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Share Technology makes your life more colorful
renhong 2017-6-14 01:01
Ren Hong Technology plays a major role in your life. People use technology to make their life more convenient and colorful. Because the cutting-edge technology will provide more artificial intelligence products to enhance the living conditions. Nowadays, the price of digital products is much cheaper than the past. Because of the intense peer competition and the development of the technology is very fast. There are a vast majority of engineers and students whose major is Computer Science or P ...
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Share My Visit to National Museum of China
irisshao823 2017-6-13 11:25
On Sundauy afternoon my friend and I went to the National Museum of China, located at the east side of Tiananmen Square. We visited one of the permanent exhibitions, Ancient China. According to the introduction from the website of National Museum of China: It uses a large number of valuable cultural relics, and gives a complete picture of the long Chinese history from the prehistoric times to the late Qing Dynasty and shows in a comprehensive way the vitality and continu ...
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Share 5 College Roommates Head to Same UK University for Postgraduate Study
Women_of_China 2017-6-13 10:03
5 College Roommates Head to Same UK University for Postgraduate Study
The five young women pose for a photo. To a group of determined and industrious roommates, graduation from college means no departure but just the start of another period of study together, even though it will be in another country. Among the recently received offers from multiple world-renowned colleges, Wang Xin and her four roommates all chose the University of Bath, which is ranked as the fifth best university in the United Kingdom by the Guardian Unive ...
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Share The consequence of deforestation
renhong 2017-6-13 01:13
Ren Hong With the requirement of wooden products increased year by year, the deforestation became an urgent issue. The local government and the central government need to cope with this issue by taking forceful way. The purpose of cutting down trees is to produce the wooden products and export to other countries. It is a profitable business. The forest resource belongs to regenerative resources, but the cycle is longer than other natural resources. To make huge benefits and build houses and p ...
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Share Gains in thought of Deng Yaping's speech
shehemego 2017-6-13 00:08
I had been watching a video for the past 20 minutes. It is a video filming Deng Yaping making her graduation speech in University of Cambridge. I was so astonished at her English speaking. She is not only talented at playing Ping-pong. She has gift in English, too. But that isn't the point I want to share here. I mean she is champion for many World Table Tennis Games. Now she has dimisssed from the national sports' team and went to college. She had been to Qinghua University and then went to Uni ...
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Share Baby Economy
dovexu 2017-6-12 22:02
Baby Economy Chirpping babies love to explore. Parents and grandparents compete to cherish. There are overwelming means to win at beginning . Various business related to babies burst out. There are so many playgrounds in parks and shopping centers. Babies climb up and down, leap, somersault and throw thenselves forward. They learn skating, rockcraft and dancing. Imitate English speaking, writing and drawing. Play Le ...
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Share Can Your Child Go To Harvard? Part 1
MichaelM 2017-6-12 18:33
Victoria (her English name) was just 14 years old. When I met her, she looked older. She certainly acted more mature. She came to the Binhe Park English corner where I taught free lessons every Sunday morning for 3 hours. She always stood in front. She took in everything I said. She took notes on every word that proceeded from my mouth. One day, her mother showed up. I'd seen Victoria there for almost 2 years. I'd never met mom or dad. They asked if they could talk to me. Of course, Victoria' ...
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Share Paper Towns
Min1989 2017-6-12 15:36
I decided to read Paper Towns mainly because I thoroughly enjoyed another book "The Fault in Our Stars" written by the same author-John Green. But I honestly believe this one isn't as good as the another one I read before. I personally reckon the former one about life, death and relationship is rather thought-provoking as well as tear-jerking to a certain extent. But this one which focuses on growing pains we all experience when we are maturing seems to pale a bit compared with that book. ...
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lollipop77 2017-6-12 14:46
How do I let you meet me, At my most beautiful moment . For this, I beseeched the Buddha for five hundred years, I beseeched him to let us meet in earthly life. Buddha let me become a tree, Growing on the roadside that you pass by every day. Under the sunlight, It carefully bloomed with flowers all over, Every blo ...
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Share Experts Appeal for Fairer University Admissions for Rural Students
Women_of_China 2017-6-12 13:54
Experts Appeal for Fairer University Admissions for Rural Students
Gov't should delegate recruitment power to universities: experts Despite being touted as a second chance for more disadvantaged rural students to get into top Chinese universities, education experts have criticized independent college recruitment tests for still favoring already privileged urban students. Ninety colleges across China on Sunday conducted independent recruitment tests just after last week's rigorous national college entrance examinations, or gaokao was held, which many still f ...
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