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Share Female Pilot Cadets Share Training Experiences
Women_of_China 2018-7-3 14:41
A female pilot takes a training course. The latest batch of female cadets from a brigade at People's Liberation Army Air Force Harbin Flight Academy, in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, qualified as trainee pilots and earned a place in the nation's air force on June 21. As pilots they will fly fighter jets in the future as the third batch of an all-women team currently in active service. In China, there are relatively few female combat pilots. S ...
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Share Yunnan to Set up Compulsory Reporting Mechanism for Domestic Violence
Women_of_China 2018-7-3 14:40
Li Jiang (C) gives her speech at the opening ceremony. Southwest China's Yunnan Province is moving to formulate a document with an emphasis upon the establishment of a compulsory reporting mechanism for domestic violence , according to the local women's federation. Li Jiang, Vice-President of Yunnan Women's Federation (YWF), made the remarks at the opening ceremony of a training symposium held in Kunming, the provincial capital city of Yunnan, on May ...
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Share Research Couple Achieve Academic Success with Mutual Support
Women_of_China 2018-7-3 12:29
Zhang Xinliang and Qi Yue attend a conference with their current professor Moeness Amin at Villanova University. A young couple has pursued scientific study together since they were undergraduate students and published many papers in the past few years, as well as winning scholarships for their outstanding achievements. Zhang Xinliang is a graduate of the School of Electronic Engineering of Xidian University, where he majored in electromagnetic ...
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Share Moment to Treasure
Women_of_China 2018-7-3 12:28
Mo Qiu (center) plays football with her teammates. On June 11, six teenagers from Danzhai county, a Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in China's Southwest Guizhou province, left the mountains for Russia. They were chosen to be flag guards escorting the FIFA flag into the Luzhniki Stadium at the opening game of the World Cup in Moscow on June 14. This is also the first time in 90 years that the World Cup has Chinese flag guards. Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan met the six ch ...
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Share Irrepressible Li Lines up Doubles Date
Women_of_China 2018-7-3 12:27
Li Na After enjoying life as a homemaker for more than three years, Grand Slam winner Li Na is back on court, hitting her signature backhand winners again. To the surprise of young players training at the Beijing International Tennis Center this week, Li joined their hitting practice as the two-time Grand Slam singles champion launched her preparation for a long-awaited return to competition. Having reiterated she would never come back as a ...
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Share Female Workers Contribute to Growth of N China Railway for 60 Yrs
Women_of_China 2018-7-3 12:20
Gao Kunpu (L2) and her colleagues Dozens of outstanding female workers have made strong contributions to the development of the Baocheng (Baoji-Chengdu) Railway between northwest China's Shaanxi Province and southwest China's Sichuan Province over its 60 year history, according to a recent media profile. The regional line was completed and first opened to passengers in 1958. Over the past 60 years, many have witnessed the pioneering spirit and c ...
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Share Helicopter does odd job for farmers!
SEARU 2018-7-3 10:24
Yesterday on the way home from the town, I saw two helicopters spraying chemical or fertilizer to the crops! One the ground the technician was using remote-controller to drive the plane!-----------This scene is really what we have expected for the past decades! All people can sense the great changes taking place in China rural areas!
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Share I wished to become pilot
SEARU 2018-7-2 21:56
I seldom dream in daytime! Don't fool me in this way!:( In senior middle school before graduation, Many of my classmates and I took a medical check through which the officer wanted to find out who were fit to become pilot! ----------That night I was so excited that I could hardly get into sleeping while I was in deep imagination about the detailed work as plane-driver in the sky!:L No shame for wild desire, at least this is a joke for future! :lol
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Share Why 希 means ‘wish’?
SEARU 2018-7-2 21:36
Now I notice that the Chinese character 希(xi)has funny appearance! Its top looks is special form of ‘cross’ which shapes as ‘scissors’;Its lower part is Chinese word 布(bu)which means ‘cloth’. --------What is the relationship between scissors and cloth? Yes, if you cut a big sheet of cloth with scissors, you must have some strong 'wish‘ to turn the material into a beautiful dress! The above should be the real meaning of 希! (wish or hope) The more interesting thing ...
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Share Human Nature
KIyer 2018-6-29 10:52
When the heart is heavy with misery, It's one who helps, we seek When the heart overflows with joy, It's those we love, we seek Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 All rights reserved
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