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Share The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk
2019-2-14 21:30
The U.S. Government considers Madura, the democratically elected, and the only legitimate representative of the Venezuela, as a block to its desires in that country in specific and in Latin America as a whole in general, and wants to overthrow him and replace him with the self declared interim president, Juan Guaido. The U.S. and its allies have already recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, and handed him the control of Venezuela’s ...
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Share The Arbitration Panel’s Ruling Will Back Fire
2016-7-23 09:55
Han Dongping Guest Professor of Hebei University Professor of Warren Wilson College The long awaited, though illegal, ruling of the Arbitration Panel of the Permanent Court is out finally. In response, the Chinese Government has issued a strong statement reiterating China’s position that it will defend its territory integrity in the South Sea, which is expected. The Filipino Government sought the ruling of the Arbitratio ...
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Share The Sanctions will not Break North Korea
2016-3-4 06:04
14.00 The United Nations Security Council, with China’s support, passed the most severe sanctions of its history, against an UN Member State, North Korea. Sanctions have been a tool of the powerful to bully others who refuse to toe the lines. The most deplorable thing in the history of the UN Security Council is that China joined the U.S. in imposing these severe sanctions on its former ally, and closest neighbor. It is the stupides ...
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Share China Should Back North Korea’s Right to Defend itself
2016-3-3 09:06
14.00 The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, just finished his visit to the U.S. According to the news reports, Wang Yi talked with the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and agreed to a U.S. proposal for more serious sanctions against North Korea. If this is true, it will have serious implications for China and the world. Does North Korea have the right to defend itself? What should the North Korean people and government do in face of co ...
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Share It Is More Than A War. It Is a Social Movement: The War of Resistance against
2015-9-10 22:40
14.00 Han Dongping Guest Professor of Hebei University Professor of Warren Wilson College This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance against the Japanese Fascists. It is an important historical milestone in the course of the revival of the Chinese Nation. At time, China, one of the oldest civilizations, the only one with an uninterrupted history, was on the verge of collapse under the onslaught ...
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Share On the Outcome of the War of Resistance against Japan: The Irony of History
2015-9-10 22:37
14.00 Han Dongping Guest Professor of Hebei University Professor of Warren Wilson History This year marked the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese fascist aggressors by the Chinese people. The fourteen year long war was more than a war. It was a social movement whereas the Chinese people used to be a pile of sand seen by Sun Yatsen, have been transformed to acquire nationa ...
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Share The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon in U.S. Presidential Election
2015-9-10 22:34
14.00 Han Dongping Guest Professor of Hebei University Professor of Warren Wilson College Despite the crowded republican field, there are two declared candidates on the democratic side: Hillary Cln and Bernie Sanders. As former first lady, Senate from New York, and Secretary of State, Cln is well known and connected. She and her husband are shrewd fund raisers. In American elections, candidate who raised mos ...
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Share China Should Help Russia at this Difficult Moment of Its History
2015-4-4 02:11
14.00 China should help Russia at this difficult moment in its history, when the United States and its allies are putting pressure on Russia through sanctions and other economic measures. The reason is very simple. Helping Russia is helping China now. If Russia goes down under the western pressure, China will have to face the western pressure alone. For many decades, the United States and its western allies have used s ...
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Share The Rise of China and Its implications for the world
2015-4-1 05:24
14.00 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and the founding of the United Nations. This special occasion warrants a serious reflection on the path our world has walked since then, and the state of the world today. WWII, like WWI, was a war fought by imperialist nations for more colonies. The Two oldest colonial empires, the French and British, were challenged by the three new comers on the scene, Germany, Japan and Italy, who wanted ...
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Share Li Guangyao's Legacy and the Future of Singapore
2015-4-1 05:14
14.00 Li Guangyao, the founding father of the Republic of Singapore, passed away at the age of 91. His passing represents the passing of an era in Singapore as well as of the world. With or without Li Guangyao, Singapore will never be the same again for many reasons. Singapore became Singapore mostly because of the social climate of the cold war and the strategic location of Singapore. With the rise of Communist China at the ...
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Professor of Warren Wilson College in the US.

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  • The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk 2019-2-24 10:30

    The US attempt at subversion at Venezuela has set a very bad example. What it has long touted, namely, electoral democracy, is something the US would not hesitate to trample if it serves its own purposes.

  • The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk 2019-2-18 17:51

    Why would so many people from Venezuela seek to become "exodus" refugees in USA instead of going over to the side of their nation's supposed "enemy" ? Why don't they stay at home and defend their country against the nasty USA rather than seeking to join the alleged "invader" ? Where is the loyalty, the patriotism, the honour of the "ordinary citizens" of Venezuela ?

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