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Share Free Reading and Learning Rooms for You
meizhishanghai 2017-6-9 20:56
Free Reading and Learning Rooms for You
Are you interested in language(Chinese) learning? Do you don’t know how to spend your spare time? Why don’t you come to MEI ZHI MANDARIN? We provide you with free reading and learning rooms throughout the day, we have rich variety and different languages books here. Especially, we have many Chinese books. In addition to this, there are teachers to explain and resolve problems for you at any time. Welcome you! From Monday to Friday, we open the library from 9:00 am. to 21:00 pm., and on ...
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Share Why Chinese Scholars Are Less Original?
dovexu 2017-6-9 16:02
Comparing with American scholars, Chinese scholars are less original. It has been a hot dicussing topic for a long time in Chinese society . The following poem shows my point of view: Scholars & ...
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Share 170608 GaoKao memory
stander3068 2017-6-9 00:17
遥忆当年金戈马,书读百遍眼渐瞎;体弱常病犹奋激,乡远不归校即家; 掩耳不闻窗外事,至今方闻萨姆抓;姥姥在家生牵挂,天天没事算指掐; 月末常常门口望,但见甥归泪已洒;既见亲甥唠叨起,搬凳掐编夜睡迟; 言甥离家之日起,至今已有一月余;月里发生事数起,还曾上树翻墙梯; 甥劝姥姥惜身体,千万勿念甥在彼;辗转两日已匆过,甥辞姥姥归校去; 姥姥泪流又方始,下次不知见何时;如是三年分秒间,无有闲暇无有娱; 人生处处高考时,何愁无事不谐 ...
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Share Champion Skater Becomes Coach for 26 Children with Special Needs
Women_of_China 2017-6-8 09:52
Champion Skater Becomes Coach for 26 Children with Special Needs
During this year's 11th World Winter Special Olympics, three children coached by Zhang Jie become world champions. Zhang Jie, a retired speed skating world champion, has worked as an unpaid charity coach for two years to help some 26 children with congenital disorders improve their conditions through training. In 2015, Zhang and her husband opened a special school at her hometown, the city of Qitaihe in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. She established a short track speed ska ...
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Share What Destroyed Your Dream Job?
arabchinalover 2017-6-8 09:30
Every one of us had a dream job when he was a toddler. Kids are honest and straightforward; they always say the truth and expose how they feel. I once was asking a group of children aged between eight and twelve years old. Well, some boys said that their dream job is to a doctor, others wanted to be teachers and police officers, while girls wanted to be nurses, actresses and TV anchors. There was only one boy who wanted to be a subway driver because the subway looks cool and long. ...
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Share 170607 touring LongYin temple
stander3068 2017-6-7 22:33
咏龙吟寺 蜀南竹海幽,岭上翠峰深;春深龙吟寺,谐和一家亲。 咏明月 又见一轮明月升,但闻四海共潮平;波光嶙峋影摇曳,星汉寂寥人朦胧。 Wednesday , I continue to populate K4 calibration in the morning. And finished it finally. In the noon, I was asked to find a ETK belong to my car. I asked a lot of people, and finally found it in a technician. He once was ordered by a member of our team to remove all the outside wiring harness o ...
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Share Successful Idea Is Always Simple
dovexu 2017-6-7 22:08
No matter white cat or black cat, it is a good cat as long as he (or she) could catch mouses. This simple and realistic thought is now known as the "Cat Theory". It wasthe fundamental ideabased on which Deng Xiao Ping started the Chinese reform in later 1970s. The idea could be understood by everybody. As a result, Deng's reform had made a great success. In 1985, Mikhail ...
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Share 7 'Most' about Gaokao
Women_of_China 2017-6-7 13:52
7 'Most' about Gaokao
Since 1977 when China's National college entrance exam, or gaokao, resumed, it has become the most crucial test for parents and children. (Source: China Daily and Xinhua)
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Share Housing Anxiousness
dovexu 2017-6-7 10:43
Housing Anxiousness How expensive are Beijing's apartments? Feel heart-broken when you look at them. One's yearly hard working salary could not buy a bed place! May we ask the local land lord whom the apartments are constructed for? 房愁 京城房价贵,望楼客心碎。 一年苦薪水,难买一床位。 试问土地公,盖房竟为谁?   ...
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Share The Real Reason Behind Cutting Ties With Qatar!
arabchinalover 2017-6-7 07:50
The Gulf Cooperation Council was established in 1981. Saudi Arabia and Qatar both members of this council and they seemingly share many geopolitical interests. Saudi Arabia is the biggest player in the region because of its religious influence and strong economy. It shows clearly how Saudi Arabia is capable of forming coalitions and force countries to take sides. Many Arab countries followed Saudi Arabia and broke the ties with Qatar even though they are not a member of the council ...
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