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Share Challenge old teaching mood
SEARU 2018-3-26 11:03
It is quite necessary to have a cool thinking about the teaching context and how to teach the materials, the aim of our schooling, how to evaluate teachers‘ job and how to mark children’s achievement on lessons? Is the class atmosphere as active as what is going on in foreign countries? ------------We must learn the most advanced teaching technology for our future and take the challenge to give up the outdated teaching concept! ---------Usually our sc ...
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Share a new day
Florating 2018-3-25 14:38
Yesterday I was so tired, so got sleep earlier than every day . From 21 o'clock to 06:30 o'clock, the whole night my dormancy was rather good. When I waked up, I felt I was full of energy. First I cooked porridge and boiled an egg which was my mother took to me for my breakfast. Second I weared makeup, I used cosmitics which were toner for the first layer, moisturizer for the second layer and sunblock for the last layer, at last I weared eyebrow, painted my lip with lipgloss when I had b ...
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Share The Wind Rises With My Dream
UpWithYourHand 2018-3-25 10:24
The Wind Rises With My Dream
The posts in Moments of WeChat, our Chinese version of instant messenger on smart mobile phones, recently were about an ear-pleasing song, The Wind Rises, with very nice melody though the lyric beyond the understanding of usual listeners. The music TV accompanying this song is done in cartoon or manga, with scenes of war that I assumed to be those seen in China’s TV dramas set in the anti-Japanese war period. Turns out it is the work of the Japanese great master ...
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Share From AI to AIO to AiYo to AiYaYo
KIyer 2018-3-25 08:17
Definitions : AI - Artificial Intelligence AIO (pronounced I-O) - Artificially Intelligent Object AiYo (pronounced Iyy-O) - A typical sound of exclamation that is original and native to Tamil speakers in India that expresses disappointment and frustration. It is a sound of my native place. AiYaYo (pronounced Iyy-Ya-Yoh!) - A typical sound of exclamation that is original and native to Tamil speakers in India that expresses extreme disappointment or frustrationt that is beyond b ...
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Share March 24
shehemego 2018-3-24 23:52
March 24 I am glad to own a place belonging to myself here on the Internet, that I can talk, express freely. No special things to be mentioned today. But considering I have long been a blogger on China Daily, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. However, without Internet and blogs, like in the ancient times, I might resort to write in the sands with a stick. The disadvantage is I would rub my writings off whenever I finished my words with the sands. Actually, that isn't quite a thing as ...
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Share Chinese textbooks need improvement
SEARU 2018-3-24 11:53
Your reply reminds me what happened when I was in junior Middle-school. I was puzzled by the theory of the biology-science-book specially on how the heart works! ----------This drove me to catch a rat in the yard with a simple broom! ---------I cut the animal open with knife as butcher for a close look on what was inside its body! As a ordinary teacher on vocational education, it is impossible to directly teach the university-knowledge to the back-ward middle-school students! &nbs ...
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Share Protect privacy, get liberty
renhong 2018-3-23 18:55
Some people think that privacy and liberty are synonym. Without privacy, without liberty. Some people think that privacy and liberty are antonym, even though you try to protect privacy, but you still in the situation of trap and scandal. Because you can not control the private information leaking. In my view, we need to overcome difficulties in order to protect privacy and get liberty. On the one hand, for individuals, we must raise awareness and protect our privacy. In particular, the privat ...
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Share 2010 World Exposition
renhong 2018-3-23 18:00
World Exposition is the gallery that aims to display the human's inspirations and thoughts. From The Universal Industrial Exposition in London in 1851, the World Exposition are regarded as the grand exchange event in the industry of economic, technology and culture, and achieved increasing significant meaning. It is an important platform, on this stage, each country exhibits their development experience, the ideas of exchange and creation, promote team spirit, looking forward to future together. ...
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Share Plagiarism ruins reputation and lose personal credibility
renhong 2018-3-23 16:27
Plagiarism can be found frequently in the academic field, under the huge pressure, the professors and students have to plagiarize other's academic papers and thoughts to fabricate their own papers and books. I strongly oppose the way of publishing books and papers by plagiarizing others. But I want to discuss the negative reflection of plagiarism in the field. First of all, plagiarism must be considered as illegal behavior, the plagiarist must be sued and investigated by the original authors ...
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Share Farming and Harvesting: Joy on Green Landscapes in Spring
Women_of_China 2018-3-23 16:01
Tourists enjoy spring blossoms in Mianzhu, Southwest China’s Sichuan province. A tourist takes a photo in a tea garden in Ziyang county, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province. Two farmers harvest tea leaves in Guilin, Southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. People harvest tea leaves in Yichang, Central China’s Hubei province, on March 21, 2018. (Source: ...
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