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  • Now come through all these unhappiness and struggle against with my inner self~ life is beautiful... thanks Reply
  • back to bbs again! back to work again... nice try! Reply
  • The most romantic thing he ever told me, it is meaningless when I am out to play with my friends if you are not there… Reply
  • Time is closed to leave... Can't Let It Go... Reply
  • l love the life with true color Reply
  • I swear to God I care nothing, not even a little about this…. Reply
  • Everyone in the world is special no mater he is rich or poor… He has his own destination to go… Reply
  • i saw a rainbow after the heavy rain on this morning...when i ran away and wanna take a picture... wanna keep it, but lost it... sometimes, better to keep something in mind... Reply
  • all i want to say is thank you! Reply
  • To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield... Reply
  • I'm doing okay, not great, not amazing, not horrible,just okay. And that is okay. Reply
  • If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail... Reply
  • Every morning when I get up,seeing you and the sunshine,that's the future I want... Reply
  • Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand... Reply
  • Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid Reply
you may only want to be alone when I am with you 2017-03-15
we fall in love before we get to know well with each other we know what is gentle before we hand in hand we cherish each other afte ...
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do it right now 2017-02-28
i am a lazy person that i need to be wake up in more than 3 times  alarm in the morning, especially in the cold winter. and i am a lazy person th ...
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3 January, 2017 sunny 2017-01-04
today is a great progress for my little girl. she just called me mum by watching at me when i went to work in the afternoon. it is the first time she ...
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Keep practising 2016-12-28
it is so cold these two days. hands stick together. riding my bicycle, feel like living in  Arctic regions. exaggerated. long time no typ ...
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My lovely angel 2016-04-12
thanks for giving a new born baby to me it was very hard to bear when I was  pregnant  in second to fourth months. morning sickne ...
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My lovely little plants are blooming. 2015-04-09
My lovely little plants are blooming. They stay with me before I move in this new family. Now they are parts of my family. Can you feel my love... ...
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