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Share Sales of Sex-Education Books for Children Hit Record in SW China
Women_of_China 2017-12-7 13:33
The sales of sex education books for children have been on the rise in China as parents are taking steps to help their kids understand their bodies and teach them to protect themselves, Chengdu-based Tianfu Zaobao reported on Nov 30. Unlike in the past, sex education books are now placed in a prominent position at bookstores for Chinese parents to choose from. A staff member of a bookstore in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu said over 200 sex education books ...
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Share Let each word become one bullet!
SEARU 2017-12-5 22:16
In the junior middle school, that female teacher asked Tom to stand up and answer one question. But the latter said a lot which was wrong. So the teacher joked him in this way: 'Your reply has nothing to do with the key to the question, do you think you have wasted Chinese language?”---------All of us burst into laughing! ----------I think China should carry out language revolution that requires all people speak in brief way telling stories with as less words as possible! Simple does not m ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (15)
jinmingchen 2017-12-5 10:36
Talking about Idioms (15)
People often praise those who are diligent. The Chinese idiom “勤能补拙qín néng bǔ zhuō” is used to indicate such persons. The idiom “勤能补拙”comes from the ancient poem entitled Chanting Pen (弄笔吟),written by Sao Yiong (邵雍),a philosopher in the Song Dynasty. We read in the poem: “弄假像真终是假,将勤补拙总轮勤” ( Pretending to be true is eventually not true; a clumsy person with diligence will finally win.) People later use the words “ 勤能补拙” as an idi ...
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Share Let the Forum become paradise for readers!
SEARU 2017-12-4 21:16
From 1987 to 1991,I had spent much of my free time on listening to radio english-broadcasting. The listeners' letter-box-program from the Radio Peking or the NHK of Japan had left me deep impression from which you could get many interesting stories told by ordinary citizens from all corners of the society! ----------Now I think our Forum column would become more attractive to readers if we bloggers work hard!
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Share Strange education means weakness to civilization!
SEARU 2017-12-4 00:11
I could understand your meaning but that would be risky or impossible to make a complicated medical operation with the system-body of Chinese characters! ---------Our mainland China had experienced revolutionary-change to the words after liberation with most of them had been simplified and Pin-Yin used for pronunciation,furthermore the popularity of Mandarin has cost dozens of years within thewhole country. ----------There is an ugly phenomenon in Chinese schools:Students ...
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Share Chinese-language itself has no problem!
SEARU 2017-12-3 21:01
I am afraid that any foreign letters would not directly used for Chinese-character-components in large-scale! Please let me think in this way: Why Chinese language seems act shabby compared with the powerful English? The bottom reason may be that Chinese have been in the poor speaking-writing style for so long! --------------Students are not allowed to use the language-tool as freely as they wish in class; TV and radios always repeat the same sentences such as advertising programs! Kids ...
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Share Play a joke on blogger friend!
SEARU 2017-12-3 19:58
Thanks for your comment. BTW, let me say that your name could make me twenty years younger!----------In 1990s I taught students to repair TV-sets during which period we often dealt with two kinds of triodes:NPN and PNP! -----------So, tonight I wonder where is your twin-brother Mr. Npn? :lol (Kidding for pleasure that could release me from worry!)
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Share Top Procuratorate Urges Strong Action on Crime Against Children
Women_of_China 2017-12-3 13:00
Top Procuratorate Urges Strong Action on Crime Against Children
The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) of China released a circular Thursday, telling all procuratorates to deal severely with crimes against kindergarten children, protect their rights and prevent such crimes from happening. When dealing with crimes such as rape, indecent assault or intentional homicide against children, procuratorates must approve arrests and initiate public prosecution as soon as possible, according to the circular. Procuratorates should independently exercise thei ...
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Share How to make Chinese language more powerful?
SEARU 2017-12-2 21:47
To tell the truth, my major was physics instead of English in the university. I come here to summarize my teaching experience in my “special English’ just as that the same program from the Voice of America which is written by professional editors! I think we fellow Chinese should learn from foreign friends who always tell stories in detailed way with moreaccurate words, just as west photos aremore clear than Chinese brush-drawn paintings! -----------That is why I wi ...
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Share Young Nurse Dedicates Herself to Inpatient Ward of HIV/AIDS in S China
Women_of_China 2017-12-2 14:28
Nurse Guo Yingling treats a patient at the inpatient ward of HIV/AIDS of the Fourth People's Hospital of Nanning in Nanning City, capital of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nov. 29, 2017. Nurse Guo Yingling (1st R) checks patients' information at the inpatient ward of HIV/AIDS of the Fourth People's Hospital of Nanning in Nanning City, capital of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nov. 29, 2017. Combo photo taken on Nov. 29, 201 ...
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