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Share Talking about Idioms (18)
jinmingchen 2018-1-1 17:12
Talking about Idioms (18)
Happy New Year! Today is the first day of 2018 and the new year begins. We all expect the new year will bring us a good luck. So I introduce a Chinese idiom about New Year’s Day to express such a desire. The idiom is “万象更新”, mandarin pronunciation wàn xiàng gēng xīn. It means things or surroundings are changing and a new look is appearing. Let me explain the meaning of each word in the idiom: “万” , a number unit for ten thousand, here broadly means everyt ...
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Share The Question of Term Limits
tradervic 2018-1-1 01:16
The Question of Term Limits
What defines a nation - its people, or its leadership? It is a question that many of a country through human history have faced, just as much as today. If a leader rules with a ‘lifetime fiat’, is that nation merely an extension of the leader’s will? What happens to that nation once that leader passes away, or actually steps down? These are the sort of questions that come up when looking at the developments that have happened in Russia with Vladimir Putin. ...
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Share Reform would improve university-quality
SEARU 2017-12-30 16:13
In China for most middle-school students, university is sweet dream but once they enter the college they would wake up from the fairy-tale! -----------The university-life is not as wonderful as they expected! Our education has taught children too much so-called theories which are too abstract for practical use! What makes the thing worse is that students have little their own ideas about books except repeating the written words! I wish I wish future education-reform woul ...
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Share Balling
Si-Chong 2017-12-29 22:41
I hesitated for three days before making the biggest announcement in my life. It was in my fifth grade when I decided to transfer from the pingpong club to the basketball club. Dad said I was destined to be an extraordinary pingpong player, but the clamorous basketball court, filled with noises of boys’ yelling and ball’s bouncing, had way more attraction to me. I had been sneaking out to the side of the court and watched the higher graders play basketball for over two months, and the gigant ...
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Share Burrito Fantasy
Si-Chong 2017-12-29 22:32
Burrito Fantasy
My feet tapped uncontrollably as I stepped forward. I couldn’t hear anything from the people ahead as they moved to the next section. Sweat covered my hands. In less than ten seconds, it would be my turn to order my first burrito at Chipotle. I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, especially myself. I often saw burritos on YouTube, but I had no clue how to order this scrumptious glory. The server turned to me after finishing the former order. She mumbled words like “brown ...
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Share Anger is poison for the 'fish' of your body!
SEARU 2017-12-29 09:18
Our physical has countless cells and we maytake each one of them as little ’fish' who lives in a wonder nutrition environment which has a good balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide!--------however, when you become angry for something, such weak balance would be broken and all ’fish‘ could not get enough oxygen and the waste gas could not be driven out of the body! -------So your face woul ...
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Share 大家好(hello everybady)
KKman 2017-12-28 17:04
这是我首次来到这里,同时也是我第一次发布blog。 我不知道在这里能遇到什么,但是我想应该也不会很差劲。我期待这里和世界各地的朋友们聊天,假设说你对中国有什么想要知道的我可以为你解答,或者你想到到中国旅行,我也可以给你部分建议!当然同时,加入我对你们的文化感到好奇,我希望你也能告诉我! 好啦,简单的写道这里,期待和大家开始一个愉快的聊天,谢谢! & ...
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Share College Teacher Becomes Internet Celebrity for Blackboard Writing
Women_of_China 2017-12-28 16:38
College Teacher Becomes Internet Celebrity for Blackboard Writing
Liu Xiaofen gives a lesson to her students. A math teacher from the city of Hangzhou in east China's Zhejiang Province has become an Internet celebrity ever since the story of her 35-year-long observation of traditional blackboard writing in every lesson was shared on the Internet recently. Liu Xiaofen became a teacher when she graduated from college in January 1982. Later, she landed a job in the School of Data Sciences in Zhejiang University ...
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Share Nurse Draws Cartoons to Help Hearing-impaired Mothers-to-be in Childbirth
Women_of_China 2017-12-28 16:37
Zhang Xin has drawn a collection of cartoons with illustrations to serve hearing-impaired mothers-to-be in their childbirth. A young nurse from east China's Shanghai went viral online recently with her handwritten cartoons giving tips to hearing-impaired mothers-to-be during the entire process of childbirth. Zhang Xin became a midwife in Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital when she graduated from college in 2014. Although Zh ...
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Share A Hindi-English Combo Sher - Among Scattered Flowers
KIyer 2017-12-28 13:27
Kuch murjhe bikhre phoolon mein ek kali dhoondhta hun Life ke middle-age me main ek wife dhoondhta hun FULLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION : Among a little wilted, scattered flowers, I search for a bloom with life In the middle-age of life, I seek as groom a wife In case you don't know what 'Sher' form of poetry is, here is a quick primer: Photo credit and Copyright (c) KIyer 2017 All rights reserved
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