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Share Brexit,Trump and a big mess!
TedM 2016-11-18 12:03
I have just read about President Trump's choices for his ministry. It is frightening. I have just read about Britain's Chancellor of the exchequer due to announce a ten billion pound black hole in the budget as a direct result of Brexit. There is speculation now of massive cuts in social spending, and tax increases despite assurances that the government would cut taxes!. Already I know personally about essential services being cut. I hear of Trump's plan to withdraw from climate change agreemen ...
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Share 2016-06-20
TedM 2016-6-20 22:31
Some time ago I wrote about my worries concerning so called "reality" television in the west. I will not repeat my comments but you can find them yourselves; "Western Reality programmes hit a new low." I advocate freedom of speech that is open and honest, to include all the wide spectrum of the media. However I also am aware of the effects of media on an audience. I have little time for those who abuse the right of free speech with offensive, abusive or irrational comments. Once again I am in ...
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Share Media lies
TedM 2016-2-12 13:15
I have been critical of the media in CD before and once again the subject is raised. I met a man the other day who is a Chinese civil servant. I listened to him talking about England and America with increasing incredulity. He had not been to any country outside China, but insisted that his views were correct. His views were clearly not the result if any political brainwashing and he was clearly an intelligent man who loved his country. So what beliefs did he hold about the west? Europe is fill ...
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Share China Uk media cooperation
TedM 2015-9-23 11:38
pI read here in CD that there is to be greater mutual interest in the programmes produced and shared in these coun tries. I find that there are so many Chinese films that look so good. They would appeal to UK viewers if produced with subtitles. In particular historical dramas and ac tion films. Likewise theUK is famous for its historical dramas, some about western classical stories, but also its own historical dramas. The recent series in 5 parts & quot;Game of Thrones I think would be well r ...
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Share Western "Reality" programmes hit a new low.
TedM 2015-7-19 04:21
In the west it is often considered that China is very restrictive in its control of media. I think that there may be a place for such supervision in the west to safeguard citizens and a countries youth from inappropriate programmes. I can hear some readers already voicing the need for freedom of speech and minimal restrictions, maintaining the freedom of the press etc. However, I have just arrived in the UK for a holiday and the first television programme I came across reached a new depth ...
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Share I saw it in a movie so it must be true.
TedM 2015-6-15 11:15
The powerful influence and effects of the media on social behaviour are well known but discredited by the tv and film industries who wish to sell their products to people who naturally crave for the excitement of "bad" things. It is rather like newspapers only wanting to report bad news in order to sell their product. In most countries there are regulations and standards about what can be shown on television or in film. Unfortunately America seems able to breach all standards ...
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