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Banning scooters from Chinese roads!

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I have just noticed a questionnaire on CD main page asking about whether scooters should be banned from using the roads!
I note from the answers so far that most people voting say they want them banned!
Firstly a great majority of Chinese people use this form of transport and many now rely on it as their most convenient form of transport. To ban them is absolutely ridiculous.
Secondly this questionnaire once again demonstrates the complete lack of common sense by its writer. It follows the trend of questions put on CD regularly that suggest banning everything; do not solve a problem... just ban it!
Thirdly, and most significantly, you need not ban scooters (I presume this includes electric bikes) from the roads because these people do not use the roads anyway. They ride at speed down the pavements where people walk and they ride through crowded markets expecting everyone to get out of the way as they beep their horns.

The resulting vote is possibly a reaction to the dangerous and irresponsible way that scooter drivers ignore traffic laws and general safety.
Instead of a ban, basic traffic laws should be strictly enforced.
I know, ban traffic laws because they obstruct the right of drivers to do what they like... good idea!

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Reply Report SEARU 2016-9-11 14:09
Electric motors become popular AND welcomed by ordinary citizens including me. It is said that Beijing would probably limit such low-grade transportation tool for the crowded roads.  But it is impossible the policy would be carried out in our town!

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