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Share Walking in Beijing
Joey-k 2017-10-7 22:13
Walking in Beijing
I’ve visited many of the most well-known tourist spots in Beijing, but I don’t know the city as good as I thought. I need to use the maps on my phone every time I go out. I would very much like to help a lost tourist on the street but then I realize I don’t really know the area. So I took the opportunity of the Golden Week to explore deeper into the city. And now there is only one day left for the holiday. The sad thing is, I believe I would still need my map next time. ...
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Share Joke to lionstar for returning gift!
SEARU 2017-10-7 10:12
Mr.Lionstar played a joke onmein his comment to my that thread《what is the biggest enemy for Chinese education?》: His note is as following: 'Are you close to heart attack?" I replied in this way: lol Yes, I am going to have got 'heart-attack' if our authority don't take measures to cut off the cancer-like ‘reciting-disease“ from the education system! (I know you are kidding on me. Anyway thanks for your concern about my health. To tell the truth, recen ...
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Share My Treatise On Gun Culture In The USA
KIyer 2017-10-6 10:53
The 'gun culture' in the USA evolved at a time when people still followed a natural history of human/animal violence - the only difference being that guns were introduced. Previously, when someone had a beef with someone else in society, they went and confronted that person directly if they wanted to they could get justice peacefully. If not they would sort it out violently, but still between themselves or closely so. They could be challenged to a physical combat (as animals do). Weaker persons ...
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Share Our Worst Enemies And Best Friends
KIyer 2017-10-6 09:30
When I think about it, most of humanity's advantages, privileges and deepest miseries stem from an assumption of superiority over the rest of nature. Sooner or later, this placing of our whims over other's needs was bound to encroach into our view of 'other' humans too that we see as different. Our own worst enemies will always be ourselves - humans. For humans, their worst enemy is always another human, while their best friend may or may not be a human. For all other creatures, their worst en ...
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Share Old Man And GenZ
KIyer 2017-10-5 10:52
I'm over the hill, but tough as old leather Right now I'm feeling, a bit under the weather Usually, from within, I am 'centered' with age Yet I am now, beside myself with rage .. I was on my daily jaunt When I heard that silly taunt And saw the young man flaunt A flashy move that I just can't .. "Be careful, old man," the young buck said Almost knocked me over, on a skateboard he sped "Old??! Old man?!! Oh, how could he tell?" It was from anger that I shook and fell .. No manners, no patience a ...
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Share Stray Cats
Aladdin912 2017-10-4 23:31
Stray Cats
I'm not sure if this is all because I'm a cat lover or what, but I seestray cats everywhere. Maybe to most people they are like pebbles by the road side and therefore invisible. But every time I see a stray cat fumbling through garbages, or drinking rainwater on the ground, or sitting under a streetlamp, allcurled up, my heart stings. You have no idea how much I want to be able to just turn a blind eye on them and just walk on by, just like any other passersby. But I just cannot ch ...
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Share A Poem on Chinese High-Speed Railway
dovexu 2017-10-4 22:07
Chinese High-Speed Railway A silver “ dragon ” is dashing forward on the land of China. The surprised “ wind lady ” envies its speed of over ten-thousand li per day. Building complexes and forests are shifting backward instantly. Mountains, rivers and valleys cannot stop it moving forward. Inside the train, one carries a cup of water wi ...
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Share Panama and China to Begin Negotiations in November on FTA
Toogood 2017-10-4 20:33
Panama established diplomatic relations with China on June 13 and broke off relations with Taiwan. Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela announced yesterday that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Panama and the Peoples Republic of China will begin negotiations in November this year, during his visit to the Asian country. Varela stressed that during his trip to China he plans to sign with Chinese President Xi Jinping between 15 to 20 agreements, including an agreement of intent to ne ...
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Share When National Day Meets Mid-autumn Festival
Women_of_China 2017-10-4 19:04
When National Day Meets Mid-autumn Festival
This year, Chinese National Day celebration coincides with the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival – also known as Mooncake Festival or Harvest Moon Festival – prolonging the so-called "Golden Week" holiday to eight days from October 1-8. Accordingly, many Chinese people have taken the opportunity to travel abroad. ( Women of China )
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Share Innovative National Day Events Appeal to Youth
Women_of_China 2017-10-3 21:33
Innovative National Day Events Appeal to Youth
A young, enthusiastic visitor joins the crowd on National Day in Tian'anmen Square in Beijing on Sunday. From athletics and music to social media, new twists are drawing a response Innovative ways of celebrating the National Day holiday this year — including use of new media — have drawn enthusiastic reviews, especially among the young. Sunday was the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Fudan University in Shanghai marked ...
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