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Share College Graduate Makes Success of Mountain-grown Products
Women_of_China 2018-4-10 13:45
College Graduate Makes Success of Mountain-grown Products
Shi Qiuxiang (R3) explains to local villagers about her standards in collecting sweet potatoes. A female college graduate from a mountainous region in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has successfully sold a popular variety of mushroom along with other homegrown produce, increasing the incomes of local people over the past few years. Shi Qiuxiang, 30, comes from a rural family in a village in Rongshui Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the city of ...
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Share Education reforming starts from daily teaching job
SEARU 2018-4-9 22:22
I don't fool myself or someone else. It is no use to flatter ourselves if we really want improve the education-situation to compete against our foreign counterparts. We must have cool fair thinking to evaluate our teaching job in the past and try to find out what is wrong with the schooling-machine. 'Strange words‘ refer to those difficult concept-terms! -----------Explain= ex+plain. Its first part ’ex' is common prefix which has something to do with ‘outside’; 'Plain' ...
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Share Opened up shop at
tradervic 2018-4-8 23:56
Opened up shop at
If it has not been too apparent, I have not spent a good deal of time here at the China Daily BBS the last couple months. Not going to lie, I have grown curious about another website called, which has been quietly gathering a good amount of content creators and quite a good sized audience. It has been interesting to see the reaction of some of those there to my archive of old articles that I have published over the years at various sites, like this BBS. Suffice to say ...
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Share Mountain Field
dovexu 2018-4-8 17:34
Mountain Field
Mountain Field Under the blue sky and white clouds, there are deep-green mountains and latent houses. The front is a piece of shallow-green field, and the farmers are at their leisure. 山田 蓝天白云, 翠山隐舍。 & ...
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Share People of Yi Ethnic Group Make Embroidery to Support Families
Women_of_China 2018-4-8 10:52
A woman does embroidery at a cooperative at Yongren County of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province, April 5, 2018. Yongren is a mountainous county mainly of ethnic Yi people. There was a tradition for Yi girls doing embroidery as a hobby in the past. As the market demand for Yi embroidery has grown strongly in recent years, they can do embroidery as a profession to support their families. In 2017, about 280,000 pieces of Yi embroidery were made and the o ...
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Share Olympic Inclusion Boosts Rock Climbing's Business in China
Women_of_China 2018-4-8 10:50
A woman climbs an artificial rock at the eighth China international mountain and winter sports machinery exposition held in Beijing. The announcement that rock climbing will be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games has further boosted development of climbing business in China, with the sport becoming a new fashionable workout for youngsters. In 2017, about 100 new rock climbing clubs were started in the country, taking the total number to abou ...
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Share First Air China flight arrives in Panama and creates a new Era
Toogood 2018-4-8 00:34
The first Air China flight that arrived in the country April 5, coming from the city of Beijing, is already a reality and marks a milestone in the new chapter of the national aviation and tourism between Panama and the People's Republic of China. This was announced by the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela during the welcoming ceremony at the Tocumen International Airport, where he was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Him; Qiang Wei, Ambassador of the People's Repu ...
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Share An ordinary road
Florating 2018-4-7 21:13
Everyone in the world who has a dream when he was a pupil , for instance, to be a scientist, to be a writter, to be a engineer and so on. At the age of eight, somebody asked me which person did you wanted to be? I told them I wanted to be a professor. That time in my mind may be the professor must be a person whose knowledge was enough. More than twenty years have passed, I did not to be a professor, b ...
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Share how good is german engineering?
opi 2018-4-7 16:30
in this world, we hear all sorts of things that arent true. people say that jermany has superior engineering, but you might as well tell me that eating at mcdonalds is healthy, because thats pretty much as true as that is. i knew this wasnt true because i drove a jerman car as a teenager and never thought it was that good. out of all the jerman cars that ive driven, theyve all been unreliable. ive had to frequently repair them, and maintanence costs were high. my relatives also ...
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Share EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse?
KIyer 2018-4-7 11:26
Which of the two is a greater danger to life in general and humans in particular? I have often pondered this question. I tried to figure this out using an approach of determining for myself which has caused more suffering and loss - Evil or Stupidity? It seems impossible to come to a definite conclusion. Just as I think there is evidence of conclusive evidence, I am surprised or reminded by a counter evidence. It would certainly be useful in determining which of the two is worse. Whi ...
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