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Share Do you deserve a higher minimum wage?
renhong 2018-1-5 13:36
In the recent years, minimum wage is getting higher thanpast yearsin China. There are different voices about the pay raise. There is no denying that there are both pros and cons for this phenomenon. The benefits should be that the better life quality and more opportunities for people to change their life. Also, it will save the domestic inflation. Despite that the inflation reduce the buying power,poeple stillhaveenough money to support their life.The dra ...
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Share Human rights and animal rights
renhong 2018-1-5 12:43
The humans and the animals are the two inalienable parts of the world. No matter the wild animals or poultry, they are important to balance the environment and supply edible meat for the humans. In fact, the animals are used in scientific experiments and illegal hunting to produce luxury furcoat and precious medicine. The way of doing scientific experiment and killing the animals are extremely bloody and dispiteous. Some people said that we should take the animal rights as the first c ...
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Share City development on the basis of the local conditions
renhong 2018-1-5 11:39
China has 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing, and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, also claiming sovereigntyin Taiwan. In the different areas of China, the climate and geographical conditions are quite diversified. On the one hand, our country is famous for the natural resources. On ther other hand, there are many natural disasters in each area. Depend on the specific conditi ...
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Share The necessity of doctoral study
renhong 2018-1-4 23:56
Nowadays, most of young people have to finish doctoral study within 3 or 4 years. Some people hold that it's definitely beneficial for their further development in the future. They must find awell-paid job and live a satisfying life. However, some people argue that it's unnecessary for young people to finish their doctoral study. Because the current education system in not good for students to develop their potential ability. They are restricted by many useless regulations and courses. Af ...
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Share Is 流 mountain-water painting?
SEARU 2018-1-4 15:56
About 流: Its first part is called ‘three-drop-water’ in Chinese;The top of its right component is changed-form of 云(clouds) and the bottom one should comes from 川 (river) which two sides symbol the banks of the river and the middle-vertical-stroke represents the water-current! So, look at the whole word: Three streams flows; Over the head the clouds are floating in the sky and it seems that it is raining hard; The current of the river is so strong that the banks are go ...
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Share Hearing Impaired Woman Runs Paper Sculpture Workshop
Women_of_China 2018-1-4 12:09
Hearing Impaired Woman Runs Paper Sculpture Workshop
Cai Jianhua makes a paper sculpture at home in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province, Jan. 3, 2018. The 50-year-old Cai is a hearing impaired woman in Zhengzhou. After graduating from middle school, she learned embroidery, paper folding and weaving under her grandmother's instruction. As she became a laid-off worker in 2001, Cai showed an interest in paper sculpture. She innovated paper sculpture skills and won some prizes. In 2014, Cai Jianhua founded a paper sculpture workshop wi ...
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Share Children Receiving Education in the Mountains
Women_of_China 2018-1-3 16:51
While many Chinese parents are pushing their children hard in the harsh exam-oriented environment of China's urban school system, Yun Xiang has left the city for the countryside, determined to raise her child in the arms of nature. Yun Xiang and her husband quit their jobs in Beijing two years ago, and settled down at the foot of the Wutong mountains, in the suburbs of the southern city of Shenzhen, with their five-year-old son. "We wanted to let our child get close to nature, and we he ...
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Share Lonely Lifetime In Hope
KIyer 2018-1-3 07:06
Lonely and in hope Many years passed Many years passed In asking what was in her heart In asking what was in her heart It took only a few seconds It took only a few seconds He knew what was in her heart He knew what was in her heart And many years have passed And many years have passed Lonely and in hope Finally when they got together, in a few days a lifetime ended. Photo credit and Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 All rights reserved
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Share Chinese Super-Powerful Weapons
dovexu 2018-1-2 15:13
Chinese Super-Powerful Weapons China succeeds in testing strong microwave weapon, high energy laser weapon and hypersonic aircraft. These are three kind of super-powerful weapons which will protect our nation in the future. If there was a strong enemy invading our country, we would use them to defeat the enemy badly ...
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Share Continue to be kindhearted—write to myself at the beginning of 2018
LaoSun 2018-1-1 20:12
2017 is just in the past, and today is the first day of 2018. Looking back on 2017, I had a very extraordinary life, and I had experienced a lot of things that meant a great deal to me. On the whole, I like the past year. In the past year, there have been a lot of annoying things on micro-blog, and all these things have aroused the discussion of Internet users. But what I'm different from the other micro-blog users is that I never comment on it. Although I seem to be "unconcerned" ...
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