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Share Let's cooperate as wolves for the gold medal!
SEARU 2017-10-15 15:04
In 1986 or so, in the class that lecturer told us such a story: "There are more than one dozen of scientists from the Bell labs of America have got theNobel prizes! Within the special research group,everyone cooperate with each other whoact like the athletes playing football match! Theplayer who has scoreda goal at last would win the Nobel honorwhile the others also feel satisfied with themselves since they have contributed help for the&nb ...
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Share Do you act as tea-pot on lessons?
SEARU 2017-10-15 12:10
(Any prime number)= (a even number) + (an odd number) Is the above true? This problem had been puzzled scientists around the world for many years before Mr. Chen Jing-rui proved the truth when he was still a middle-school teacher who became famous over night! ----------All Chinese students set ambitious desire that they wanted to become second Mr. Chen who would harvest the Nobel prize on some subject! But in the university I attended on a reporting lecture given by Mr.Shao Pinzong wh ...
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Share Ann and Mary
KIyer 2017-10-15 07:37
There were two girls who were siblings They were so unlike each other It was hard for anyone to believe They were born of the same mother One felt she was God's gift to the world She was a stunning beauty Every man around her little finger she twirled To serve her was his duty She looked like Aphrodite She acted high and mighty Her God-given assets, sure looked so fine And over the years ...
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Share No late to gamblers
tonysong2000 2017-10-14 22:15
yes, if you stop gamble it is not late. my friends had lost anything and even almostly had divorced. His wife finally forgave him and was willing to strive together with him for the future life. He should thank her and seriouly give up any gamble bad habit. do you think my freind would stop gamble this time? I believe it.
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Share To clear my mind
shehemego 2017-10-14 21:43
Chasing after a dream isn't easy. So many times occur when we stop frustrated not in sight of the dream we go after. I am not a good dream chaser. That can be indicated when I study hard in the morning but play video games in the afternoon. Today is a suffering for me in terms of my study. Only two people stayed in the dorm this morning, including me. I was so dertermined to learn some new knowledge of English sentences that I had a sentence book in my hands and read it this morning. After no ...
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Share knowledge and thinking ability
SEARU 2017-10-14 20:46
Know-ledge is what you or others have known; Thinking ability is the power for you to know the unknown! The first (knowledge) looks like the fruits growing on the tree; while the later (thinking )acts as the tool with which you could reach the sweet the fruits and get them down for food! So in ancient China there was such a famous saying:”授之以鱼,不如授之以渔”--------------Presenting fish to you is no better than to teach you how to do fishing for living! All thinking-process ...
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Share SE China City Builds Sight-seeing Footpath Linking Several Parks
Women_of_China 2017-10-14 13:11
People walk on a sight-seeing footpath linking Zuohai Park and Jinniu Mountain in Fuzhou City, capital of southeast China's Fujian Province, Oct. 12, 2017. The sight-seeing footpath, 19 kilometers in length, links several parks in the city for people to visit. People walk on a sight-seeing footpath linking Zuohai Park and Jinniu Mountain in Fuzhou City, capital of southeast China's Fujian Province, Oct. 12, 2017. The sight-seeing footpath, 19 kilometers in leng ...
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Share Xi Sends Video Message to 46th WorldSkills Competition
Women_of_China 2017-10-14 12:57
Photo taken on Oct. 13, 2017 shows the meeting attended by members of the WorldSkills International in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Members of the WorldSkills International voted Friday that the 46th WorldSkills Competition would be held in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Chinese President Xi Jinping onOctober 13sent a video message in support for China's bid to host the WorldSkills Competition before the vote in Abu Dhabi. Xi said that on behalf of th ...
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Share Fish could let you become more clever!
SEARU 2017-10-13 20:29
(The following is one of my self-comment to the thread 《how would Chinese win more Nobel prizes? 》: On this aspect, all scholars should learn from Mrs.Tu who is the first Chinese female Nobel winner doing research work in simple condition with poor test equipments during the culture-revolution-period! ----------Here is a joke:it is said fish could make man become smart. Tom asked that famous writer how much fish he had eatten for his admirable fruit on literature? ------------- ...
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Share A trip to Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,Sichuan province
xiao_wo 2017-10-13 17:47
A trip to GanziTibetan Autonomous Prefecture ********** Explaining in advance:This ismy first blog,and my original intention is improving my poor English,so,There must appear lots of mistakes no matter in grammar or words.,but I am sure the majority of people can understand what I mean,hahahaha. Please show me your mercy,thank you! ********** The first day,My boyfriend Dali and I arrived to Chongqin by bullet train,and it took usnearl 18 hours because of the ...
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