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C919 gains another 55 orders, lifting total oders to 785 China Daily News 3 108 tonysong2000 3 DayEarlier
  Why not change the concept of aircraft. Instead of twin engine on both wing, just one big engine on ...
Winter in northernmost China - so cold, even hot water freezes fast[1]- Chinadai China Daily News 5 855 tsd 5 DayEarlier
  It is hard to boil water in winter and they throw it away just like that. water is also scarce today ...
Ten photos from across China: Nov 24-30[10]- China Daily News 5 262 tonysong2000 3 DayEarlier
  Having wifi will make people stay longer than usual in the toilet seat. Most important is those lava ...
Snow turns Harbin into winter wonderland[1]- China Daily News 2 59 Fred9 2017-11-29 19:11:27
  This is every year right.
Weird things people put into their baths[1]- China Daily News 2 86 Fred9 2017-11-27 19:29:07
  I guess when it comes to beauty there are endless, avocado, cucumber, goat milk, sea salt, alovera a ...
Mother prepares special breakfasts for daughter[1]- China Daily News 2 80 Fred9 2017-11-27 19:21:14
  Like the saying goes 'you are what you eat'. At last this manage to go into Chinese mind.
Scenery of Three Gorges in Central China[1]- China Daily News 4 135 Fred9 2017-11-26 11:39:07
  what is the fishes population now. Any idea to make underwater historical site accessible with new t ...
Scenery of Three Gorges in Central China[1]- China Daily News 4 135 Fred9 2017-11-26 11:39:07
  what is the fishes population now. Any idea to make underwater historical site accessible with new t ...
School for dogs helps them fit into society[1]- China Daily News 6 304 seneca 2017-11-30 16:02:31
  Some pet owner also require training to fit into society
Xi'an-Chengdu high-speed railway enters test run[1]- rai China Daily News 2 90 Fred9 2017-11-23 09:07:54
  two and half hours travelling, no way. Speed should be at least 300 km per hour.
Waste oil fuels aviation breakthrough in China China Daily News 3 159 pnp 2017-11-26 14:04:27
  That is known as B15 fuel. How about B100 to fly.
China to land on Mars in 2021 despite challenges[1]- China Daily News 2 119 Fred9 2017-11-22 20:00:28
  I hope to buy a piece of land in mars
Surgeons transplant a human head China Daily News 2 127 Fred9 2017-11-21 13:56:47
  Make more transplant
Ripe for return[1]- China Daily News 2 106 Fred9 2017-11-21 13:54:41
  So many antiques on auction. Shouldn't they be in museum for everyone to enjoy.
Meet newest luxury cruise ship 'World Dream' in HK[1]- China Daily News 3 152 seneca 2017-11-20 10:48:40
  the best route for cruise are southward to vietnam, cambodia, phillipine, thailand and singapore. No ...
Scenery of terraced fields in South China's Guangxi[1]- China Daily News 3 186 seneca 2017-11-19 16:16:17
  A multi storey hydroponic is more productive and eco friendly.
Xi visits Ho Chi Minh stilt house in Hanoi[1]- China Daily News 4 102 Fred9 2017-11-15 08:40:10
  China will start to build stilt house so need not worry on flood
HIV cases rise steadily over decade China Daily News 3 169 Fred9 2017-11-14 22:15:52
  Without awareness,education and isolation it will surely increase.
European reindeer introduced to Inner Mongolia[1]- China Daily News 2 153 Fred9 2017-11-13 22:35:46
  The reason can also be it's the last hunting tribe. Why not cross breed it with other species to mak ...
Two giant pandas enjoy first snow of winter[1]- China Daily News 2 127 Fred9 2017-11-13 22:31:41
  The reason they face extinction could be because they don't hibernate. So they didn't store enough f ...
Do foreigners find online shopping fun or pain?[1]- China Daily News 3 197 tonysong2000 2017-11-13 01:02:18
  online shopping is available in a lot of countries. Pain when people got cheated, not getting the ri ...
Open economy 'benefits all', Xi says China Daily News 4 140 Fred9 2017-11-11 14:20:04
  That is if the whole world can open up and remove all kinds of taxes, gst, say,vat,import duty for c ...
Top 6 Chinese cities with world's fastest growing tourism industry[1]- Chinadail China Daily News 2 120 Fred9 2017-11-10 11:09:03
  Local food and accommodation is of utmost importance.
With electric plane's success, bigger model planned China Daily News 2 136 Fred9 2017-11-4 11:57:29
  Distance too short. Only for recreational purposes
Nation launches mighty new 'island-maker'[1]-' China Daily News 2 90 Fred9 2017-11-4 11:53:55
  Tin mining also use dredger
Xi stresses commitment to China-Russia relations China Daily News 1 111 Fred9 2017-11-1 22:03:05
  See the wheels that whirl around, See the mad belts dancing here ... Comrade, comrade, have no fear! ...
China's naval hospital ship assists 6,000 people in Angola[1]- China Daily News 2 84 Fred9 2017-10-29 10:28:12
  Any chances for disease virus to breed in the ship ballast?
Roots of traditional medicine may be older than thought China Daily News 2 67 Fred9 2017-10-28 17:08:48
  There are three beginning for traditional medicine in China. The first being tribal knowledge on her ...
2% of land to be used to protect wildlife, pristine areas[1]- China Daily News 4 185 tonysong2000 2017-10-29 09:55:33
  2 percent is consider too little by the size of China. People can live in high rise building or sky ...
China to launch nationwide inspection on commercial housing sales China Daily News 2 122 tsd 2017-10-25 22:55:39
  Housing developers might have thought that since many buying overseas property so it is ok to make s ...
University opens weight-loss class to fight obesity China Daily News 4 160 cdi_fxxxx 2017-11-8 18:00:21
  Usually for varsity students there is no need for this class because they are already highly educate ...
Nation developing fastest amphibious multi-role vehicle China Daily News 4 159 Fred9 2017-10-14 17:48:25
  How about a hovercraft concept amphibian vehicle, it should move faster. Even having an aerofoil win ...
Anti-missile systems upset 'common security' China Daily News 2 123 Fred9 2017-10-14 17:40:10
  I think China should build its own anti missile THAAD system or purchase the iron dome.
Infographic: 10 key words about China's economy China Daily News 2 184 Fred9 2017-10-10 11:26:43
  The proper sentences for the topic is 10 actions plan on China economy.
Inside the mind of a mass shooter China Daily News 2 115 Fred9 2017-10-9 09:50:36
  The shooter may be suffering from Emotional Deprivation Disorder.
People find various ways to spend National Day holidays[1]- China Daily News 2 193 Fred9 2017-10-7 20:00:25
  Finding various ways to spend holiday means the person is mentally bored. A normal healthy person wi ...
Smaller, low-calorie mooncakes popular as Chinese avoid extravagance, overweight China Daily News 2 171 Fred9 2017-10-5 10:04:18
  If the price do not come down with size and ingredients reduced then it is cheating consumers.
Adapting Marxism called crucial China Daily News 5 254 markwu 2017-10-1 09:28:58
  What he meant is that to ensure that Marxism remain as the core of governance while making sure Marx ...
Top 10 Chinese cities with smart urban management[2]- China Daily News 3 215 seneca 2017-9-29 15:55:16
  hot topics in the world. Smart is interconnected, smart is IoT, smart is Cloud, smart is autonomous ...
China's vision for the world: A community of shared future China Daily News 2 135 Fred9 2017-9-28 10:43:15
  This is what the US did but it was not so good ending. Does China really want these policy.
Chinese vase sells for $5.2m, 10,000 times its estimated price China Daily News 4 167 seneca 2017-9-27 11:22:32
  It fetch high prices because two bidders who believed the vase was created during the 18th century. ...
China-US friendship helps build demonstration farm[1]- frie China Daily News 2 93 Fred9 2017-9-25 10:37:09
  The farm should include more experimental items like rain water or snow storage, recycle water usage ...
Soaring tides amaze spectators[2]- China Daily News 1 130 Fred9 2017-9-24 11:33:12
  For the less educated, this is an spectacular scene. Educated people will say this is bad soil erosi ...
'Comfort women' memorial unveiled in San Francisco[1]- China Daily News 1 163 Fred9 2017-9-24 11:25:31
  From far it is just statue of three women, nobody will know it is about comfort women. Unless the st ...
Fruit trees turn wasteland to farmland in Aksu[1]- China Daily News 1 124 Fred9 2017-9-24 11:06:29
  Hooray. I think cassava can grow very big in the sand
Weird, cool and funny bikes in the world[1]- China Daily News 2 83 Fred9 2017-9-22 11:22:08
  Those sitting at the back usually will suffer motion sickness.
China's 1st Mars probe to carry 13 types of payload on 2020 mission China Daily News 2 87 Fred9 2017-9-22 11:16:08
  This first trip should bring some sulfur or CO2 breathing bacteria to colonise the surface. So the n ...
Beijing makes way for high-tech trains China Daily News 5 86 seneca 2017-9-21 10:13:32
  Maglev train is best for long distance because more efficient than the wheeled train.
Project with Ukraine to bolster nation's aircraft engine capability China Daily News 2 237 Fred9 2017-9-20 13:57:04
  How about ramjet
China to build cross-provincial national park for giant panda[1]- China Daily News 2 107 Fred9 2017-9-20 09:01:01
  Human too eat bamboo shoot or sprout.
Work begins to clean up Beijing's 'dirty streets'[1]- China Daily News 3 109 Fred9 2017-9-18 16:42:55
  Will there be replacement with a modern hawkers center with ample car parking lots offering cheap fo ...
Work begins to clean up Beijing's 'dirty streets'[1]- China Daily News 3 109 Fred9 2017-9-18 16:42:55
  Will there be replacement with a modern hawkers center with ample car parking lots offering cheap fo ...
Five trends of China's economy in August[1]- China Daily News 2 91 Fred9 2017-9-18 16:27:59
  sustainable future
Bike-sharing companies required to buy insurance for users China Daily News 2 85 Fred9 2017-9-17 11:14:21
  This means the rental price will go up. It seems the bike have no safety for insurance coverage also ...
10 best wetland resorts for serene break[1]- China Daily News 1 290 Fred9 2017-9-16 10:24:32
  usually wetland have government approved green resort in waste management to attract tourism other t ...
Unmanned attack helicopter unveiled China Daily News 3 151 emanreus 2017-9-15 13:39:34
  Bravo, bravo. Lets celebrate on robotic warfare.
New carp species to extend scale of GM produce[1]- China Daily News 2 144 Fred9 2017-9-14 11:35:25
  Consumer in China should accept this food like people in USA with GM salmon. GM is just like animal ...
Goat fighting in Shandong[1]- China Daily News 3 174 seneca 2017-9-13 21:03:08
  How much is the betting. Score counted by points or KOs.
President says battle against desertification still a priority[2]- China Daily News 4 350 tenith 2017-9-12 12:44:10
  The melting glaciers in Himalaya is the biggest threat for China fight against desertification effor ...
Harvest scenery of wheat fields in Xinjiang[1]- China Daily News 2 89 Fred9 2017-9-12 09:31:25
  That is a lot of Tsingtao beer
Tenant and very happy[1]- China Daily News 2 164 Fred9 2017-9-11 09:39:58
  Wonder is there an old folks homes in China or home for the homeless.
China spends big to ensure clean winter heating China Daily News 2 144 Fred9 2017-9-10 12:00:28
  Decentralised heating with wind, solar and biogas could be cheaper and definitely more reliable. Smo ...
After 800 years, laptops to replace handwriting in exams at Cambridge University China Daily News 2 188 Fred9 2017-9-10 11:51:49
  This could be open book examination. Good for students.
Would you like to live in a big city or small town?[6]- China Daily News 3 294 seneca 2017-9-9 14:48:26
  To overcome this problem some country embark on a mission to modernise small cities and rural area. ...
Chengdu eyes return to 'bicycle kingdom' China Daily News 2 186 Fred9 2017-9-9 10:28:25
  Singapore is also reintroduce bicycle into the road. Be sure to be safety conscious to have a dynamo ...
Xi, Trump talk about peninsula China Daily News 4 364 markwu 2017-9-8 18:49:35
  Many know the negotiation will fail. So why not China develop missile defense like THAAD.
Xi: Emerging nations deserve role China Daily News 2 336 Fred9 2017-9-6 13:30:44
  It will be fair if each country will contribute to a common shared development fund created.
Endangered plant species found on Yunnan-Myanmar border China Daily News 2 134 Fred9 2017-9-5 13:27:48
  With discovery comes conservation.
Xi urges speaking 'with one voice' China Daily News 2 106 Fred9 2017-9-5 13:19:13
  I think other countries need to contribute to the fund as well.
Fleshing out in autumn | Know China Learn Chinese China Daily News 2 123 Fred9 2017-9-4 13:16:26
  It is just like bear preparing for hibernation.
Is it a waste for well-educated women to be housewives?[1]- China Daily News 5 356 pnp 2017-9-6 15:15:11
  Nothing wrong in capitalism. May be unacceptable in socialism or a country that have limited manpowe ...
CTG Brasil powers up to meet country's higher energy needs[1]- China Daily News 2 138 Fred9 2017-9-2 10:38:09
  Is there fish ladder on the hydro dam as per the latest fish friendly dam.How about introducing pira ...
All eyes on panda: Is she pregnant? China Daily News 2 156 Fred9 2017-9-1 10:53:50
  use IVF for guaranteed result.
Historic temple all set for its 30-meter move[1]- move China Daily News 2 164 Fred9 2017-8-31 10:42:20
  Do not forget to provide wifi connection in the temple.
Auto makers team up on electric cars China Daily News 2 156 Fred9 2017-8-30 09:29:14
  What is the efficiency of this thing.
Kung fu for the future[5]- China Daily News 2 149 Fred9 2017-8-30 09:14:06
  I thought the last time MMA defeated wushu.
China-made 'zipper truck' eases traffic congestion[1]- 'z China Daily News 2 127 Fred9 2017-8-14 14:19:53
  In other countries the bus lanes are designated with yellow lines and strictly no entry for other ve ...
Courier discovers newborn girl in parcel sent to welfare house China Daily News 6 183 mrbobwang 2017-8-13 14:43:19
  Putting at the welfare house is still humane and much better than throwing to the streets or drains ...
US Trade Act won't impede China's progress ... 1 2 China Daily News 9 377 DiscoPro_Joe 2017-8-14 01:57:59
  So can we say that socialism with its self sufficiency, market protectionism, govt linked corporatio ...
Chinese science teleported into the lead in quantum race China Daily News 6 164 Fred9 2017-8-10 13:08:34
  The article should display China science lead the world in quantum race. Lets not make bad remarks o ...
Xi urges all-out relief work after 7.0-magnitude quake hits SW China China Daily News 3 120 GhostBuster 2017-8-9 10:49:50
  Ask for international donation.
'Tiger mom' helps son become an English translator[1]- China Daily News 3 177 seneca 2017-8-8 22:37:48
  I thought panda is the iconic creature for china, hardly any report of tiger sighting anymore on the ...
Hanoi faulted for hype on reclamation ... 1 2 China Daily News 11 286 seneca 2017-8-8 22:34:30
  How should they be punish.
Xi: Inner Mongolia makes gains China Daily News 4 196 GhostBuster 2017-8-7 21:47:50
  A socialist utopia. Capitalism emphasized on competition but this have failed with many countries pr ...
Are overseas study tours worthwhile?[1]- China Daily News 3 221 Fred9 2017-8-6 14:01:31
  Definitely enjoyable for the students. Some places only organise oversea education fair. All depends ...
Cycling with a view on world's longest elevated bike path[1]- China Daily News 2 191 Fred9 2017-8-6 13:53:08
  Making cycling to the next level, best that the pedaling is just to run the dynamo to charge up batt ...
World's largest man-made forest[1]- forest China Daily News 2 114 Fred9 2017-8-5 16:31:06
  Looks like it is time to introduce some wild animals to populate the forest.
Patience has 'bottom line', India told ... 1 2 3 China Daily News 14 321 manoj10 2017-8-6 16:46:40
  North Korea is a good lesson. Unless China shoot down intruders or make intrusion into India borders ...
Patience has 'bottom line', India told ... 1 2 3 China Daily News 14 321 manoj10 2017-8-6 16:46:40
  North Korea is a good lesson. Unless China shoot down intruders or make intrusion into India borders ...
7 popular midnight foods in China[1]- China Daily News 3 125 GhostBuster 2017-8-4 22:32:09
  We called it midnight snack or supper.
Ministry says India's actions not ‘for peace' China Daily News 4 159 GhostBuster 2017-8-4 15:36:44
  They don't believe it will start a war.
Glass bridge across the Yellow River[1]- China Daily News 4 175 cd231013 2017-8-4 17:28:06
  How long will it last. What if people start taking mule and donkey cart across it.
Second shipment of French wine sent by rail to China China Daily News 3 924 GhostBuster 2017-8-2 10:18:01
  Luckily siberia and central asia is cold most of the year and at night.
Many migrants live a real life in Beijing, not pretend to do so China Daily News 2 198 Fred9 2017-8-2 08:33:43
  doomed to keep pursuing their dream-of owning a house means that China made products competitivenes ...
Kenya excavates skeletons of people with Chinese blood[1]- China Daily News 4 131 tenith 2017-8-2 09:09:58
  So these sailor in Zheng He voyages died on something. They could either died in the ship or after r ...
Summer camps: A dilemma for Chinese parents[2]- China Daily News 3 126 Fred9 2017-8-1 13:44:20
  40 weeks a year at school, most people think it is not the amount of time spent but how much knowled ...
Summer camps: A dilemma for Chinese parents[2]- China Daily News 3 126 Fred9 2017-8-1 13:44:20
  40 weeks a year at school, most people think it is not the amount of time spent but how much knowled ...
Rediscovering Beijing’s Old Summer Palace[1]- China Daily News 2 121 Fred9 2017-8-1 13:21:05
  It should be reconstructed for tourism
Pollution inspectors sharply criticize Tianjin, Anhui, Shanxi China Daily News 2 147 Fred9 2017-7-31 10:09:49
  Other than industrial waste it is said that China sewage, sanitary and domestic waste treatment are ...
What do you think about China's military?[1]- China Daily News 4 212 hadenough 2017-8-17 12:57:36
  Seriously, I think it need to modernise.
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