge against Yang. The people who have been to both Kunming and the US will know the truth. While the air in Kunming is normal, but it is really not fresh like what you can find in certain cities in the US. You should have just ignored her speech, and really figure out a way to make Asia's air as fresh as it is in North America. I for one, would be thankful. I would love to visit some place cool in Asia with fresh air, actually I long to. ...If you want to know distinct fresh air, go visit Vancouver, BC, Canada, I think it's ever fresher than the US.

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