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Share Pfizer VS. Nigerian Families: Reality Is More Miserable Than Plots Of Fiction &q
Ellenorth 2018-1-8 09:21
Pfizer VS. Nigerian Families: Reality Is More Miserable Than Plots Of Fiction &q
Medical experiments on children. Inhumane tests by a large American pharmaceutical company on a third world country. Sounds like the plot of a novel? It was. The book is called "The Constant Gardener." and a movie of the same name followed in 2005. Nonetheless, the plots in both the novel and the movie were based on reality, on a case in which the pharmaceutical giant corporation Pfizer tested an illegal drug on Nigerian children and caused the deaths of 11 local kids. After th ...
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Share Should plagiarism be tolerated?
renhong 2018-1-8 01:04
Plagiarism is a serious problem in academic field. In the recent years, more researchers use computer to do research online, so that they plagiarize the published works directly. Some scholars copy the core ideas from the foreign journals and fabricate the relevant data to support the article. There are two reasons for academic plagiarism. First of all, the researchers and the teachers have to teach and do research at the same time. Thus, the time is insufficient, also, the budget is limit ...
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Share Redefine "leftover" woman
renhong 2018-1-8 00:12
"Leftover" woman was created to describe akind ofwoman whose age is more than 27, but still single. Leftover woman, namely Sheng Nu in Chinese pinyin. No matter the official media or personal media, they all used "leftover" woman to criticize the series social issues who might be caused by "Leftover" woman. In my view, it's not political correctness. It reflects a slight descrimination and disrespect. People always ignore the single woman's achievements and try to tease their li ...
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Share Read Chen Luyu's new book, share her life experience and wisdom
renhong 2018-1-7 23:09
Read Chen Luyu's new book, share her life experience and wisdom
Chen Luyu, one of the most popular TV hosts in China with hertalk show A Date With Luyu. As reported, the totally episodesare 3000. With the lense of this programme, the audience have got to know many inpressive and authentic stories, some ofguests are celebrities, some ofguestsare normal people with special life experience. The aim of this TV show is to tell the true stories to the public by the short conversation between Luyu and the guests. Despite ...
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Share Is 'research‘=‘研究’?
SEARU 2018-1-7 22:50
Now let's discuss if the word ‘research’=‘研究’ in Chinese?!!! In English 're-search' should mean ‘looking for something again and again with great patience’. 研=stone(石)+open(开)----------‘try to break one hard thing’; 究=cave(穴)+ nine(九)----------‘To dig many holes for something’?Maybe!But I think '九‘ should represent 'more higher or deeper in degree’, another example is ‘九天’ which means 'the top layer of the sky”.------So 究&n ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (19)
jinmingchen 2018-1-7 21:52
Talking about Idioms (19)
It is snowing heavily these days in many place , so I’d like to talk about an idiom related to snow, that is “瑞雪兆丰年ruì xuě zhào fēng nián”. The idiom means a timely snow promises a good harvest. The idiom’s origin can be trace back to an article " On Drought and Hungry" written by 韩愈(Han Yu),an famous ancient prose writer in the Tang Dynasty. In this article we read the sentence: “今瑞雪频降,来年必丰”,(these days auspicious snow falls frequently , so next year will be a ...
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Share Ice, snow and water!
SEARU 2018-1-6 12:48
Nice photos! Among them the sixth one is the most beautiful painting that I appreciate very much! It drives me think a lot about the common liquid-----water! Chemistry science tells us water-molecule (H-O-H) is one oxygen-atom arming two hydrogen-ones who are dancing in liquid-state! The active water is quite important for life since it is said there are one-milion chemical-actions taking place inside our body per second and most of them could not go on without water! When it is freezing, wa ...
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Share Doing research online or not
renhong 2018-1-5 17:20
The present situation is that a majority of young students and researchers do research online because of time-saving and high-efficiency. I am not an objector of doing research online, but there are upsides and downside of online research. First of all, the young students and researchers are the skilled internet users. They are familiar with varied ways of searching and integrating onlineinformation. Secondly, it saves time. Supposing you did your research by reading and checking the ...
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Share More holidays or more festivals
renhong 2018-1-5 16:40
China is a multinational country with55 ethnic minorities and the Han nationality. There are thousands of festivals in our country. Obviously, different nationality has their own festivals, also different area has their own festivals. Based on the diverse traditons and customs, the local peopel celebrate the festivals with various ceremonies. With the booming of economy and culture, more and more people pursue long holidays to celebrate traditional and foreign festivals. For ...
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Share HSR connects the cities and boosts the economy
renhong 2018-1-5 15:42
HSR connects the cities and boosts the economy
High-speed rail (HSR) has asignificant development in China. It is a milestone for chinese railway in the history. The emergence of HSR solveda difficult problem, that is buying a ticket tohave a family reunion dinner with their family members duringChinese Spring Festival. Looking back to the past decades, it's in a tough situation for Chinese people to buy a train ticket. People who live in the remote area with far distance need to spend more than 48 hours on ...
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