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Share I wished to become pilot
SEARU 2018-7-2 21:56
I seldom dream in daytime! Don't fool me in this way!:( In senior middle school before graduation, Many of my classmates and I took a medical check through which the officer wanted to find out who were fit to become pilot! ----------That night I was so excited that I could hardly get into sleeping while I was in deep imagination about the detailed work as plane-driver in the sky!:L No shame for wild desire, at least this is a joke for future! :lol
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Share Why 希 means ‘wish’?
SEARU 2018-7-2 21:36
Now I notice that the Chinese character 希(xi)has funny appearance! Its top looks is special form of ‘cross’ which shapes as ‘scissors’;Its lower part is Chinese word 布(bu)which means ‘cloth’. --------What is the relationship between scissors and cloth? Yes, if you cut a big sheet of cloth with scissors, you must have some strong 'wish‘ to turn the material into a beautiful dress! The above should be the real meaning of 希! (wish or hope) The more interesting thing ...
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Share Human Nature
KIyer 2018-6-29 10:52
When the heart is heavy with misery, It's one who helps, we seek When the heart overflows with joy, It's those we love, we seek Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 All rights reserved
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Share Vox Pop Show Provides Stage for Youngsters to Voice Opinions
Women_of_China 2018-6-28 15:48
A girl speaks out her wishes on the TV show 'Teenager Said.' Viewers have praised the broadcast of a TV show called Teenager Said 2018 which aims to provide a fresh platform for young people to speak out about topics that matter to them. In the program, produced by Hunan TV of central China's Hunan Province , teenagers are encouraged to express themselves by talking on a so-called "Courage Stage". For example, at a middle school in Changsha, capital city of H ...
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Share Yungang Grottoes: Buddhist Caves House Art Treasures
Women_of_China 2018-6-28 15:47
Yungang Grottoes are a cradle of Buddhist art, playing host to more than 51,000 sculptures. Sponsored by the Datong Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and, a Suzhou-based online travel agency, the 2018 China Datong User-Generated Content Travel Guide Competition was held in Datong, a historic cultural city in North China's Shanxi province, starting June 22. During the contest, tourists have a chance to take a closer look at the amazing cultural he ...
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Share Beauties of 16 Countries Show Charm of Cheongsam at Festival
Women_of_China 2018-6-28 15:46
At the 2018 Chinese customs festival of Fushun Manchu, beauties from 16 countries will perform at the Cheongsam Show at the Khan Palace Grand Yamen of Hetula city, Xinbin, Northeast China's Liaoning province. At the 2018 Chinese customs festival of Fushun Manchu, beauties from 16 countries will perform at the Cheongsam Show at the Khan Palace Grand Yamen of Hetula city, Xinbin, Northeast China's Liaoning province. During the festival, well-known natio ...
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Share Chinese painting is one of the oldest styles of painting in the world
BellyKather 2018-6-28 11:24
Chinese painting is similar in style to calligraphy, even using the same techniques and materials, such as black liquid ink and thin calligraphy paper. Its main aim is not to only capture the likeness of the subject, but also it’s spirit. Chinese painting is known as “国画” (guó huà), roughly translates to ‘nation/country painting’, and can be broken down into two styles, “工笔画” (gōng bǐ huà, Chinese realistic painting) and “水墨画” (shuǐ mò huà, ink-wash paintin ...
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Share Chinese Woman Excels in Global Tunnel-construction Industry
Women_of_China 2018-6-27 14:29
Yan Jinxiu provides instruction during an international tunnel-technology session hosted by ITA. Yan Jinxiu, deputy general manager of China Railway Academy (CRA), is one of the few women experts in China's tunnel-construction sector. Yan has worked in the industry for 33 years, during which she has not only realized her value as an executive, but she has also helped China's tunnel-construction technologies evolve into world-class technologies. Yan in 1984 began workin ...
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Share China's Senior Citizens Flock back to School
Women_of_China 2018-6-26 16:21
Students learn to play traditional Chinese musical instruments at a school for the elderly on Nantangbang Road in Shanghai. Bored with life after retirement, a growing number of people are enrolling in universities for the elderly to meet new friends and pick up new skills . While some of her peers spend most of their time taking care of their grandchildren and watching television, 63-year-old Wang Huizhen has opted to revisit something that she left ...
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