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Share Rice Farmers Welcome Harvest Season in S China
Women_of_China 2018-9-18 17:59
Rice Farmers Welcome Harvest Season in S China
Under the intense heat of summer, farmers in paddy fields are all busy gathering in the harvest. Many rural women from Batuan Village in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County in Liuzhou City, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, have reaped rice in the fields of their hometown in August. More than 1,333 hectares of the early season's rice has entered the ripened stage in the local county these days. (Source: and edited by Women o ...
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Share Female Solider Takes 1st Place in 'Tiger Cup' Medic Competition
Women_of_China 2018-9-18 17:57
Female Solider Takes 1st Place in 'Tiger Cup' Medic Competition
Zhang Qing takes part in the contest. A female Chinese army medic recently won first place at a brigade-wide competition , the Tiger Cup, where both male and female soldiers who specialize in first-aid service participated. Zhang Qing is a corporal of a brigade in the 81st Army Group, and had to undergo many activities as part of the challenge, including lunging, squatting and crawling, and treating simulated injuries. During her warm-up, Zhang carefully adjusted ...
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Share Young Artist's Paper Sculptures Win Fans Nationwide
Women_of_China 2018-9-18 17:55
Young Artist's Paper Sculptures Win Fans Nationwide
Wen Qiuwen and her work A young artist from south China's GuangdongProvince recently gained popularity for her paper-foldingart that recreate the shapes and forms of extinct animalsto promote nature conservation. Wen Qiuwen, 31, has been fond of practicing origami using sheets of paper ever since she was young. She once tried to make a paper garden when she was in grade 5 and always tried to make toys in her spare time. This developed her outsta ...
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Share Military Wife Supports Husband 24/7
Women_of_China 2018-9-18 17:54
Military Wife Supports Husband 24/7
Zhang works in her hospital. Zhang Nian, a pathology technician at the Armed Police Hospital in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, recently shared her experiences of supporting her husband and family for the past decade. Born in Renshou County of Sichuan , Zhang got to know Guo Jianjun, who worked in the urological surgery department of the same hospital, after her graduation in 2002. They got married a year later. The most typical routine work for Zhang is t ...
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Share 3 Female Drivers of China's 1st-ever Elective Locomotives Share Memories
Women_of_China 2018-9-18 17:52
3 Female Drivers of China's 1st-ever Elective Locomotives Share Memories
The first batch of female drivers of electric locomotives in 1973. Three female members from China's first batch of drivers of electric locomotives , appointed in 1973, recently shared their experiences with journalists and spoke about working on one of the most difficult rail lines to operate in the country. Yang Xianmei, Hu Xuezheng and Bai Yane all worked on the line that then connected the city of Baoji, northwest China's Shaanxi , with Chengdu in south China's S ...
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Share Do you wash rice before cooking?
SEARU 2018-9-18 09:11
About "washing up rice": According to some saying on radio, some nutrition on the surface of grainswould be washed away as you clean them up with water, specially when you do to Chinese yellow-tiny-rice with which there is vitamin B12 that is important to health! However I always believe that it is unacceptable if the raw material from the shop is directly put into the pot. Once-washing is enough for hygiene security and second one is unnecessary and may become waste of money! ...
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Share Are you a nice porter on language?
SEARU 2018-9-17 16:00
Yes, good education background does not mean a nice salary for job! But your words have little to do with what I concern! ----------I wonder what makes foreign education more advanced than Chinese one that is worth learning? ! Most science principles were discovered by foreigners and their books can be easily understood by English-speaking readers. But those ‘sweet cakes’ have become quite hard for our students when translated into Chinese language! -----------This phenomenon goes like w ...
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Share 'Han Mother' and 'Uygur Daughter'
Women_of_China 2018-9-17 11:05
'Han Mother' and 'Uygur Daughter'
Liu and 13-year-old Haase The 7th Shanghai Silver Action event recently took place in Kashi, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region , providing professional aid to people in western regions and underdeveloped provinces of the country. Smiling Faces As part of the project, Liu Hongdi, a retired doctor from Shanghai and Silver Action volunteer, developed a strong friendship with a 19-year-old Uygur girl, Haase Abylizi. In 2012, Liu was a volunteer at the ...
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Share 'Slasher' Mother Recovers from Depression by Drawing
Women_of_China 2018-9-17 11:03
'Slasher' Mother Recovers from Depression by Drawing
Wen Qing A mother who saved herself from depression during her pregnancy by painting and opening an online drawing class recently shared her story with China Women's News. Wen Qing is a standard "slasher" mother , or a mother who combines multiple careers and identities, as she runs online painting classes in her spare time while at the same time working a regular nine-to-six job. For a new mom whose has a baby of less than one year old, Wen is happy to be cons ...
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Share Businesswoman Promotes Domestic Drone Industry
Women_of_China 2018-9-17 11:00
Businesswoman Promotes Domestic Drone Industry
Xian Min shows her company's drones to people. A 49 - year-old woman afflicted with polio in Chongqing has successfully established a drone company, her third business attempt after two previous failures in entrepreneurship. Xian Min was born in Shilong Town, Ba'nan District of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. She was diagnosed with polio when she was just 12 months old. The symptoms were not obvious at that time. Under the guidance of her mother, a mu ...
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