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Share The Gaokao factory
2016-6-7 09:15
A Gaokao mill! The examination mill! Well that about sums up the attitude towards quality broad and balanced education in China; a factory for passing an outdated test that was resurrected after the cultural revolution. There are schools in China who are interested in more effective assessment of students. Reforms to change and replace this examination are hampered by fear of change and corruption in the system. Once again the lack of trust in the universities abilities to select students fairl ...
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Share Teachers pay scandal.
2016-5-26 21:57
I just read in the opinion section about teachers not being paid in one area of China. The article states that, according to Chinese law, teachers should be paid above that of local public servants? How is it that I know many teachers who are paid well below this, some no more than 2500 yuan per month? As for not paying teachers in Zhouzhi county, Shaanxi for many months, the local officials should be fired and investigated for corrupt practice. When teachers are being developed into a profess ...
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Share An asperges Christmas party.
2015-12-12 18:31
"No man is an island." Usually true, but not always the case when a child (usually a male) suffers from Asperges syndrome, a milder form of Autism. In the west this condition is recognised and provided for with special schools, medication and support for child and family. In China this may not be the case. From only personal experience of a few incidents in only one area of China, I fear that these medical problems are ignored or buried. For example, one boy of eleven years old ha ...
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Share Trust and fear in Chinese education
2015-11-24 18:46
I was at a school recently and was surprised to see a school manager spying on classes through the window and taking photos. My enquiries revealed that this school may be typical in that there is no trust in teachers to fulfil their professional duties. They have to be watched to ensure that students’ behaviour is adequately controlled. This further proves that in many schools in China, teaching is not a profession but a job. Encouraging, advising and helping schools to create more profe ...
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Share An end to the Bohunt experiment.
2015-8-23 01:47
I last wrote about this ridiculous television programme a few days ago. The experiment has ended with the examination results. They show that the Chinese system used produced better results in Maths than the English system. This would hardly be surprising due to the longer hours of tuition imposed on the students. The experiment does not show any results for other subjects, or the impact of the Chinese system on the social and behavioural results. In fact the whole programme was predicta ...
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Share Educational suicide
2015-5-2 18:15
Occasionally in the west you might read about a student's suicide at high school or at university. The reasons vary of course, but one of the most sad is when a student feels a total failure with no future or dream. In this case it is often a very intelligent young person who has never felt failure. This person has always been at the top of the class, sometimes used to getting everything he/she wants. This person's popularity and social standing has come to rely on being at the top of the ...
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Share Cinderella in Chinese education!
2015-4-25 12:04
The importance of reading literature and enjoying this activity often seems lost on many Chinese people. The answers I get from asking about what they read are either that they have no time to read or that they dislike reading. Why do they dislike reading? Their answers are nearly always the same. “I had to read and study text books every day when I was at school. I don’t like reading now.” Even the greatest Chinese philosophers and expert educationalists suggest that the fi ...
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Share Licking the bosses boots.
2015-4-14 17:10
I had an interesting meeting today with a school manager here in China. He was anxious to know about ways to fairly assess teachers. He asked for my advice on what I thought of the existing system, what schools in the west do and what I would recommend. I have spoken before about the unfair system of payments by class test results, so that was not a problem to explain again. I then briefly described appraisal systems used in the west. He seemed interested but confused. Using the ...
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Share Oh. Not tests again!
2015-3-13 17:25
Even after 3 years in China, involved in education I am still surprised about the Chinese obsession with tests and competitions. It seems that nothing can be done without it being made competitive or tested. There is real value in competition, testing and in assessment, but these are only effective if used for good reasons and are appropriate. In 1:1 sports such as boxing, fencing, singles tennis and running, competing against opponents encourages effort, concentration, determi ...
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Share The Chinese brain drain
2015-3-12 18:40
I read that 1 in 3 foreign students going to American schools is Chinese. I read that 4 out of 5 wealthy parents would like their child to have a western education. Many of these students will choose not return to China, thereby taking their talents and skills elsewhere. This week, Yu Minhong called for more initiative, imagination and creativity in Primary and Junior curriculums. In many private schools Western methods are producing excellent results and there are waiting lists of parents ...
Personal category: Education|4531 views|15 comments Popularity 14

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