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Share Su Lin: A Concept Artist for the Gaming Scene
Women_of_China 2017-6-6 10:44
Su Lin: A Concept Artist for the Gaming Scene
Su holds a limited-edition Iron Man doll. Being a little bit rock-and-roll, as tall as 176 cm, and a graduate from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), Su Lin left these three deep impressions initially. In fact, she is neither a model nor a fashion designer, but a concept designer for the gaming scene which sounds somewhat strange. Concept Design Concept design is an industry full of creativity and passion, which focuses on giving expression ...
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Share money is needed for wedding
Guo'er 2017-6-5 23:37
It is terrible hot outside on the summer afternoon. So the milk tea houses become the ideal places to hang out with friends, where one can have cold milk tea,enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner, access the free wifi, whitchat with your friends. One of my high school classmates comes to visit me this afternoon. Then we enter one milk tea house and have a long talk. At the beginning, we are talking something about our recent life, work,as well as plans for the future. Life is never ...
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Share 170605 3 poems
stander3068 2017-6-5 22:02
Forgive me using Chinese characters to express my poems. Since it is hard to express in English. 咏玫瑰 墙角数枝玫,穿梭恣意开;孤芳有赏者,庭院自徘徊。 咏石榴树 朝遇榴枝露华浓,远绿近翠数点红;蝶蜂蕊中为探看,簇簇榴果借力成。 校庆 济济桃李蹊,人人鞍马归;同忆师恩盛,庆母百十岁。 子今碌碌回,往昔不可谏;誓从今日起,孜孜报国追。 Monday, in the morning I sent my wife to Lingkong soho, which costed me 1 ...
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Share Deal with procrastination
renhong 2017-6-5 15:58
Ren Hong Procrastination is a serious symptom for modern people. The majority of people have suffered from procrastination for a short term or a long term. It’s awfully difficult for people to realize this problem because of lots of reasons can be explained for this issue. Generally speaking, there are five reasons that we can use to back to trace the deep reason of this bad habit. Firstly, time management is not efficient. People always spend time on unimportant things instead of taking a li ...
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Share The key points of giving a speech
renhong 2017-6-5 15:52
Ren Hong The topic I will talk about today is Public Speaking. How to give a successful public speech is a popular and urgent issue for young Chinese people. Because it’s the most appropriate way to show their ability and persuade others to trust their leadership in the workplace. Politicians always give speeches around the national problems to encourage the public to contribute to the states and call on action about the latest policies. On the position of politicians, they are charismatic an ...
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Share Minority Woman Trades Academia for Life as Rural Porcupine Farmer
Women_of_China 2017-6-5 13:19
Minority Woman Trades Academia for Life as Rural Porcupine Farmer
He Yongqun wears the traditional clothes of the Naxi ethnic group. A postgraduate student from southwest China's Yunan Province made the unusual career choice of moving back to her hometown to start a business raising porcupines years ago. Now, after years of effort, He Yongqun has grown her venture into a prosperous enterprise whilst helping numerous impoverished villagers in the local region boost their incomes. He, who comes from the Naxi ethnic group , ...
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Share The Outdoors Can Protect Kids from Myopia
Women_of_China 2017-6-4 13:00
The Outdoors Can Protect Kids from Myopia
Shortsightedness or myopia, a condition where distant objects appear blurry while close objects appear normal, is a visual defect that is becoming increasingly serious among Chinese children. The estimated myopia rate in China is 31 percent. However, among children and teenagers it is much higher. Since myopia can have health-damaging consequences if left uncorrected, it must be dealt with more effectively by parents as well as health authorities. Myopia, however, is not a China-specif ...
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Share Oxysen Search (A Chinese Poem)
dovexu 2017-6-4 08:15
寻氧 &nb ...
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Share I think I have my belief
shehemego 2017-6-4 00:08
Do you believe in Almighty God? I have heard many times people say they have belief that they believe in themselves. They regard it as their belief. Actually, that logic is not 100 percent right. That only shows they are confident in their abillities to deal with all the things they are confronted with. I have been an atheist since I was born. But maybe I can't say so, to some degree. I thought I was an atheist only because 99 percent of people surrounding me are so-called atheists, who w ...
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