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Share A poem
zzxxll 2017-5-4 13:56
Fog Carl Sandbury The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then, moves on.
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Share 170504
stander3068 2017-5-4 12:24
Yesterday, my daughter get fever and diarrhea, apart from cough, vomit and pneumonia, that is to say, her illness developed in a bad direction. The blood check and excrement showed that her was infected by Norwalk Viruses. I had told the doctor that my daughter had diarrhea and vomit since we were hospitalized in 27, April, but they did not pay enough attention on that. I thought she was infected since then even before. I hope my little daughter wil ...
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Share A Stylish Elder Woman
arabchinalover 2017-5-4 10:38
A Stylish Elder Woman
Like in most communities around the world, againg people , especially women don't care much about clothing and dont pay much attaention to fashion and new trends . However, some elder people in my life are very different and unique. In China, the majority of old people that i know spend their time either plaing mahjong or go for square dance. It is very important to work out regularly and stay fit in order to enjoy a healthy body and to keep sober-minded during one's old age. It is trure that y ...
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Share My Labor Day Holiday In Pictures
arabchinalover 2017-5-3 21:56
My Labor Day Holiday In Pictures
Labor Day this year was very relaxing for me , my wife and I only had one day holiday which was the first of May , we took a walk around the park near our home and came back home to make Chinese food . It was a relaxing day and the food was so so yum , so so tasty !
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Share Show Your Best Value As A Teacher
Sealight1 2017-5-3 21:51
If you want to make a difference for this world, I think teaching in China is a good way, for that China is one of the world's centres. You will not only expand knowledge skill, but also develop your mind soul. Whats more, if you are a philosopher, traveler, explorer, geologist, that has strong interest to understand and explore each part of the world. Then, Come to China to taste its culture and scenery. And, Come to Changchun to touch this city's every corner. But which ...
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Share Aftermath of the Journey; The Despair of the Staying Memories and Fading People
jimilaoshi 2017-5-3 21:38
Having been outside my home country for a period that I consider a significantly long time, regarding my age now, I have come to a halt in my perspective of my memories. I have been to a number of places, studied and worked with many people and made countless memories that I consider my dearest treasures. But, now I am asking myself; where does it end? When will the people become something more than a memory to me but a constant part of my journey? It wouldn’t be incorrect ...
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Share A Chinese Odyssey
AndrewHLi 2017-5-3 16:03
Today I reviewed a Hongkong film – A Chinese Odyssey , a film watched uncountable times by me. In my view, this is a classic film, a comedy film, and an underestimated film by those who don’t watch Chinese film. Apart from Jacky Chen, Bruce Lee, and Jet Lee, we have another talented actor and comedian. The reason why I write this introduction is because the film has a household name in China, especially among the millennial generation. &nbs ...
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Share 170503
stander3068 2017-5-3 12:43
Today is Wednesday, I fill the DVPnR excel for review. 170502, in the morning I went to N.139, Liuhualu. I arrived there early at 8:20,they opened the door at 8:30. People went in one by one in a queen. Finally , it was my turn, and I went to the traffic police with all my documents in hand. He had a check at those documents and said, you need to copy your vehicle chasis number. And I was angry in my mind then, I thought why don’t you tell me last Saturd ...
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Share How Chinese express ‘waiting’?
SEARU 2017-5-3 11:31
Recently I have noticed that there are many interesting stories behind our Chinese character ‘等'!Why does it mean 'waiting'? It's top part is 竹 which looks like two ‘bamboo’ plants; The middle part is 土 that is 'earth' or ‘ground’; It's bottom 寸 is ‘inch’. So the whole character 等 tells you that bamboo plant is just under ground who will soon come out since it is already one inch tall and the special creature may grow dozens centimeter overnight!---------D ...
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Share Managing People In Your WeChat Group Successfully
MichaelM 2017-5-3 08:02
A lot of people have asked me lately how I manage so many WeChat groups and get my message out to so many people. I'll share a few of the secrets I've found in getting your message out to a lot of people. Presently, I have more than 6,200 people subscribed to my public account and at least 10,000 more in various groups. Some of the groups are my groups. Others are English language learning groups where I've been invited to share my free English lessons. I also create short videos that are viewed ...
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