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Share Sophomore Becomes Inner Mongolia's 1st Female Drone Pilot
Women_of_China 2018-10-15 15:30
Sophomore Becomes Inner Mongolia's 1st Female Drone Pilot
Feng Tingting Feng Tingting, a second-year college student from Hohhot, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, recently passed a rigorous exam to become the autonomous region's first ever female drone pilot. Feng, 19, from Inner Mongolia Normal University, owns the most advanced level of driver's license, which allows her to operate drones of any sort. During a winter camp, Feng had her first experience of driving drones via virtual reality technology ...
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Share Rural 'Mini School' in N China Enrolls Just 2 Students
Women_of_China 2018-10-15 15:28
Rural 'Mini School' in N China Enrolls Just 2 Students
Cui Fangying gives a lesson. Rural teacher Cui Fangying has been praised for working at a remote rural school with only two pupils in north China's Hebei Province. Cui Fangying is the only teacher at the Jian'ao Primary School, situated in the Taihang Mountains in the city of Shahe. According to statistics from Shahe Education Department, there are 45 so-called "mini schools" in remote villages in the area, each with less than 15 teaching staff and students. ...
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Share Porcelain: Carrier of Commercial, Cultural Exchange
Women_of_China 2018-10-15 15:26
Porcelain: Carrier of Commercial, Cultural Exchange
Porcelain from the Victoria and Albert Museum Chinese porcelain has spread Chinese aesthetic culture to the world and promoted cultural and commercial exchange between China and other countries. Porcelain has a history of 1,800 years and the export of Chinese porcelain dated back to 1,000 years ago. Due to European navigators opening new routes from 1492 to 1522, China began to export porcelain on a large scale in the mid-Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) via the Mariti ...
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Share Practice makes perfect
Ringo33 2018-10-12 21:31
I am a junior Secondary school English teacher in Hong Kong. I would like to have some e-pal friends in order to brush up our English. Lots of people say that they are determinated to learn English, but only a few of them practise writing or speaking in English every day. Some prefer spending a lump sum of several hundred dollars on buying some expensive learning packages to writing to real people here. As practice makes perfect, I strongly believe that we will b ...
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Share University Students Inherit Traditional Jewelry-making Craft
Women_of_China 2018-10-12 16:04
University Students Inherit Traditional Jewelry-making Craft
Hairpin designed and made by students At Kunming University of Science and Technology City College (KUSTCC), students majoring in jewelry design and production technology are devoted to the study and innovation of traditional jewelry-making craft . In the recent hit of costume drama series themed on the court intrigue of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the exquisite jewelry worn by actresses attracted a lot of attention, some of which was made with traditional craft, i ...
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Share Russia Wife Finds Happiness in Border Town of N China
Women_of_China 2018-10-12 16:03
Russia Wife Finds Happiness in Border Town of N China
Victoria (1st left) and her husband Yin Xunchong take their daughters to pick fruits in a vegetable market. A young Russian womancalled Victoria recently spoke to journalists aboutherhappy lifeas an overseas resident living in Manzhouli, northChina's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In 2010, she met her future husband Yin Xunchong and fell in love with him. Later, they both settled in the border town. There, they saw the rapid develo ...
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Share Survey on How Only Children Take Care of Aged Parents
Women_of_China 2018-10-12 16:01
Many regionsin China have recently introduced paid leave so that onlychildren are able totake care of their aged parent(s) or parent(s)-in-law. Even so, these adult children still face many difficulties such as taking their parents to see doctors, especially in cases where the couples are both onlychildren. Recently, China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center and polling website Wenjuan co-conducted a survey among 2,003 young people fro ...
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Share Young Teacher Gives Special Lesson for New Students
Women_of_China 2018-10-12 15:58
Young Teacher Gives Special Lesson for New Students
Fu Lin talks with students. Fu Lin, a young English teacher at Shangzhi Middle School in Wuhan of central China's Hubei Province , recently shared her special teaching experiences. In order to prove to the new students that one can be powerful even if he/she has a small figure, Fu put on her super high-heeled shoes and sang songs loudly in front of the teachers and students in the school playground. Fu Lin communicates with students s ...
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Share Female Entrepreneur Helps Villagers Fight Poverty Through E-commerce
Women_of_China 2018-10-12 15:56
Female Entrepreneur Helps Villagers Fight Poverty Through E-commerce
Liang Qianjuan packs agricultural products. Awhite-collar city worker returned to her hometown, a village in northwest China's Gansu Province , five years ago to establish an e-commerce company which hashelpedvillagers boost their incomes by selling local products. Liang Qianjuan, 32, was born in the village of Shitan, Shuiyang Town, Longnan City. She was a highly-paid employer in a Fortune 500 enterprises in south China's Guangd ...
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Share O, How The Times Have Changed!
KIyer 2018-10-12 10:20
For a long time we had politicians from the two major blocs trying to sound or appear to different basic values from each other to appeal to voters (even though they were basically the same). Now we have politicians from both major blocs trying to sound as if they all hold the same basic values to try and pull down those from their own party who are changing the status quo! Something has rocked their long established, smooth running gravy train. For a long tim ...
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