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shehemego 2017-10-13 16:58
Left stands the evil while right the angel. Tortured by unsmoothable nerves jumping up and down, now and later, My concentration was scattering to the point of being blurred away, Leaving nothing clearer than the shining sun. Yesterday’s west wind came, rough, strong and cold. But I took a cold shower to make my body strong to stand against the cold of wind. Amusingly, my goose skin spoke for itself but couldn’t stand no more cold. I was ...
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Share Sister City Event 2017——Phoenix families' study tour in China
TrueChina 2017-10-13 15:01
As one of Sister City Event 2017 series activities, Phoenix families traveled to China this summer and enjoy a great time with Chinese host families.
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Share This June of Beijing
dovexu 2017-10-13 13:04
This June of Beijing The sun is burning in this June of Beijing. Blasts of heat waves cause pears of perspiration. Pray the heaven to bless “amrita” to Beijing. The coolness comforts people and the damp nourishes plants. & ...
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Share The Best of Americans - Heroes and Leaders
KIyer 2017-10-13 11:18
The current political news from the USA brings to mind the above question. Every country and society has all kinds of people - good and bad, strong and weak, rich and poor, clever and foolish. It is the relative distribution of these characteristics that varies a little bit among them, but not as much as we might be led to believe from the media. However, cultural acceptance of certain traits or qualities as 'desirable' or 'undesirable' can vary markedly between different coun ...
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Share The Pepsi or Coke Democracy
KIyer 2017-10-13 10:04
"Coke or Pepsi? " This is typically what you get asked in the USA when you order a fast-food meal. You are given a choice between two comparable items. "McDonalds or Burger King? " That is another choice before you decide where to go to order a meal. The quality of both are roughly the same and it really does not make much difference to your body which of the two you choose. Similarly you are offered more choices -"Regular or Diet?" when you decide on the drink, with some appa ...
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Share Guardian of Shen Embroidery
Women_of_China 2017-10-12 18:34
Guardian of Shen Embroidery
Hu Jiahua (second from right) poses for a photo with embroiderer Chen Jinzhu (second from left). Since Hu Jiahua (or Hu Chia Hwa) became fascinated with Shen embroidery at a trade fair 20 years ago, she has been dedicated to collecting, preserving and promoting Shen embroidery. She also spares no effort in helping women embroiderers inherit this special type of embroidering. Shen embroidery, created by Shen Shou (1874-1921) and referred to as emulational embroidery, ...
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Share Alibaba Executive: An Independent Woman Does Not Equal Iron Lady
Women_of_China 2017-10-12 18:33
Alibaba Executive: An Independent Woman Does Not Equal Iron Lady
Tong Wenhong Business expert Tong Wenhong spoke at the China Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest Forum on September 21. She said females should realize and fulfill their distinctive advantages in today's Internet era. Tong, Chief People Officer of e-commerce giant Alibaba, predicted that women would be playing an increasingly decisive role in the future business world. Hailing from 45 countries, some 47 percent of overall employees at Alib ...
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Share The Flowers Do Bloom
KIyer 2017-10-12 17:48
The flowers do bloom here a lot But call it 'Spring' I will not How can the name of 'Spring' I give Where my sweetheart does not live? .. From the original in Urdu Gul To Khilte Hain Gul to khilte hain yahaan Par ise hum bahaar nahin kehte Woh bhi bahaar kaise ho Jahaan woh nahin rehte? .. Copyright (c) KIyer 2017 All rights reserved
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Share My advice for education reform!
SEARU 2017-10-11 11:32
In China we often say the idiom ‘积重难返’-----------An old habit or phenomenon is hard for you to change its developing trend! --------------- Everyone can see or sense the backward elements these exist in the education base! Who is powerful enough to take the risk of if failure to save the situation? First we should totally throw away some outdated concepts about schooling! a.--------------We learn to improve our thinking ability instead of the mere limited so-called knowledge!  ...
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Share Not all fitness training programs are fit for you!
SEARU 2017-10-10 21:57
Yoga is special kind of physical training that should be started from your early age when the bones and joints are soft that is fit for exercises with ease! However one of my colleagues began her yoga so lately that she was already fifty years old! Half a year later, she had to quit the fitness dream since her backbone had been seriously hurt during one training program! Since then she saw doctors everywhere costing much money, NOW she has not fully recovered from the trouble! :'( As for me, ...
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