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Share The great cheating game
2016-3-1 08:41
Once upon a time, in a country far away called England the great game of cheating grew from the usual cheating that had always been a part of everyday life on a small scale. Before the 19 th century cheating people out of their money and property was common. Villages, towns and cities were small and people were ignorant, poor and rarely travelled into the world. Cheating them was easy. In the markets rotten vegetables could be disguised or hidden within fresh ones. Old meat was ...
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Share Marry at 16 years old. Why not!!!
2016-3-1 08:35
I read here about a couple marrying at 16 years old and the many comments about this. To most people this would seem a ridiculous age to marry. They are still children who have not yet developed their bodies, let alone their interests and personalities. They have not finished education. They have not experienced life and the world or many social relationships and situations. They are unprepared to take such a commitment. These arguments are rational and sound. Yet it is pos ...
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Share Media lies
2016-2-12 13:15
I have been critical of the media in CD before and once again the subject is raised. I met a man the other day who is a Chinese civil servant. I listened to him talking about England and America with increasing incredulity. He had not been to any country outside China, but insisted that his views were correct. His views were clearly not the result if any political brainwashing and he was clearly an intelligent man who loved his country. So what beliefs did he hold about the west? Europe is fill ...
Personal category: Media|7432 views|4 comments Popularity 4
Share We cannot complain in China
2016-1-15 17:25
Over the last two weeks I have seen some things that typify Chinese attitudes to the environment and to complaints. My argument is simple. Many Chinese people are afraid to complain, and though they seem anxious to build a better environment, many do not care. Someone told me that Confucius, who seems highly revered for his wisdom, said that to always complain was bad for the health. That is possibly true because someone who is always complaining is boring and a very sad per ...
Personal category: Behaviours|5582 views|41 comments Popularity 22
Share Stereotypes in the airport
2016-1-9 19:03
I travel back to the UK each year and often find time spent in airports very unusual. One minute you sigh as you realise there is a two hour wait, the next minute you are rushing to the boarding gate. But whilst waiting, what do you do? I like to look at people and try to guess where they come from. First comes the check in lady so smart in her tight fitting uniform. She smiles and gazes at you as if she is a very good friend, but then you realise that she is the same with the next customer in t ...
Personal category: Behaviours|3193 views|7 comments Popularity 6
Share The wonder and tragedy of Chinese school productions
2016-1-9 18:00
In many ways my comments below reflect those already stated in previous blogs concerning Chinese driving and the selfish disregard of others. I have found that the Chinese are people of opposites. They are so friendly, generous, helpful and curious yet in some situations they are ignorant, rude, selfish and impatient. This is not a comment about driving again though. (This is an issue that has become pretty boring in CD over the last few years). It is about school performances. In my role as e ...
Personal category: Behaviours|1337 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share A season of goodwill
2015-12-20 16:01
When in England I was always accused of being a "Scrooge"... the miserly character from the story "A Christmas Carol." Charles Dickens. This was because I hated what Christmas has become in the west; a season of goodwill and smiling faces the thrill of shopping or making gifts, the enjoyment of preparing food and decorating a tree and the home that has become a commercialised rat race to buy gifts and send cards to people you have not spoken to since last Christmas. Shops selling ridiculo ...
Personal category: Behaviours|1676 views|6 comments Popularity 7
Share An asperges Christmas party.
2015-12-12 18:31
"No man is an island." Usually true, but not always the case when a child (usually a male) suffers from Asperges syndrome, a milder form of Autism. In the west this condition is recognised and provided for with special schools, medication and support for child and family. In China this may not be the case. From only personal experience of a few incidents in only one area of China, I fear that these medical problems are ignored or buried. For example, one boy of eleven years old ha ...
Personal category: Education|1844 views|1 comments Popularity 2
Share Hospitals in China's cities
2015-12-9 17:48
Hospital medical care in a Chinese city. Having lived in China for a few years I have experienced episodes of the usual minor illnesses treated well with mixtures of western and Chinese medicines. This week I was worried because I had be admitted to hospital with a more serious infection of the face. My work colleague took me to hospital where I was to stay for at least 10 days. Now, after 2 days here I feel well enough to write about my experiences and perhaps describe medi ...
Personal category: Health care|3839 views|24 comments Popularity 18
Share Trust and fear in Chinese education
2015-11-24 18:46
I was at a school recently and was surprised to see a school manager spying on classes through the window and taking photos. My enquiries revealed that this school may be typical in that there is no trust in teachers to fulfil their professional duties. They have to be watched to ensure that students’ behaviour is adequately controlled. This further proves that in many schools in China, teaching is not a profession but a job. Encouraging, advising and helping schools to create more profe ...
Personal category: Education|6486 views|10 comments Popularity 10

Education management advisor and English teacher

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  • Trump and the second coming 2017-10-31 06:21

    TedM: I fear that you have not understood the poem. The second coming is not the coming of Jesus.... quite the opposite. It is the return of evil or Satan.  ...

  • Dystopia has arrived. The DPRK issue. 2017-5-8 17:32

    You are clearly an intelligent and educated person with sound opinions. Most of this blog concerned the situation in North Korea and the threats it poses, particularly with reference to Trumps actions. I would welcome your comments on this, but please avoid insults. They are not constructive or sensible.

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