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Britain leaves the building!

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Having made replies to various blogs here concerning Britain’s exit vote, I have often been asked about my opinion by Chinese and British people. In my last reply I stated that there was much confusion about the issue and that intelligent and honest facts seemed lacking.  Intelligent voting was almost impossible, leaving emotion and gut feelings to fill the gap. Large numbers of people voted, yet almost 30% did not, either being unconcerned either way or totally confused by the arguments. The final result was very close and, being an emotional vote was influenced by feelings of patriotism and the memories of a great British Empire, and the scare-mongering of politicians on both sides.

Now that the referendum is over we see more clearly how far the exit people lied or distorted the truth, which was countered by the stay people with fear statements. It was a wonderful time for the press to exaggerate and distort the statements to their advantage. Bad news sells newspapers. The media were quick to pick up the more unpopular policies of the EU, notably those regarding the environment, health and safety, subsidies and immigration. What they did not report were the achievements of the EU. Indeed the EU publicity office has clearly failed to deliver good news over the last 10 years. The people of Britain were left with isolated horror stories about illegal immigrants, seemingly stupid rules about the shape of bananas, the expenses and contributions to the EU and the effects of agricultural policy. I have noted from my own experience that some countries in the EU do not always follow EU rules, whereas Britain always has, causing resentment. In the papers today, I see that several exit people are now back-tracking, spinning what they have previously said or flatly denying what they said. Indeed all MPs from both sides are clearly reluctant to now formally sign the exit clause 50, and seem horrified at the immediate results of the vote. It is almost as if none of them really believed it would happen!

The UK independence party now have no mandate or purpose, and Nigel Farage can only insult EU representatives. The British Prime Minister is resigning with his party in complete disarray. The leader of the opposition is fighting around 40 of his own MPs who want to get rid of him. There seems to be no effective government left in Britain, and I can identify no politician with experience, skill or notoriety to fill the gap. In short, the decision to leave Europe has been met with shock and disbelief.

From being an important and influential member of the European community, Britain is now to become a small isolated island struggling to open new trading partners. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted clearly to stay in Europe and may now revive again their wish to be independent of rule from London. Ex-pats living in France, Italy and Spain, many enjoying retirement and the benefits of the EU, may now face problems.  It is predicted that house values and interest rates will fall, prices will rise and opportunities for British workers to work in Europe will diminish. The value of shares has plummeted. Only speculation is left about how things will be in the long term.

Britain has always benefitted from European migrant workers in the health service and in agriculture. Britain does not produce enough of these skilled workers, or does not have enough people wanting to do the work. Their value to the British economy is significant. Such a disgrace then, that because of the exit vote Polish and foreign workers are increasingly being the target for violence and discrimination. Some ignorant people see the vote as a justification for their actions. 

So, Britain is now a nation divided with no clear leadership or direction. Massive protests are arising in London against leaving the EU. I also note that the supermarkets cashing in on the media frenzy to leave by selling British flags and toys are now finding that many are ignoring these shelves and some customers are clearly seen showing disgust at anything supporting Britain as a “Great” country. I am seeing many of the exit supporters going very quiet in the company of very angry British people.

There are now many questions yet to be addressed; what of Britain’s membership of NATO, Interpol and the United Nations? How will such a small island continue to influence and support such organisations? What is going to happen now that the lying politicians have led the emotions of voters to leave the European Union?

I think I will stay in China!

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Reply Report guml 2016-6-30 10:20
Welcome to China again.Your choice is very great and China is a good friend for Britain forever on the earth.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-6-30 11:03
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-6-30 11:33
a second vote seems impossible ..
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-6-30 13:19
What did Nigel Farage lie about? What are these big lies that were told? I read something about someone saying that the billions sent to EU each year may not all be used for the NHS but did anyone expect it to be the day after the result? Boris Johnson and Tories may be backtracking but obviously they only supported so UKIP didn't get all those supporting immigration reform and exit from EU. That is why Tories called the referendum. It is expected for Johnson to backtrack isn't it? But Nigel Farage isn't backtracking. He told EU the other day that no deal is better than a bad one and he said that they should get on with signing article 50. And Britain is hardly isolated with being leader of Commonwealth as well as close ally of USA. And Britain has a significant economy even without Europe. Obama has already backtracked on putting UK at back of trading line. Australia and New Zealand want more trade with UK as do many other nations.  

And UK police said there is no rise in hate crimes since the vote only a rise in reporting on one website that Remain supported have been advertising. Breitbart reported the police saying that there is no actual rise. Plus media claims that young people are all upset because of the vote but only just over 30% of young people bothered to even vote and many of those would be children of educated remain voters. All of this anti-leave media is a lot of nonsense. The Leave voters have no media and no voice.

What should happen is UK invoke article 50 or whatever it is to start the exit. There is no reason to stall apart from this nonsense trying to prevent the exit.

And EU is negotiating a trade deal with Australia and other nations. There is no reason EU can't have a trade relationship with the UK without freedom of movement. What is the EU anyway? A mafia? A gang? Blood in blood out? EU is doing it wrong. It is a nonsense that EU can't have a trade deal with UK and Junker is bluffing/lying. It is Junker that is breaking down. He was sweating around mouth when interviewed by a plucky English reporter after meeting the other day. He also tried to prevent a photographer from taking a picture of Farage. Junker is having a meltdown. EU is going to collapse and he knows it.
Reply Report samlam 2016-6-30 16:13
We see the result of voting and we respect what British people's choice. However, a punishment for it starts. It will brings lots of bad effects to Great Britain later on in economy and other areas. Seemingly, British people punish themselves. I think those who voted out will be regretted some day.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-7-1 00:59
The EU don't come out well from this result either.
The angry threatening rhetoric from various EU leaders underlines the attitude they have towards ordinary people's concerns and rather than addressing them and reforming an institution that has become bureaucratic heavy, the leaders of the more powerful countries are showing very undemocratic side.
Friends from Germany and France have expressed concern at the bullying attitude of our 'betters' who 'govern'.

This is an opportunity for the EU to re-evaluate and reform itself and ask EVERYONE to come up with a vision that ALL want.
Most want just an economic block that allows freedom of movement, work and equality, not a dictatorial elite that intrude into all aspects of our life.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2016-7-2 08:27
BlondeAmber: The EU don't come out well from this result either.
The angry threatening rhetoric from various EU leaders underlines the attitude they have towards o ...
The problem is that some want freedom of movement of goods, services and capital but NOT people!  This is the big stumbling block. It is an attitude problem. We want to keep Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland in the UK - We have no issue, no newsworthy input when we find Scottish, Welsh, Irish living in London - It means nothing - rightly so!  But it does appear to matter if we find a lot of Polish, Czech or Estonians living there! Why? Immigration within the EU should not be such an issue for some Brits! That is the root of the problem.  These are all our European brothers and sisters.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-7-2 16:32
ColinSpeakman: The problem is that some want freedom of movement of goods, services and capital but NOT people!  This is the big stumbling block. It is an attitude p ...
I don't think it is the immigration from the other EU countries that is the issue.
Some EU citizens still need a work permit to become an employee in certain EU countries.
Because ALL EU citizens are able to travel and work in other EU countries, but immigration from outside the EU apparently was a huge concern for those voting last week.
Reply Report TedM 2016-7-2 17:51
HailChina!: What did Nigel Farage lie about? What are these big lies that were told? I read something about someone saying that the billions sent to EU each year  ...
I appreciate your views. I agree with you on many points. However on the news in the UK there are reports of significant increases in hate ethnic violence. The main political parties are still in disarray. There are signs of a recovery from the plummeting financial sectors though. Expected cuts in interest rates but higher taxes?
I also note that the more serious TV programmes looking at Brexit issues are very critical of the exit vote, even the comedy programmes. In the media those exit voters interviewed seem to be  elderly people reminiscing about the war, or right wing reactionaries.  It will take a long time to really sort out the truth from the rhetoric.
Other world powers watch quietly, or are beginning to enter the arena with trade offers.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-7-5 22:55
Britain should look on this as an opportunity to create a society that everyone is part of, and everyone contributes to rather than the hand-wringing blaming that is going on. This benefits no-one except the unscrupulous and the lazy.
Everyone should just pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves, get out of their seats and involved in making the country that everyone can be happy to live in - and this includes everyone who wants to live in the country.

The same could be said for everyone else, in whatever country they live in, no matter who they are.
The EU leaders, and all governments should look to themselves and ask for whom they work - it is for themselves, for multi-national businesses, or the people they purport to govern.

get over it and get on with it.

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