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Share The Selfie danger
2014-9-30 18:34
A while ago I read a comment on here about “selfies”. The writer clearly did not approve of them…. and on reflection, I agree with him. In western countries and in Asia there is a growing fascination with taking many photos of oneself, not for others to see, but just to gaze at, alter, keep or discard. Why has this come about and how? What is it for and who does it? Historically “selfies” were paintings of oneself, either commissioned or self portraits. This was the p ...
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Share A professional teacher in China
2014-9-14 14:07
Teachers day this year included speeches on education from Beijing and from President Xi, reported in China Daily. My responses were, I hope, positive and enthusiastic. Both urged the need for professionalism in teaching, and a reform of the testing regime. Many adverse comments are always being made about the over-emphasis on test results and the resulting weaknesses in the curriculum and in teaching aims. I am in no position to change this, but can only add my voice to those education ...
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Share CCTV English
2014-4-20 20:32
With the internet, foreign visitors to China have access to news from all over the world, but I do watch CCTV regularly and find its programmes topical and well produced. Perhaps I could mention just two little problems that I have with the news discussion programmes and the weather broadcasts. Firstly I have mentioned before about the curious double thinking that seems to exist in China. On the one hand America is an "enemy" to be treated with suspicion, and yet most things American are regarde ...
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Share China; an expat's summary.
2014-3-5 01:25
To many foreigners who have never visited China, this enormous country is still a mysterious fantasy land…. Or a harsh and intolerant place. Books and internet articles written about China that I read before coming here either excited or warned me. It only took a few short weeks living in central China for me to realise that these comments are both extreme and ridiculous. I find the comments here, made by other foreign readers about how they find China, far more accurate.&nbs ...
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Share Elephant causes traffic problem!
2014-2-21 18:55
It is not usual to see an elephant in the part of China where I live. There are however plenty of golden plastic balloon ones where weddings are held. I was sitting in a coffee shop with my usual latte and doughnut when I glanced out of the window. Across a very busy road junction is a hotel and outside this one was one of those enormous elephant blow up things. It was almost alive in its struggles to free itself from the strings holding it down. It battled against the cold wind angrily. As ther ...
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Share No fear of death on China's roads
2013-11-29 19:05
It has been a while since I wrote about my horror of Chinese driving. However, I now think that there is something more shocking that I do not really understand. That is the absence of a basic instinct to survive. One of the first forms of intelligence created even before birth is an emotional response to danger, discomfort and pain. This develops as a child grows and has experience of danger and safety. In almost all the countries of the world that I have visited, there is an inbuilt fear of da ...
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Share Over-protective parents
2013-11-24 17:42
I understand the Chinese “One child” policy, and recognise that there are problems and changes imminent with regard to its effect on the elderly. However there is, I think a hidden problem that could become an issue in the future. This is the accident and safety policy used in some expensive private schools from where future bosses and leaders often emerge. Consider that in China, money and influence is most important. Consider then, that parents with these will w ...
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Share Little boy blinded
2013-9-5 20:15
I read about the tragic news of a little boy blinded by an alleged family member. In most civilised countries such actions are abhorred and beyond belief, but especially in China where the one child policy has created such a love and care of children. The individuals who do these terrible things are often mentally ill and need medical psychiatric treatment rather than punishment. I think it is rare that a sane person would do such a thing. Such strong feeling about child abuse exists in the west ...
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Share Testing and assessment in Chinese schools
2013-9-5 18:41
Testing and assessment in Chinese schools After living and working in China for some time, I have realised that there are qualified and educated people, many of whom occupy powerful positions, who recognise and understand that the education system in China needs to change and move forward. From reading of the history of other countries they see that they have tried and tested various teaching methods and methods of assessment and learned from their mistakes. They see othe ...
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Share The children of China
2013-6-4 13:40
The “children” of China Having visited this enormous and developing country several times, and having lived in central China for nearly a year I remain amazed at the speed of progress and the yearning of its people to improve their country and their lives. The city I live and work in is very Chinese with few western influences. It is perhaps therefore a more true picture of this country. There is little English writing anywhe ...
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Education management advisor and English teacher

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  • Trump and the second coming 2017-10-31 06:21

    TedM: I fear that you have not understood the poem. The second coming is not the coming of Jesus.... quite the opposite. It is the return of evil or Satan.  ...

  • Dystopia has arrived. The DPRK issue. 2017-5-8 17:32

    You are clearly an intelligent and educated person with sound opinions. Most of this blog concerned the situation in North Korea and the threats it poses, particularly with reference to Trumps actions. I would welcome your comments on this, but please avoid insults. They are not constructive or sensible.

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