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Teachers pay scandal.

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I just read in the opinion section about teachers not being paid in one area of China. The article states that,
according to Chinese law, teachers should be paid above that of local public servants? How is it that I know many teachers who are paid well below this, some no more than 2500 yuan per month?
As for not paying teachers in Zhouzhi county, Shaanxi for many months, the local officials should be fired and investigated for corrupt practice. When teachers are being developed into a profession such treatment by managers clearly shows that they have no regard for teachers or for the education of children. Another reason for being fired from their "important" positions.
Furthermore, some schools in China are strict about keeping salary amounts secret. I have discovered that this is so they can pay teachers unfairly. Teachers doing the same job with the same children in the same place can be paid very different amounts for no logical reason. It is little wonder that managers want to keep salaries a secret. Western teachers expect an honest and open salary structure. This avoids argument and dishonesty and corruption.
If China feels that it needs a quality teaching profession, it must be prepared to meet the costs of rewarding quality teachers and treating them as professionals instead of low paid workers who only do what they are told with the least effort.
News reports like this disgust me.

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-27 08:50
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report teamkrejados 2016-5-27 15:11
As far as I know, the teacher pay structure dates back to the Cultural Revolution, when academics were reviled. The law states: "A teacher's pay should be commensurate with that of a public servant." However, I agree with you: a teacher has a far greater responsibility in shaping the country (molding the future) than the public servant at the train station, waving his hand and saying "Go this way! Go this way!"
Last semester I worked 6 periods per week in excess of my contract, and was promised overtime pay. I've yet to see it. I was told it should be paid out at the end of this school year. I was not happy about that arrangement, but was told it is a fairly common practice. Other teachers here suffered a similar fate. Fortunately, for me it was no big deal but my colleagues are raising families and caring for elderly relatives. They often take classes in other unis just to make ends meet. Working overtime took that opportunity from them, and then, not getting paid for their extra work put additional strain on them.
Teachers here are not very happy...
Reply Report teamkrejados 2016-5-27 15:22
Where did you see this article, Ted? Could you please post a link? Thanks.
Reply Report TedM 2016-5-27 20:21
Curious. This report was in the opinion section of CD on 26th May. I wrote a comment there but it did not save, so I voiced my thoughts in the forum instead. The report has disappeared from CD!!!
I have been to a school where the workers in the office were paid more than the teachers because they were "managers". The same school insisted on secrecy because other teachers might be jealous, yet the pay differentials were extreme and unjustified. I have found a few schools trying to employ quality foreign teachers with high salaries. They are told to keep the amounts secret. Foreign teachers are not stupid and respect honesty.... they immediately check the internet and the school websites advertisements where salaries are stated. Guess what... they are paid less.   Often contractual promises are made that are not fulfilled without argument and threats. Good quality teachers leave. Chinese teachers struggle on, keeping secrets because they may be dismissed if they gossip about it. Is this corruption or just dishonesty. Why are teachers so respected by parents, yet treated like stupid and obedient slaves by management and some local authorities?  You only get what you pay for in this world. China needs a teaching profession, so it must pay for it.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-5-28 18:41
TedM: Curious. This report was in the opinion section of CD on 26th May. I wrote a comment there but it did not save, so I voiced my thoughts in the forum i ...
Some parents don't respect teachers as I have witnessed them threaten teachers because their child didn't receive the grade they wanted, despite not having done the work.

There is an expectation that money speaks louder than actual work.
In my first year, the Chinese staff passed all the freshman students in an oral exam despite some being barely able to speak English, because their parents were VERY wealthy and would have been 'upset'.
Nothing was said about the fact that the students did NO work and made no effort in class.
Reply Report TedM 2016-5-28 22:05
(see blog: Oh not tests again.  I have witnessed several occasions when teachers felt that they had to award high marks to undeserving students. They will lose salary if their results are not high. Parents will blame them and say they are bad teachers. Some say they give high grades to encourage students and so they do not lose face. All of these excuses for dishonesty serve to destroy the trust and credibility of the teaching profession. Parents and school management need educating about the value of honest and meaningful tests and results. Often the tests given serve no purpose except to waste valuable lesson time.
Reply Report samlam 2016-5-29 10:03
It is a promise from the local government, but it is hard to make it. It depends on different occasions. Frankly, the income on the account between a public servant and a teacher is quite close. The difference hides behind it. A teacher's income can be seen on the account, but a public servant's income is fuzzy.

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