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stander3068 2017-5-11 12:26
Yesterday is Wednesday, I read Start/Stop guidline all day. In the after noon, we had a team meeting, then we had a training on SS. After that meng zhang and I fix some electric lines in 3 hours. Then I went home after work. My tent was mailed home. The tent was a first prize I won in Chrysler exhibition stand during a game in 2017 shanghai auto expo hold in national expo center. It was so big that I can not open it in my room. My daughter was en ...
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Share The brightest star in night sky
x6174 2017-5-11 11:00
Author: Bruce Chan Date: 2017.4.29 Midnight Whether or not you can hear of the loneliness and sign from the one looking up, the brightest star in night sky? Whether or not you can remember of the shadow once with me fading away in wind. I’m always praying for a pure soul, and a pair of tearful eyes. Bring me the courage of trusting again. Cross deceit line to retake you into arms. Every time I cannot find the meaning of existence, every moment I get lost in darkne ...
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Share Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula?
river9363 2017-5-11 10:04
North Korea’s nuclear test has agitated the geopolitical balance in North Asia and the world. Due to North Korea rejected China’s proposal of abandon developing nuclear weapon, some experts considered that China has lost the game. Though the opinion sounds interesting, it is not the fact in long term. In micro strategy of North Asia and even the world, China has becoming a large power. Whether North Korea, South Korea, even USA accept China’s influe ...
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Share Poverty Is more Dangerous Than Nuclear Weapons !
arabchinalover 2017-5-11 09:52
Fighting poverty and diseases is more important than tackling the nuclear threat. Throughout history, millions of people were killed by long-established infectious diseases. Epidemics are the real threat to human today than any other kinds of weapons. About 40 million people were killed in the First World War, while 100 million were perished either in the copper mines or with a virus. Poverty leads to terrorism, poor health, child abuse, violence, human traficking and all other so ...
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Share Passengers Push Subway Train to Save Trapped Woman in S China
Women_of_China 2017-5-10 14:28
Passengers Push Subway Train to Save Trapped Woman in S China
Passengers trying to save the elderly woman A group of passengers at aMetro station in the south China city of Guangzhoujoined forces to push a subway train to save an elderly woman whose leg became stuck between the carriage and the platform. The incident happened at 2:54pm on May 6 in Ouzhuang Station on Metro Line 6. The 72-year-old woman's right leg was caught in the gap while getting off the train. Many passengers immediately rushed to help, with some ...
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Share Decorations Set to Mark Upcoming Belt and Road Forum in Beijing
Women_of_China 2017-5-9 15:50
Decorations Set to Mark Upcoming Belt and Road Forum in Beijing
Foreigners walk past flower decorations set to greet the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation at a crossing near Xidan commercial area in downtown Beijing, capital of China, May 7, 2017. Beijing will host the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 14-15. Foreigners walk past flower decorations set to greet the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation at a crossing near Dongdan area in downtown Beijing ...
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Share Lord of the Flies
Min1989 2017-5-9 15:27
Lord of the Flies I noticed this must be a classic years ago as it was always on the recommending list of books sent to me by Amazon. But I never thought that I would get hold of it and finish reading it to know the mystery of the story. I decided to read it mainly because of the conversation I had with one of my students. She told me that her English teacher asked them to read this book and analyze the characters depicted in this novel and then write an essay about ...
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Share The Sun is Also a Star
Min1989 2017-5-9 15:25
The Sun is Also a Star This book was on the top 20 books in 2016 recommended by the editor of Amazon. According to the brief introduction in the post, this book is about a love story. Generally, love stories don't deserve that much applaud as even though love has always been considered an eternal topic, love is too universal to inspire or to enlighten people on different levels like some great books dealing with more serious topics do. I know normally this sort of b ...
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Share Bye, my girl
shehemego 2017-5-8 23:23
My heart felt a bit of broken when I saw her showing off pictures of her and her boy friend. I've never told myself to believe in that until tonight I found those pictures on her Wechat moment. But I've got to say, I've never fought for love. I've fell my love in a girl, though. Now, I vow to myself that it is high time that I fought for everything I treasured in my life. I will fight to protect my treasure. I will fight for my new beloved one. I will fight to achieve my goals, my dream and f ...
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Share 170508 I should drive more slowly and cautiously
stander3068 2017-5-8 22:20
Today I went to company late, so I drove very fast, which was seen by a leader of our company. Because I passed over him very narrowly, which maybe frightened him. So when he arrived at company, he asked my neighbor colleague to tell me that I should drive more slowly and caution. And I accepted it. Then at 10:30 my colleague gave me two can of oil paint for me to paint my wall. Then at12:00, I go home to buy my daughter a bag of steamed bun. And I paid for ...
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