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Share David-Panama Railway Project
Toogood 2018-2-6 04:50
02/05/2018 Representatives of the governments of China and Panama held a meeting to define the steps to follow in the feasibility study of the Panama-David train. With the beginning of diplomatic relations between both nations, this has been one of the projects that the Asian giant would support in the Isthmus. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, members of the railway company, officials from the Panamanian Ministry of ...
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Share What is 达?
SEARU 2018-2-5 23:13
In ancient Chinese, 走 meant ‘running’ while 步 was ‘walking’,the shape of the ‘walking component’ could show that someone is running in a hurry! You may sense such atmosphere through 达 in which 大 is big man(人) with arms stretching out who is running, 达 means ‘get to'!
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Share Is 'West' Best?
MichaelM 2018-2-5 17:56
I recently watched a video produced here in China, about the industrial revolution of China. America had her own industrial revolution about 100 years ago. With Deng's 'opening up' from 1978, Chinese looked to the West to understand an open economy. With this look westward, they also set out to understand western mechanisms of industry and technology. Along with many other things, this resulted in emulation of Western technology, innovation and economic norms. As a student of history, I also ...
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Share Plum blossom
lovelywinnie 2018-2-5 17:20
Plum blossom
Two months ago, my friend gave me several plum branches. She picked it on the ground when gardeners trimmed the plum trees. She asked me to fill a bottle with some water and put the branches in the bottle. After several days, there would be flowers. I put the branches on the balcony and forgot the thing. Several weeks later, she posted a photo of the plum flowers. They were really beatiful! It reminded me of my plum branches. I found them and put the ...
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12dream 2018-2-5 15:06
WHAT NEW IMPERIALIST POWERS!! FEARS COME WEAKNESSES AND DESPAIRS - Latin America Is Never The USA MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS IS ALWAYS THE SAME WISDOM: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed uncommon and rare fears for once openly ( * that is, was he NOT a hero of Vietnam War veteran and/or Iraqi War Veteran who otherwise was proudly broadcasted by UncleTrump ?* ) about his sudden US mixed anxieties of their forgotten and ignored backyards , La ...
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Share Old Chair under Winter Sunshine
Lindsay2192 2018-2-4 15:48
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Share Cabinet Council recognizes Agreements between China and Panama
Toogood 2018-2-2 21:44
The agreements signed in November, 2017 between President Juan Carlos Varela and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, were approved at a meeting of the Cabinet Council. After the beginning of relations between both countries and the official visit of President Varela to China, agreements were signed in air and maritime transport. Panamanian flag vessels would have port benefits and preferential treatment. "Panama was granted the status of Most Favored Nation, which will hel ...
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Share Hong Kong: hard border NOT is hard heart
qingchris 2018-2-2 16:35
A less than two minutes video has slurred widely on the Internet of China, including mainland and special administrative region - Hong Kong. It shows two male students from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) break into the office of language center, allege Pu Tong Hua (standard Chinese) is too hard and prevents them from graduation. They claim the college and teachers should serve them, with some dirty words in local speaking to ask teachers to stay back. This scenario is not stra ...
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Share The Inevitable End
Min1989 2018-2-2 11:38
Step by step, we are all approaching the inevitable end of life-mortality. Nobody escapes it, but it seems that not many people actually realize it's existence. Mortality itself is frightening. I don't know whether it is only because the fear towards death is programmed into our gene in the long course of human history so that we will have the best rates of survival. No matter what, I am personally exceedingly afraid of death partly because it means my existence will be wiped cle ...
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Share 收放自如
StanLi 2018-2-2 09:29
Not too long ago a reader pointed out to me an inconvenient truth in my essay, 'How Thoughts and Emotions Changes', where the set of philosophy on Brigitte Lin’s beauty actually belongs to another Taiwanese actor, 甄珍. When I realized that it felt almost like giving the film award to the wrong film, there is no place to hide the error and we believe in giving credit to where credit is due or else all the talk on lofty philosophy is just empty talk. Die-hard fans of甄珍 must have been gleefull ...
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