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Share paragliding in Nepal
himalayanyak 2017-10-10 11:33
paragliding in Nepal
please book your paragliding in Nepal with Himalayan yak trek and adventure pvt ltd. we are located in pokhara Nepal. our email address is and my phone number is 00977 9846118819. you can also use wee chat id: keshabrp35 we also book Helicopter ride, microlite, ultra light, sight seeing, trekking in ghorepani, poonhill and many more.
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Share Classic TV Plays Wow Audiences with All-Children Cast
Women_of_China 2017-10-10 09:25
Classic TV Plays Wow Audiences with All-Children Cast
A poster for the TV drama A group of young children received a thumbs-up from audiences recently for their vivid performances in the latest TV drama , adapted from one of China's classic books, "Dream of the Red Chamber." Written in the 18th century, the fiction revolves about the romance and ups and downs of four big families. The text has been adapted into numerous art forms since it was published. As the first adaptation played by a cast of all children, t ...
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Share Women's National Flag Teams at Chinese Unis
Women_of_China 2017-10-10 09:19
Women's National Flag Teams at Chinese Unis
The women's national flag team of Southwest University A series of photos showing a team of women from Chongqing-based Southwest University recently went viral online, gaining numerous thumbs-up from netizens. Established in 2007, the Women's National Flag Team have become well-known on campus. They regularly attend official events and perform various ceremonial duties. The team recruits sophomores and juniors from different schools. Its dedicated mem ...
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Share Damsel In Distress
KIyer 2017-10-10 07:31
A damsel in distress I met one day Dishevelled, upon the ground she lay In a plaintive voice I heard her say "Sir, I've been through a lot and it was hell. I'll spare you the details and I won't tell." I helped her up, felt it was my duty I held her close, she was a beauty I built her up and gave her my heart Put her on a pedestal right from the start Soon I could not imagine us ever being apart I would do anything to see her smile I gave her a yard and she took a mile To figure her out it to ...
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Share College isn't for everyone
twa 2017-10-9 16:43
College isn't for everyone
from the time we are born, we are told that college is the way to a good life. teachers tell us statistics about how college educated workers make more money compared to high school graduates. we are misled into thinking that if we dont know what to do with our lives, then we should go to college. some people in the bourgeois community even use what college they went to to measure their self worth. other bourgeois like to brag about the college their kids went to, but how relevant is this to ...
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Share The Sad Princess
KIyer 2017-10-9 09:04
Her feet were completely off the ground They were high up in the air Always on a pedestal she could be found She had put herself up there .. On her head an imaginary crown Her self-esteem was really down Outwardly, she was haughtily frowning Inwardly, in misery she was drowning .. Putting on the airs of a Princess Royal She waited for him - a Prince who was loyal But she nipped the bud right at the start Whenever came along, a prince with heart .. 'The wait' she seemed to prefer To any real good ...
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Share Recommendation for Hu Shi's book
shehemego 2017-10-8 21:45
Even though I wasn't following his words, his words are so inspiring for Chinese scholars, researchers and even university students like me. His name was so well-known in the past. He was ever an idol for so many people. Now let me tell you his name--he is Hu Shi. Just five or six days ago, I spent 2 or 3 days finishing one of his books, which is called Tolerance and Liberty. This book is a collection of his essays, most of which were his open speeches in the universities in the very past. ...
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Share Memory from the hospital
SEARU 2017-10-8 16:31
(Most of the following is my comment to others ‘ thread’ on food in the hospital. ) It is as rich and colorful as what in the star-restaurant! These pictures remind me what happened in the hospital when took surgery operation for varicose vein in the right leg. I had to go hungry without two meals before the treatment in the afternoon. It was painful due to the less dose of narcosis-medicine used for me! Hower I was told not to eat or drink until six hours after the op ...
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Share The value of higher education
Min1989 2017-10-8 11:20
The value of higher education I have been planning to write this for some time. But there is always something getting in the way. Mark this please: I am not writing to dish out suggestions about how you or any of us should live a life. The sole purpose of this piece of writing is to record my thoughts and to be used as reference in the future to examine my revolution of mentality. My determination of writing this culminated when I bumped into an article titled as “Should Every ...
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Share Tieguanyin Autumn Tea Harvested in SE China's Fujian
Women_of_China 2017-10-8 09:50
Farmers pick tea leaves in Anxi County, southeast China's Fujian Province, Oct. 7, 2017. Anxi County will greet the harvest season for Tieguanyin autumn tea, a type of oolong tea. Farmers pick tea leaves in Anxi County, southeast China's Fujian Province, Oct. 7, 2017. Anxi County will greet the harvest season for Tieguanyin autumn tea, a type of oolong tea. Farmers air tea leaves in Anxi County, southeast China's Fujian Province, Oct. 7, 2017 ...
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