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Share Random Thoughts from Old Time (1)
Min1989 2017-3-16 10:36
I wrote these about two years ago. I have been sorting them and decide to post some of them here. They are raw feelings and therefore can be very subjective. 1. If I were an unfinished song, would you be the lost part? If I wrote down the lyrics, would you compose the melody or vice verse? If I didn't tell you the underlying meaning of it, would you be able to figure it out yourself? If I hummed the song by moonlight shadow, would you hum it with m ...
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Share How to strengthen our cultural confidence?
SEARU 2017-3-16 09:54
Recently on the national conference President Xi adhered that we should strengthen confidence on our own culture. How to understand this? As a teacher I have posted many writings on education. I think we must spend more time on Chinese traditional culture study so that we can let kids learn Chinese characters in an interesting way instead of swallowing them as a whole ‘Chinese date’! ---------At the same time, I have noticed some ugly phenomenons in the culture field: 1)Some teacher ask stu ...
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Share Online 'Home'
Women_of_China 2017-3-16 09:40
Online 'Home'
A family photo Chang Yujiang and Guo Jiazi, a thirtysomething couple living in Longshou, a community in Xi'an (capital of northwestern China's Shaanxi Province), are both journalists . They do their best to support each other in their careers, and especially in caring for their young family. They have a daughter and a son. The family enjoys a happy life. Given the rapid development of new media in China, Chang and Guo registered a WeChat account, Home i ...
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Share Learn Chinese Well
Min1989 2017-3-16 09:11
Learn Chinese well As a Chinese, I had never considered how difficult it could be to learn the language of Chinese. I just assume that I should be able to pick my mother tongue up pretty easily. But when I recall the process of learning Chinese, it was indeed a grueling as well as painstaking process to even just try to learn the basics of this language. I spent all six years in primary school learning the pinyin and the strokes of basic Chinese characters. At that ...
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Share Beijing to strengthen regulation of online catering
cicgf2 2017-3-16 08:46
BEIJING - Beijing pledges to strengthen regulation of online catering platforms to ensure food safety, the municipal food and drug administration said. Supervision over the platforms will include checking business licenses and health certificates and, more importantly, the quality of ingredients and health conditions of cooks of the restaurants on the platforms, the administration announced on Wednesday, World Consumer Rights Day, also known as "3.15" in China. Thirty-four res ...
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Share Simply sharing this day of my 3rd year anniversary with 51talk
wealthydude 2017-3-15 16:03
Simply sharing this day of my 3rd year anniversary with 51talk
Simply happy and sharing this day of my 3rd anniversary with 51talk .... here is my story:
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Share you may only want to be alone when I am with you
anitahooo 2017-3-15 11:11
we fall in love before we get to know well with each other we know what is gentle before we hand in hand we cherish each other after we went through all the these flowers boom and fade, nothing last forever meeting prepares for leaving, leaving prepares for meeting but I don’t want to let it go, I want to keep it in my mind I still believe that you may come with me to the life long journey after you get through all the difficulties I ca ...
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Share Is a master's degree from outside China as USEFUL as before?
ShilkaT 2017-3-15 10:57
It has probably been 5-6 years since chasing after master' degrees outside China, especially in the major English-speaking countries, becomes popular. People previously found that it was more competitive and so easier for graduates with western degrees to find jobs, usually they got higher paid and did not start from the lowest working positions. However, as time passes by, there are just so many people graduating from other countries that looking for jobs is not easy at all, especially ...
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Share Chinese Woman Establishes Enterprise to Promote Traditional Culture of China, My
Women_of_China 2017-3-15 08:56
Chinese Woman Establishes Enterprise to Promote Traditional Culture of China, My
Tao Wantong Mengding, a town in Dima Dai and Wa Autonomous County, in Lincang, a city in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, is home to people from 23 minority groups, including the Dais, Was, Yis and Jingpos. The town has long been known for the Dais' songs, dances and handmade paper. The town, which borders Kokang, a region in Myanmar , is an important business portal between the two countries. Many Chinese refer to the town as a "bright pearl." Tao Wantong, a ...
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Share Test
SueInce 2017-3-15 03:29
Fresh Start
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