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Share What forward planning?
2015-10-27 17:36
I read in CD that a new 5 year plan is being considered for China. At a school management meeting recently, members were asked what will be needed in 5 years time. No-one seemed willing to offer suggestions, which is typical. Chinese people have a fear of saying the wrong thing or appearing too clever! My answer was to ask what the communist party of China will want, what will businesses and industry want, what will society; parents and schools want? Making a 5 year plan is a complex ...
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Share China Uk media cooperation
2015-9-23 11:38
pI read here in CD that there is to be greater mutual interest in the programmes produced and shared in these coun tries. I find that there are so many Chinese films that look so good. They would appeal to UK viewers if produced with subtitles. In particular historical dramas and ac tion films. Likewise theUK is famous for its historical dramas, some about western classical stories, but also its own historical dramas. The recent series in 5 parts & quot;Game of Thrones I think would be well r ...
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Share An end to the Bohunt experiment.
2015-8-23 01:47
I last wrote about this ridiculous television programme a few days ago. The experiment has ended with the examination results. They show that the Chinese system used produced better results in Maths than the English system. This would hardly be surprising due to the longer hours of tuition imposed on the students. The experiment does not show any results for other subjects, or the impact of the Chinese system on the social and behavioural results. In fact the whole programme was predicta ...
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Share Bohunt experiment causes total loss of face.
2015-8-13 00:40
British television at its worst.... again. As I have been in England for the last few weeks I was interested and dismayed to see another example of British television programming that sets out to distort truth, actively pursuing and exaggerating a contrived situation in order to stimulate a viewing audience. I refer to an investigation called “The Bohunt experiment”. I have read the comments made by Michael M in his blog and on the Opinion pages of China Daily, and I can con ...
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Share Western "Reality" programmes hit a new low.
2015-7-19 04:21
In the west it is often considered that China is very restrictive in its control of media. I think that there may be a place for such supervision in the west to safeguard citizens and a countries youth from inappropriate programmes. I can hear some readers already voicing the need for freedom of speech and minimal restrictions, maintaining the freedom of the press etc. However, I have just arrived in the UK for a holiday and the first television programme I came across reached a new depth ...
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Share I saw it in a movie so it must be true.
2015-6-15 11:15
The powerful influence and effects of the media on social behaviour are well known but discredited by the tv and film industries who wish to sell their products to people who naturally crave for the excitement of "bad" things. It is rather like newspapers only wanting to report bad news in order to sell their product. In most countries there are regulations and standards about what can be shown on television or in film. Unfortunately America seems able to breach all standards ...
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Share The Chinese woman
2015-6-9 09:56
I read an article here about a male only club that has discussed what is best for women! Should I laugh or cry at anything so primitive. So, men rule over women? I can imagine such a thing in Middle Eastern countries where women are treated as belongings, but in communist China? Doesn't Confucius say something about the equal value of women? Indeed how is it possible to understand what a woman wants, how she thinks and what she needs? In my experience women are complicated and ...
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Share Soccer & team sports in China
2015-5-24 15:09
Further to listening ton an interview on CCTV about the development of soccer in China, I feel that my own views expressed in an earlier blog are most appropriate. Individual skills have always been encouraged in China but without the added benefit of initiative and forethought. Such individual skills can be easily measures, rewarded and developed. Individual events in the Olympic Games always feature China as a leading country. However, China's performance in team events disappointing. Teamwork ...
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Share Oh. I didn't see you there!
2015-5-6 22:14
Oh. I didn't see you there!
Over the last two years I have read many comments here about Chinese driving and inconsiderate behaviour. The same is certainly true of people in other countries, yet sometimes it seems more pronounced in China. Yesterday I suddenly realised that many of these complaints could be the result of poor spa cial awareness and a lack of recognition of what is around them. I was walking down the road being careful not to tread on the manhole covers when I was hit by the mirror of ...
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Share Educational suicide
2015-5-2 18:15
Occasionally in the west you might read about a student's suicide at high school or at university. The reasons vary of course, but one of the most sad is when a student feels a total failure with no future or dream. In this case it is often a very intelligent young person who has never felt failure. This person has always been at the top of the class, sometimes used to getting everything he/she wants. This person's popularity and social standing has come to rely on being at the top of the ...
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    TedM: I fear that you have not understood the poem. The second coming is not the coming of Jesus.... quite the opposite. It is the return of evil or Satan.  ...

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    You are clearly an intelligent and educated person with sound opinions. Most of this blog concerned the situation in North Korea and the threats it poses, particularly with reference to Trumps actions. I would welcome your comments on this, but please avoid insults. They are not constructive or sensible.

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