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Share What is a Tmall Partner Agency (TP)?
TmallExpert 2017-3-13 10:51
As an introduction to what a TP is and how they help merchants, Alibaba recently held their first TP conference and produced a video on " What are Tmall Partner's TP and how can they help foreign brands sell to Chinese consumers online? ", that gives a good basic overview on this topic. In summary, a TP (abbreviation for “Taobao Partner” or “Tmall Partner”) is a specialized and certified E-Commerce enabler that will offer either a one-stop solution to manage a brands entire e-c ...
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Share The Best Thing We Can Give Others
SunnyWang2004 2017-3-13 07:32
The Best Thing We Can Give Others
The Best Thing We Can Give Others Is Not ‘GIVE’ But ‘HOPE’ By Wang Yifei (王怡菲), a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School We are always talking about how we should give more and ask less. And everyone acts like if everyone gives enough to others, then this world will become a better place. But there is also a problem that lies between this happy dream and the cruel reality: sometimes, what we think is awesome doesn’t really suit the o ...
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Share The Difficulty of Translating Classical Chinese Into English
Gayle 2017-3-12 11:38
One way to get a sense of the difference between Chinese and English is to look at different English translations of classical Chinese works like the Dao De Jing. Of course, there is a big difference between classical literary Chinese and modern conversational Chinese, but the literary Chinese contains the essence of Chinese wisdom, so it still tells us something when you look at how differently different translators interpret it. Here are some examples. These are different translations ...
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Share Escape Route, The Untold Story of the SS. Nazi covardice
mauriciomunhoz 2017-3-12 06:23
Escape Route, The Untold Story of the SS. Nazi covardice
The book "Escape Route, The Untold Story of the SS", in Portuguese, is being translated into English. It is a historical novel, set during the second war, which tells the story of Andreas Spinger, an ambitious and unscrupulous genius who was together with Hitler in the first steps of Nazism and then in power was responsible for conducting a hypersecrete organization within the SS to spy on the ministers, military leaders and organize the looting with the dominated populations. After the fall ...
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Share JAPANESE AND CHINESE PT 2: The Japanese Writing System
Gayle 2017-3-12 05:36
Why does Japanese writing contain Chinese characters? And what are all the odd squiggles around the character in the sentence? The answer to the first question is actually simple. The Japanese at a certain point in history decided that they needed a writing system, and since they were copying so many other features of Chinese culture, apparently it seemed natural to them to copy Chinese writing. The answer to the second question is based on knowing something about the Japanese la ...
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Share JAPANESE AND CHINESE - PART 1: Are Japanese and Chinese Related?
Gayle 2017-3-12 05:30
Recently I read a post on CD that speculated on the reason why Japanese writing contains Chinese characters (mixed with otherwise unintelligible writing): that Japan was originally populated by migrants from China, and that they carried some memory of Chinese characters with them. Although it is probably likely that Japan was originally populated by migrants from China, that is not the explanation for why Chinese characters are part of Japanese writing. The Chinese and Japanese languages ...
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Share Are there many homeless pets in China? Are Animal Shelters run efficently run o
clubnokill2027 2017-3-11 12:54
Are there many homeless pets in China?  Are Animal Shelters run efficently run o
My name is Allen and I am a social activist who is working to end the worldwide policy of killing healthy pets in Animal Shelters. Even though the word "shelter" leads one to think of safety and well-being, in nearly every county tens of thousands of healthy pets in animal shelters are put to death. There are several reasons why shelter administrators resort to euthanizing so many healthy animals. Having too little money to save all of the animals is the r ...
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Share Looks Aren't Really That Important
SunnyWang2004 2017-3-11 09:23
Looks Aren't Really That Important
Looks Aren’t Really That Important By Wang Yifei (王怡菲), a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School Now I come to think of it, I spent half of my life studying in school and that is not a short time. It means that at least half of our habits and personalities are formed in schools. I am studying in Zhengzhou Middle School where the students come from all parts of the city, some of them from other cities. It was quite impossible for all the students to a ...
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Share The Daunting Challenge of A Foreign Teacher In China
MichaelM 2017-3-11 04:41
I came to China in 2011. Nearly 6 years ago. I had no plans of staying here longer than a year. I was newly divorced and really had no reason not to come and experience this wonderful place. After being here only two months, I saw the huge obstacles of students trying to learn English. It was very easy to see many of the mistakes and reasons why they often spend 10 years or more and never really get past the ability of having even one simple conversation. I knew I could help. Students c ...
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Share Why it Gets Harder to Learn English the Older We Get and What You Can Do about
bridge2English 2017-3-11 04:09
Why it Gets Harder to Learn English the Older We Get and  What You Can Do about
There are a number of reasons: 1. You can’t repair what is broken. The current system works very well for children but does not work for adults, because adults can’t learn as children. Adults are thinking in their native language and try to speak in English – it is impossible for most of them. Language is not information to be remembered. Language is a skill, similar to learning to drive or play a sport. Therefore, it must be acquired thr ...
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