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Share It's hard to separate life from basketball
2013-5-13 15:17
Livinglifeandplayingbasketballalmostalwaysgohandinhandforme. MyoldestbrotherEricusedtotellmeandanyonewhowouldlistenthatheoftenputanactualbasketballinmycribwhenIwasjust6monthsold. Idon'trememberthatfarback,ofcourse.& ...
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Share Back to the drawing board
2013-5-13 15:16
MyBeijingDucksteammatesandIdidnotplayourbestbasketballduringthefirstgameoftheCBAsemifinals. Ouropponents,theShandongGoldenLions,weremorefortunate. TheLionsleadtheseries1-0afterdefeatingusonSunday, 108-92. Shandongdominatedandledmostofthec ...
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Share Lions were the better team
2013-3-25 13:10
Lions were the better team
My soul aches right now, and it is hard for me to accept reality. I believed in my Beijing Ducks teammates as well as myself. And I thought we had a great shot at winning back-to-back CBA titles even though we were down to the Shandong Gold Lions 2-0 in the semifinals of the playoffs. However, it was not to be. The Lions swept us on Friday. Shandong advanced, and now we will be at home watching the Lions and the Guangdong Southern Tigers compete in the 2 ...
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Share Onward and upward this Chinese New Year
2013-3-8 15:23
Ni Hao, my good people! I'm quite sure you're probably getting ready to enjoy the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival, the Year of the Snake. Whatever your plans for the Lunar New Year, I pray they are filled with lots of love, laughter and happy times with your family and friends. My Beijing Ducks teammates and I made a few unforgettable memories ourselves recently. We went 2-0 at home against a pair of the tough CBA teams from the South. Yes, I ...
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Share Now, the real fun begins
2013-3-8 15:21
The best time of the year to play basketball is right now! My Beijing Ducks teammates and I worked hard in the offseason and regular season to make it to what I call the second season. We're on a mission! We want to do what we did last year - win the CBA title. So far, our playoff push is off to a successful start. On Sunday, we beat the Zhejiang Lions in the quarterfinals, winning the series 3-0. The Lions were a tough matchup, holdi ...
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Share Was this a prelude to a second title?
2013-3-8 15:20
Well, well, well, what do you know? My Beijing Ducks teammates and I will finish the regular CBA season near where we did last year. Heading into the 2013 playoffs, we finished in third place with a 21-11 record. In 2011-12, we finished second. We are blessed to hold a top-three position considering the many tough challenges we faced this season. Honestly, I've had flashbacks of some of our battles, especially the games my teammates and I lost. It ...
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Share The search for consistent defense
2013-3-8 15:19
My Beijing Ducks had a pretty good week on the basketball court. With better defense, it could have been great. We played four games over seven days - two at home, two on the road. We won our first three, then dropped the fourth. I think we won those three thanks to our strong defense. We were able to limit our opponents to about 40 percent shooting from the field. However, during the loss on Sunday to the Jiangsu Dragons, we lacked defensive intensity and gave up more points ...
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A CBA player with the Beijing Ducks

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    • It's hard to separate life from basketball 2013-7-24 23:27

      Hi, good morning, it's a long time have not reading your article about the basketball on the Chinadaily newspaper, love is love, pick up the pen, give more information about your favorite let's sharing with you, will you?

    • It's hard to separate life from basketball 2013-5-15 09:56

      I love basketball too,and I love you as you are one of the best basketballplayers .

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