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Share Oh such beautiful packaging
2015-1-11 20:41
I am so happy. I bought a couple of CD collections today. Three CDs in each box… one is erhu, and the other is the zheng. Nothing wrong with the CDs. I listened to them all afternoon. And the boxes they came in are unbelievably beautiful, in simulated leather cases sheltered within a box illustrated with the most lovely views of china and the instruments. So I can’t really complain about paying for cardboard and plastic wrappings. In many countries there are laws governing t ...
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Share Fear in education
2015-1-7 16:26
I had the privilege of attending a meeting of school managers recently. Several made enthusiastic and innovative reports and suggestions intended to move education in this school forward. Many sat listening, one appeared to be sleeping. In her summary, the leader talked about fear as one reason why progress in education in China appears to be so slow. This made me think. The more I think about my own experiences here over the last 3 years, the more I believe that she may hold the ke ...
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Share Ban everything; it's safer!
2015-1-7 14:43
Since this Christmas I have noticed so many things being banned or recommended to be banned in China. It appears that if something offends or some tragedy occurs, the immediate reaction is extreme….. BAN IT!. Maybe it began with the college that banned Christmas celebrations because they were not Chinese. This college now suggests banning New Year celebrations because of the tragedy in Shanghai. For a country or organisation to ban something or someone is an extreme measure. ...
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Share Social media terrorism
2014-12-20 15:23
Before the internet and social media websites, a person often knew who was being rude or abusive, threatening or just ridiculous. Such a person might talk or shout at, and about, others. Bullies could be identified and dealt with, ignored or at least frowned upon. The internet, and now mobile phones that have the same facilities, enable anti-social comments to be made anonymously. This has been a problem in the West for many years. The result is misery and upset at the least and su ...
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Share Chinese education; a house of cards.
2014-12-11 21:17
I have often written here on the subject of education in China and the west. Many of my friends on this site share my views too; with so many good ideas and suggestions to improve and change various aspects of schools here. I repeat that the west does not have all the answers. They are not perfect, and China has many good points too. It appears that many education Chinese and western “experts” know what the problems here are and are keen to forward their ideas for improvement, ye ...
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Share The future of tests in China
2014-12-4 15:48
I have just read an article by Colin Barras, in which he talks about the use of technology in testing. I immediately thought about such use in this huge country, with its millions of students. What am I talking about?..... the use of on-line assessment. Why is it important to test anyway? 1. To assess the results of changes to a school and its methods ...
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Share Christmas shopping already?
2014-11-16 20:10
Once again Britain follows American trends; shops all decorated and ready to sell Christmas to customers in October! In a few years time it will be Christmas in the shops all the year round….. then its charm and excitement will have been lost forever. What a pity. There is a chain of shops in England called “The Christmas Shop”. It sells Christmas things all the year round. What a wonderful excuse to put prices up, and to sell ridiculous rubbish to those customers who are ...
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Share Do Chinese people eat their pets?
2014-11-11 16:52
I read an article here that talked about the rise of popularity for pets, and the obscene amounts of money being spent on them by a few Chinese people. When people are poor and starving they have little interests in pets. Animals are kept for work or food; a dog is for protection and killing rats, a cat is to kill vermin and a rabbit is for food. A sign of increasing affluence and the availability of food is the desire to care for some animal as part of the family (a pet). Pets gi ...
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Share Halloween horrors
2014-11-2 11:27
Halloween horrors
I just read a blog here about how Australians hate Halloween. Having lived through many years of Halloween activities in the UK, I know how they feel. However, I also have an opposite view based on experiences in China. Let us trace the history of this "celebration". Originally a European (celtic?) pagan festival to drive away the evil spirits who were sending the sun away (the changes from Summer to Winter). Bonfires, wearing animal heads, drumming ... maybe even sacrifice. In ord ...
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Share Ebola threat to China
2014-10-12 14:55
Whilst in China I seem to need regular news updates from all over the world. One thing is clear; apart from the usual internal political squabbles of most countries and the problems in the Middle East, the most widespread reports concern the Ebola virus. The latest report in the English paper, the Telegraph, now claims that jihadi terrorists may be planning to infect themselves in order to spread the virus further and faster! This potentially could be a worldwide problem regardless ...
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  • Trump and the second coming 2017-10-31 06:21

    TedM: I fear that you have not understood the poem. The second coming is not the coming of Jesus.... quite the opposite. It is the return of evil or Satan.  ...

  • Dystopia has arrived. The DPRK issue. 2017-5-8 17:32

    You are clearly an intelligent and educated person with sound opinions. Most of this blog concerned the situation in North Korea and the threats it poses, particularly with reference to Trumps actions. I would welcome your comments on this, but please avoid insults. They are not constructive or sensible.

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