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Share Ways that are Dark
anshuwen 2018-9-10 09:35
Ways that are Dark
I have been reading, recently, a book about China called "Ways that are Dark" by Robert Townsend, which was published in 1933 and subsequently banned in China and denounced by sinologists as "racist." It may not be precisely racist, but it certainly is an indictment against the Chinese ethnos and social mores. I wouldn't suggest that a Chinese person read it even if it has been translated into Chinese. So why would I deign to read it? I'm someone who likes the Chinese immens ...
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Share Time to talk about the ‘F’ Word that is Faith
tradervic 2018-9-10 01:18
Time to talk about the ‘F’ Word that is Faith
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Over a decade ago, there was a science fiction film called Serenity. It was based on a brief television series call Firefly. While its time ‘on the air’ was short, in comparison to other properties like Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, it still had the ability to provoke some serious questions about the real world it took it cue from. One of those questions was bluntly asked by one of ...
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Share Female Medics in E China Bring Warmth to Mentally-impaired Patients
Women_of_China 2018-9-7 18:14
Female Medics in E China Bring Warmth to Mentally-impaired Patients
Medics work at Yiyuan Mental Health Center in east China's Shandong Province. A team of 42 female medics at Yiyuan Mental Health Center in east China's Shandong Province has earned praise from the public after dedicating themselves to helping mentally-impaired patients . The medics, aged from 21 to 53, look after nearly every aspect of patients' lives including giving them medicine, and assisting them to dress, exercise and eat. On each special day, such as a pa ...
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Share Folk Craft Expert Develops,Promotes Ethnic Arts
Women_of_China 2018-9-7 18:11
Folk Craft Expert Develops,Promotes Ethnic Arts
Yang Huiying (R) teaches locals the art of paper-cutting. A Bai ethnic woman from Haidong Town in southwest China's Yunnan Province has helped her family become prosperous through running a paper-cutting and embroidery workshop over the past decades, and now passes down her skills to young people. Yang Huiying, 54, is Yunnan's provincial-level representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage. After graduating from junior middle school, Yang started paper- ...
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Share Bride Saves Injured Elderly Woman in NE China's Liaoning
Women_of_China 2018-9-7 18:09
27-year-old Xie Dan, a physician of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Wafangdian City in northeast China's Liaoning Province, saved an elderly woman when she was taking wedding photos on August 18. Many netizens cheered her deed, hailing her as the "most beautiful" bride. According to the report, the accident happened on the road towards Changxing Island from Wafangdian. A car collided with a tricycle, and an elderly woman around 70 years old was injured. After the o ...
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Share Rural Educator Supports Children in Mountainous Areas in C China
Women_of_China 2018-9-7 18:07
Rural Educator Supports Children in Mountainous Areas in C China
Long gives a speech on stage. Young teacher Long Jingqing, from central China's Hunan Province, has been supporting the education of school children in mountainous areas of Fenghuang County, Hunan, for the past several years. Since 2011, Long has constantly improved educational projects in rural Fenghuang by designing courses on music, arts, sports and other subjects. In addtion, she also provided rural students with courses on morality, sex education ...
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Share Doctor Commits to Helping Impoverished Children with Leukemia
Women_of_China 2018-9-7 18:06
Zhou Chenyan, a doctor from southwest China's Sichuan Province , recently shared her experiences of raising funds for children with leukemia from impoverished families over the past 12 years. August 19 marked the first Chinese Medical Workers' Day, whilst, at this time, Zhou was busy communicating with patients in the wards as usual. "Choosing the profession means giving and being dedicated. Even though it is hard, I have no regrets," Zhou said. Zhou has participated in fundraising ...
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Share Professional Skills Help Impoverished Women Shake off Poverty in N China
Women_of_China 2018-9-6 15:07
Professional Skills Help Impoverished Women Shake off Poverty in N China
A professional teacher demonstrates baby-caring skills to trainees. The Wuyi County of north China's Hebei Province has been helping impoverished women gain job opportunities by providing free training courses on housekeeping and childcare for them. As of now, over 1,400 people have received free training with the help and support from housekeeping institutions. A professional teacher gives a demonstration to trainees. (Source: Xin ...
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Share Modern Elements Added to Tibetan Costumes
Women_of_China 2018-9-6 15:05
Modern Elements Added to Tibetan Costumes
Newly-married couples take a photo with Tibetan clothes. Many locals and tourists wore Tibetan costumes during this year's Shoton Festival on August 11-17 in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. The Tibetan costumes are elegant with magnificent ethnic style, and also have an important position in the developmental history of national customs. With the progress of society, the design of Tibetan clothes is also developing. Popular Tibetan clothing not only ...
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Share Internet Celeb Earns Fame for Creative Cuisine
Women_of_China 2018-9-6 15:04
Internet Celeb Earns Fame for Creative Cuisine
Zhou Xiaohui Zhou Xiaohui, a Chinese online host , has amazed netizens by publishing videos of inventive gourmet cooking techniques using electrical appliances such as irons and water fountains. In one of the videos, she skillfully used an electric iron to cook a beef roll on her seat in office and ate it with sauce silently. The ongoing series of short videos produced under Zhou's Weibo username "Ms Yeah" have earned her 80 million followers online, inclu ...
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